Top 10 Preschool Puzzles

Preschoolers love playing with puzzles. Preschool puzzles keep them busy and develop the necessary manipulative and thinking skills. Our Top 10 Preschool Puzzles is a dynamically changing selection of the most original, quality puzzles with the best entertaining and learning value for children 3-5 years. Top 10 Preschool Puzzles feature fun imaginative puzzles, first jigsaw puzzles, alphabet puzzles, numbers and math teaching puzzles, electronic learning puzzles, 3D puzzles, and other exciting well-made puzzles for young children. All of our Top 10 Preschool Puzzles received toy industry awards and the highest ratings from consumer reports.

  1. Dinosaur 36 pc Floor Puzzle in Shaped Box

  2. See-Inside Airplane and Airport Puzzle

    $8.99    Sale $8.89
  3. Smile! Disney Pixar Finding Nemo 60 pc Giant Floor Puzzle

  4. Fire Engine Shaped Floor Puzzle

  5. Four Seasons 24 pc Giant Floor Puzzle

  6. Build a Robot Puzzle Creative Kids Game

  7. Alphabet Wooden Puzzle Cards

    $12.99    Sale $10.51
  8. Bugs 24 pcs Floor Puzzle

    $12.99    Sale $4.99
  9. Dinosaur Meadow 20 pc Puzzle

  10. Teaching Clock Wooden Puzzle

    $17.00    Sale $13.49