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Puzzles for 3 year olds

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  1. Hjxd Globle Magic Snake Twist Puzzle Twisty Toy Collection 24 Wedges Magic Ruler
  2. Moruska Jigsaw Puzzles Ages 48 Children 48 Piece Outer Space Puzzles Toddlers 4 Years Old Astronaut
  3. Speed Cube Puzzle Pack 2X2 3X3 4X4 5X5 Stickerless Cube Set 4 Pieces Magic Cubes Collection Puzzle
  4. Anchor Building Box 6 Basic

    Anchor Building Box 6 Basic

  5. Honeykidz 3D Wooden Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle Trex With Storage Box Educational Fun Game 27
  6. Jamohom Wooden Pattern Blocks Activity Cards Geometric Wood Shape Puzzles Montessori Toys For
  7. Gut Bustin Games 1013 Trailer Park Wars Blue
  8. Playhouse Dc Comics Wonder Woman 24Piece Diecut Shaped Mini
  9. Hjxd Globle Magic Snake Twist Puzzle Twisty Toy Collection 36 Wedges Magic Ruler
  10. Ingenio Reversible Alphabet Puzzle English And
  11. Dfantix Qiyi Qiming Pyramid Stickerless Speed Cube Triangle Cube
  12. Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle Birds Toyassembly Tiny Animal Puzzlehome Decorationtop Birthdayeaster Day
  13. Qiyi Mirror Cube 2X2 Speed Cube 2X2X2 Mirror Blocks Unequal Puzzle Silver
  14. Monster High Freaky Fab Shaped 100 Piece Puzzle Assorted Designs
  15. Monilon Speed Cube Set 4 Pack Kids Toys Magic Cube Bundle Smooth Brain Teaser Puzzles 2X2 3X3
  16. Halftoys My Cute And Crafty Pet Dinosaur Trex Craft Magnet Puzzle Play And
  17. Award Winning
    Puzzles for 3 year olds
  18. Monkey Pod Games Soma Cube 3D
  19. Speed Cube Bundle Aitbay Magic Cube Set Megaminx Pyramid Skewb Ivy Sticker Speedcubing Smooth
  20. Dfantix Qiyi Qidi S 2X2 Speed Cube Stickerless Puzzle
  21. Ben And Hollys Little Kingdom 35 Puzzle For Little Hands Ages
  22. Coogam Qiyi Megaminx Cube Sculpted Stickerless 3X3 Pentagonal Dodecahedron Speed Cube Puzzle Toy
  23. Wooden Peg Puzzles For Toddlers 2 3 4 Years OldToddler Puzzles InsectVehicles Letters And
  24. Jaswass Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Kongming Lock Wood Block Cube Jigsaw Puzzle As Gift
  25. Hjxd Globle Magic Snake Twist Puzzle Twisty Toy Collection 24 Wedges Magic Ruler
  26. Clemens Habicht 540 Piece 3D Sphere Jigsaw Color
  27. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Camp Fire Puzzle 24Pc By
  28. Puzzles for 3 year olds
    Currently on Sale
  29. Gamie Iq Twist Cube Set 2 Pack 15 Inch 3D Puzzle Game Fun Educational Brain Teaser Fidget Sensory
  30. etp-ex-B07KTSMBGX
  31. Wooden Geoboard Mathematical Manipulative Material Array Block Geo Board Graphical Educational Toys
  32. Coogam Qiyi Valk 3 Power Magnetic Speed Cube 3X3 Black The Valk3 M Puzzle
  33. Moruska Qiyi 2X2 Speed Cube Stickerless 2X2X2 Cube Puzzle Toy Adults Qiyi Qidi S
  34. Toy Story 4 Large Lunch Tin Box With 48Pc Puzzle
  35. Agirlgle Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces For Adults rainy Night WalkEvery Piece Is Made Of
  36. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles For Toddlers Kids Age 1 2 3 Preschool Girls Boys Vehicle Puzzles Early
  37. Kids Wooden Peg Puzzles Set For Toddlers 2 3 4 Years Old Alphabet Abc Numbers 123 Farm Animals
  38. Jellycat Mattie Monkey Puzzle 35
