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  1. Little Architect Jumbo Building Blocks Boy Builders Set
  2. On Safari Puzzle and Lacing Playset
  3. Deluxe Wire Puzzle Rack
  4. Human Skeleton 36 inches Magnetic 3D Demo Science Model
  5. 4D Human Exploded Skull Anatomy Model
  6. Our Planet World Map Round Double Sided 208 pc Puzzle
  7. Kids Hopscotch Floor Puzzle Mat
  8. Daisy Girls Pets and Vet Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls Set
  9. What Comes First? Sequencing Puzzle
  10. Fractions Pie Puzzles Fractions Learning Toy
  11. Christmas Tree Chunky Puzzle for Toddlers
  12. Vehicle Puzzles 4 Wooden Puzzles Kit for 2-3 years
  13. Basic Skills Board Learn to Dress Activity Toy
  14. Discover Colors 4 Educational Puzzles Set
  15. Safety Patrol Boys Magnetic Dress-Up Set
  16. Children's World Globe 180 pc 3D Puzzle
  17. Award Winning
  18. Numbers Sound Puzzle Learning Toy
  19. Shape Matching Cookies Toddler Play Food Set
  20. Human Skeleton Floor Foam Puzzle
  21. USA Map 500 pc Illustrated Floor Puzzle
  22. Boy Human Body Learning Puzzle
  23. Butterfly Shape Sorter Wooden Activity Toy
  24. Disney Globe 180pc Puzzleball
  25. Large Farm Jumbo Knob Puzzle
  26. Color Bears Stacking Chunky Puzzle
  27. The Earth 540 pc World Globe 3D Puzzle with Rotation Stand
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  29. Animal Wooden Peg Puzzles for 2-3 years
  30. Before & After Sequencing Puzzle Set
  31. Daisy Girls Princesses Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Dolls
  32. Lowercase Alphabet Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  33. Spanish Alphabet Sound Puzzle
  34. Numbers 1-20 Early Math Puzzle
  35. Alphabites A to Z Wooden Puzzle & Food Play Set
  36. Human Heart Anatomy Life Size 4D Deluxe Model
  37. World of Learning 3-in-1 Early Math Games Set
  38. Alphabet Sound Puzzle Learning Toy
  39. Occupations Stacking Chunky Puzzle
  40. Little Architect Jumbo Building Blocks Girl Builders Set
  41. Solar System 500 pc Illustrated Floor Puzzle
  42. Jumbo ABC Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  43. 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model
  44. Match the Numbers Counting Puzzle Pairs Set
  45. Turtles Wooden Stacking Activity Toy
  46. Creative Peg Puzzle - Toddler Wooden 3D Puzzle
  47. Human Body Torso Anatomy Large Model - 20 Inches
  48. Girl Human Body Learning Puzzle
  49. ABC Animals 36 pc Puzzle in Shaped Gift Box
  50. Horse Breeds Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  51. Daisy Girls Dress-Up Magnetic Wooden Dolls Set
  52. Quadrillion Logic Puzzle Game
  53. Eiffel Tower 216 pc 3D Buildings Puzzle
  54. Spanish Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, First Words Learning Toys Kit for 3-5 Years
  55. Hopscotch Indoor and Outdoor Play Set
  56. USA Map Wooden Sound Puzzle
  57. Busy City Lacing and Puzzle Set
  58. USA Map in the Tub 75 pc Foam Puzzle
  59. Vehicles 36 pc Jigsaw Puzzle in Shaped Gift Box
  60. Vehicles Jumbo Knob Puzzle
  61. Jumbo Numbers Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  62. Puzzle Pies Numbers & Fractions Food Play Set
  63. Santa & Reindeer Christmas Chunky Puzzle for Toddlers
  64. Statue of Liberty 108pc 3D Building Puzzle
  65. ABC Picture Boards Wooden Letter Puzzle Set
  66. See & Spell Wooden Learn to Read Activity Toy
  67. Discover Seasons 4 Puzzles Set
  68. Spanish Numbers Sound Puzzle
  69. 4D Science Animal Cell Anatomy Model
  70. Creative Color Cubes Spatial Thinking Learning Activity Set
  71. WOW Town Christmas Advent Calendar 24 pc Play Set
  72. Animals Stacking Chunky Puzzle
  73. Musical Instruments Fleurus Sound Wooden Puzzle
  74. Magnetic Wooden Animals Puzzle Book
  75. Alphabet Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  76. Fruit Basket Jumbo Knob Puzzle
  77. Animal Parade A to Z Wooden Animal Alphabet Puzzle Playset
  78. Jungle Animals 36 pc Floor Puzzle in Shaped Box
  79. 4D Science Plant Cell Model
  80. World of Thinking 3-in-1 Learning Games Set
  81. World Map Foam Puzzle
  82. Anti-Virus Brain Teaser Game
  83. Large Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle
  84. Butterfly A to Z  Learn & Play Rubberwood Puzzle
  85. Counting Chameleon Bilingual English Spanish Number Wooden Puzzle
  86. Human Skeleton & Muscles 4D Anatomy Model
  87. Build a Bug Sorter Wooden Puzzle
  88. Alphabet Wooden Puzzle Cards
  89. Solar System 48 pc Floor Puzzle
  90. Animal Colors 12 Puzzles Set in a Gift Trunk
  91. Dino Dig See Skeleton Inside Wooden Puzzle
  92. My 3D Race 9 Vehicle Puzzles Set
  93. Human Anatomy Floor Double-Sided Puzzle
  94. Construction Site 24 pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  95. Farm Peg Wooden Puzzle
  96. Zoo Animals Blocks Puzzle
  97. Away We Go Vehicles Knob Puzzle
  98. Can You Match It? Learning Puzzle Game
  99. Fruit Basket Knob Puzzle
  100. Magnetic Hide & Seek Activity Board
  101. World Map 33 pc Floor Puzzle
  102. Match It! - Numbers Matching Puzzle
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Items 1 - 100 of 346 total

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Which toys can give children a real sense of accomplishment? Puzzles do more than entice with their bright colors and interesting shapes. Finding the right place for each piece exercises hand-eye coordination and improves motor skills and develops shape recognition. Children also learn as they work. Look at a math puzzle for example. Put pieces together and your math problem is solved! What better way to familiarize a child with the alphabet or US geography than to let her feel and examine every letter, or each state? Puzzles designed for very young children can teach about animals, motor vehicles, or even the human body. As children grow, their puzzles become more complex, so a dinosaur fan can learn about specific meat-eaters and butterfly lovers can see how species vary by piecing together the big picture. Educational Toys Planet is the place to buy puzzles!

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