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  1. African Adventure Learning Game
  2. Math Whiz Electronic Learning Handheld Game
  3. Math Slam Electronic Math Game
  4. Nutty Ball Track Squirrel Tree Toddler Activity Toy
  5. Stormy Seas Bamboo Made Balancing Game
  6. Magic Moves Electronic Wand Active Play Toy
  7. What Comes First? Sequencing Puzzle
  8. World of Learning 3-in-1 Early Math Games Set
  9. Listen to Clues Language Development Game
  10. Community Cooperative Kids Game
  11. Color Flutter Butterfly Magnetic Wand Marble Maze
  12. Buggaloop HEXBUG Nano Moving Bugs Board Game
  13. Electronic Super Slam Basketball Game
  14. Sorting Shapes Learning Game
  15. ABC & 123 Electronic Flash Card Game
  16. Quadrillion Logic Puzzle Game
  17. Award Winning
  18. Critical Thinking Wild about Animals Photo Cards Set
  19. Buddy's Balloon Launch Preschool Action Game
  20. Stacking Veggie Preschool Game
  21. Fish 'n Learn Magnetic Fishing Number 50 pc Wooden Set
  22. Best Bugs Magnetic Wand Marble Maze
  23. Great States US Map Board Game
  24. Balancing Baker Stacking Cakes Game
  25. Finders Keepers Find Hidden Objects Game
  26. Bunny Hop Memory Game
  27. Colorback Sea Turtle Magnetic Wand Marble Maze
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  29. World of Animals 3-in-1 Learning Games Set
  30. Shape Matching Cookies Toddler Play Food Set
  31. Spin a Shape Geometric Shapes Matching Game
  32. Architecture 52 Giant Playing Cards Set
  33. Story Lines Language Development Game
  34. Imhotep Builder of Egypt Strategy Board Game
  35. Hot Potato Electronic Active Game
  36. Pictopia Disney Edition Picture Trivia Board Game
  37. Rhyme & Sort Rockets Learning Toy
  38. Freeze Up! Thinking Electronic Game
  39. Opposites Matching Puzzle Set
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  41. Alphabet Matcher Twisterz Phonics Learning Game
  42. Kids 12 Wooden Magnetic Travel Games Set
  43. Math Mat Challenge Electronic Game
  44. Screwball Scramble Marble Racing Game
  45. Disney Eye Found It! Board Game
  46. Word Construction Learning Game
  47. Sudoku Family Kids Logic Game
  48. Quercetti Rami Color Balls Sorting Machine
  49. Rhyming Words Matching Puzzle Set
  50. Multiplication Master Electronic Flash Card
  51. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe Junior
  52. Coccimemo Ladybug First Memory Game
  53. Multiplication Slam Electronic Math Game
  54. Pallina Bamboo Sticks Strategy Game
  55. Equate Preschool Math Activity Game
  56. Build a Word Language Game
  57. Science Explosion The Magic School Bus Board Game
  58. Around the World Geography Trivia Board Game
  59. Magnetic Fishing Game Catch & Count Playset
  60. Beware of the Mole! Gare a la Taupe Preschool Wooden Board Game
  61. Dynamo Dominoes Building Domino Chain Set
  62. Ubongo Geometric Puzzle Game
  63. Little Architect Jumbo Building Blocks Boy Builders Set
  64. When Pigs Fly Kids Action Board Game
  65. Kids on Stage Charades Board Game
  66. Big Fun Domino Run 94 pc Circus Dominoes Race Set
  67. Learn Your World Connector Kids Q&A Game
  68. Monster Bowling for Kids
  69. Fisher Price School Days Desk Learning Set
  70. Spanish Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, First Words Learning Toys Kit for 3-5 Years
  71. Zolotopia Artistic Sculpture Game for Kids
  72. Zoo'm 2 Magnetic Wands Marble Maze
  73. Electronic A to Z Junior Game
  74. Hide n Go Moo Barn Animals Toddler Play Set
  75. Gone Shopping Preschool Memory Game
  76. Cash Bash Money Learning Electronic Flash Card
  77. What Doesn't Belong? Thinking Game
  78. Sum Swamp Addition & Subtraction Game
  79. Wildlife 52 Giant Playing Cards Set
  80. Travel Fractiles-7 Magnetic Mosaic Tiles Toy
  81. Enchanted Forest Memory Board Game
  82. Number Fun Ducks 10 pc Water Activity Set
  83. World of Words 3-in-1 Learning Games Set
  84. The Little Prince Draw Me a Sheep Kids Game
  85. 5 Senses Lotto Matching Game
  86. Kids Hopscotch Floor Puzzle Mat
  87. Quercetti Pallino Color Balls Mosaic Machine
  88. Head Full of Numbers Math Game
  89. Sentence Building Dominoes Learning Set
  90. Little Architect Jumbo Building Blocks Girl Builders Set
  91. Who Lives Where? Animals Memory & Matching Game
  92. What's in Ned's Head? Gross Matching Game
  93. Anti-Virus Brain Teaser Game
  94. Fractions Pie Puzzles Fractions Learning Toy
  95. Honey Bee Tree Preschool Kids Game
  96. I Never Forget a Face Kids Matching Game
  97. Match It! - Picture Word Bingo Matching Game
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  99. Theme Count Early Math Matching Game
  100. Addition 0-12 Flash Cards
  101. Crazy Faces Playing Cards for Kids
  102. Ice Cream Shaped Pairs Matching Game
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Items 1 - 100 of 276 total

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Let's play not video, but true games with kids! Educational Toys Planet's Games section contains some really cool selection of smart games for kids of all ages. From first games for tots to brain teasers for teens these play instruments will do wonders with children's logic development. Games make the families get closer, engage friends and siblings in common fun activity, and nourish young minds. Our games help young minds to focus and to appreciate the value of patience. Playing our unique educational games helps children learn to follow rules, know facts and numbers, take turns, stay busy when traveling, accept wins and losses, and fit in with any group of children who know the same game. Social skills like these help children become happier in school and family and more eager and ready to learn.