  39. Yofobu 48 Pack Snake Cube Blocks Twist Puzzle Collection Snake Speed Cubes Skew Speed Cube For
  40. Wood N Things Abc Train Floor Puzzle Over 10 Feet
  41. Baby Play Mat With Fence36 Pieces Including 16 Different Sea Animal Styles Thick 056 Interlocking
  42. Banana Magic Speed Cube 2X3 Stickerless Birthday For Kid Adult Puzzle Toy Anti Stress For
  43. Smartgames Three Little
  44. Dfantix Qiyi Jelly Cube Set 6 Pack Speed Cube Set 2X2 3X3 4X4 Pyramid Skewb Ivy Cube Qiyi Qidi S
  45. Inuri Glitter Force Smile Precure Puzzle Safe Soft Puzzles Set 20Pieces
  46. Coogam Gan Megaminx Cube Magnetic Version 33 Gans Megaminx M Stickerless Speed Cube Toy Pentagonal
  47. Lacing Toy For Toddlers Wooden Threading Toys 1 Apple And 1 Watermelon With Bag And Sticker
  48. Piece On Earth Nativity Puzzle Board Childrens 11 Pc Chunky Wooden Inset Shapes First Christmas New
  49. 500 Piece Mini Puzzle Egypt Temples Of Ramses Ii At Abu
  50. Liangcuber Yuxin Little Magic 3X3 Black Speed Cube Yuxin Zhisheng 3X3X3 Little Magic Cube
  51. Classic Wooden Puzzle 1000 Pieces Huge Black Dragon On The Skull Picture Photo Home
  52. Ensky Frost Art Jigsaw Puzzle 126 Pcs One Piece I Will Give You This Hat 126Ac01 10X147Cm From
  53. 250 Piece Puppies In Basket Jigsaw Puzzle From
  54. Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacker Large Nesting Puzzle Blocks Educational Toys Baby
  55. Robud Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Ages 3 Activity Board 24 Pcs Each 3 In 1
  56. Wooden Pattern Blocks Set Early Geometry Shape Puzzle Early Classic Educational Toy Montessori
  57. Dreampark Speed Cube Set 12 Pack Cube Bundle Pyramid Cube 2X2 3X3 4X4 5X5 Megaminx Skew Ivy Mirror
  58. Ugears 3D Self Propelled Wooden Model Ugm 11
  59. The World Of Eric Carle Abc123 2Sided Floor
  60. Eiffel Tower Puzzle 250
  61. Dfantix Gans 356 Air Master 3X3 Speed Cube Gan 356 Air 3X3X3 Speed Cube Magic Cube Puzzles Black
  62. Ixun Smooth 3X3X3 Unequal Magic Cube Carbon Fiber Sticker 3X3 Mirror Puzzle Cube
  63. Volksrose Creative 8 Rings Tower Of Hanoi Wooden Logic Brain Teaser Puzzle For Your
  64. Shopkins 5 Wood Puzzles
  65. Wooden Puzzles Ages 2 3 4 5 s Toddler Puzzles 40 Pieces Wooden Jigsaw Preschool Educational
  66. Dfantix Gan 356 Xs 3X3 Speed Cube Gan 356Xs 3X3X3 Magnetic Gms V2 System Puzzle Cube
  67. Onmust Alphabet Puzzle Wooden Abc Puzzle Board For
  68. Wincraft St Louis Blues Official Nhl 11 Inch X 17 Inch 150Pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  69. Wooden Pattern Blocks Tangram Shape Puzzle Wood Anima Color Sorting Stacking Fine Motor Skill
  70. Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Puzzle Board Smooth Puzzle Plateau Portable Board Easy Move Storage Work Separate
  71. Dfantix Speed Cube Set Mofang Jiaoshi Mf3Rs 3X3 Mf2S 2X2 Skewb Pyramid 2X2X2 3X3X3 Speed Cubes
  72. Adult Wooden Puzzle 1000 Pieces Surfing At Sea Decorative
  73. Speed Cube Puzzle Pack 2X2 3X3 4X4 5X5 Firbe Carbon Stickerless Cube Set 5 Pieces Magic Cubes
  74. Liangcuber Moyu Mofang Jiaoshi Meilong Pyramid Stickerless Magic Cube Cubing Classroom Meilong 3X3
  75. Liangcuber Moyu Meilong Speed Cube Set Moyu Meilong Speedcubing Bundle 2X2 3X3 3X3 Pyramid
  76. Eebooa Hot Day Puzzle 9Pieces
  77. 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock Model Kits For Adults Tower Desk
  78. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Age 25 Animals Preschool Puzzles For Toddler Children Learning Educational
  79. Thinkmax Money Maze Puzzle Box Puzzle Money Holder Gift Box Unique Way To Give Birthday Or
  80. Cardinal Games 6054915 Baby Shark 24Pc Floor Puzzle Multi
  81. Vdealen Speed Cube Set Includes 2X2 3X3 Stickerless Magic Cube
  82. Wooden Peg Puzzles For Toddlers 2 3 4 Years Old Alphabet Abc Numbers Fruits And Animals Learning
  83. Dongtu Mathematics Cube Math Addition Subtraction Calculation Children Puzzle Toy Brain
  84. Mipartebo Magic Snake Cube Twist Puzzle 24 Wedges Brain Teaser Fidget Sensory Toys Big Size Party
  85. H Xd Global Magic Snake Twist Puzzle Twisty Toy Collection 24 Wedges Magic Ruler
  86. Sunway 3X3X3 Twisty Skewb Cube 3X3 Fisher Skewb Cube Puzzle Twisty 3X3 Stickerless Speed Cube
  87. Roxenda Speed Cube Set Stickerless Magic Cube Set Of 2X2X2 3X3X3 Cube Frosted Puzzle
  88. Integear 6 Pack Full Size Magic Speed Cube 3X3X3 Easy Turning And Smooth Play Puzzle Party Toy Cube
  89. Blue Panda Foam Human Skeleton Puzzle Double Sided 4 Foot Tall 15
  90. Cobble Hill Life Cycle Of A Monarch Butterfly 48 Piece Floor
  91. Kennedy 26 Pcs Wooden Letters And Numbers Jigsaw PuzzlesInteractive Educational Children Learning
  92. Timy 4In1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Toddler Engineering Vehicles Puzzles With Wooden
  93. Fun Express Blank Dry Erase Puzzles 24Pc 24 Pieces Educational And Learning
  94. Brainwright Flexi Puzzle Cube The Bendy Stretchy 3D Puzzle Bundle 2
  95. Speed Cube 2 Pack Magic Cube 3X3 2X2 Puzzle Cube Easy Turning Sticker Free Antipop Structure And
  96. Nontoxic Play Mat Toddlers Childrens Infants Interlocking Foam Puzzle Thickest Baby Mat For Play
  97. Remarks 750 Piece Travel
  98. Kidzlane Wooden My Body Puzzle For Toddlers Kids 29 Piece Boys Anatomy Play Set Ages
  99. Yihunion Stem Educational Toys Magnetic Puzzles 57 Pieces Dry Erase Board Vehicle Jigsaw Puzzles
  100. Siberian Huskies 300 Piece Jigsaw
  101. Santa Claus And Ruldolph Selfie 35 Piece Childrens Jigsaw Puzzle 12 X
  102. 120 Piece Blank Tree Shaped Wooden Guest Book
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Items 1 - 100 of 620 total

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When child gets 3 years old he/she opens so many new doors into learning and imaginative play. Your child is learning to be more independent, how to play by himself, how to play pretend games, how to socialize. Our puzzles for 3 year olds will help your children to meet this new stage in their lives and their parents to teach them and keep busy. Educational Toys Planet offers a large selection of puzzles for 3 year olds that will teach colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals, transportation, classic children stories, and more. Your toddler or preschooler will have lots of manipulative experience while playing with our wooden or cardboard, electronic or touch and feel, peg or jigsaw puzzles from Puzzles for 3 Year Olds. All puzzles for 3 year old are appropriate for this age and comply with all US toy safety regulations.

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