Social Skills

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  1. Safari Animals 5 inch Textured Play Ball for Kids
  2. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Strategy Game
  3. Buggaloop HEXBUG Nano Moving Bugs Board Game
  4. Kids on Stage Charades Board Game
  5. Race to the Roof Family Board Game
  6. Rockets 5 inch Play Ball for Kids
  7. Big Shot Hockey Electronic Action Game
  8. Disney Eye Found It! Board Game
  9. My First Sports Soccer Kids Active Play Set
  10. Deluxe Chinese Jump Rope

    Deluxe Chinese Jump Rope

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  11. Ice Cream Shaped Pairs Matching Game
  12. All About Today Board Wooden Calendar
  13. Finders Keepers Find Hidden Objects Game
  14. Sloth in a Hurry Improv Acting Game for Kids
  15. Anatex Traffic Jam Rollercoaster Table
  16. Good Citizenship Responsibility Flash Cards
  17. Award Winning
    Social Skills Toys
  18. Vehicles 7 inch Play Ball for Kids
  19. Royal Roundup Medieval Strategy Game
  20. Pallina Bamboo Sticks Strategy Game
  21. Electronic Super Slam Basketball Game
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  23. What's in Ned's Head? Gross Matching Game
  24. Picnic Decision Making Spinner Game
  25. Stormy Seas Bamboo Made Balancing Game
  26. Hot Potato Electronic Active Game
  27. The Riddle Show Talking Electronic Microphone
  28. Social Skills Toys
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  29. Snakes & Ladders and Ludo 2 Family Board Games Set
  30. Musical Hop Skipper Active Toy
  31. I Never Forget a Face Kids Matching Game
  32. Safari Animals 7 inch Green Play Ball for Kids
  33. Old Maid Playing Cards Occupations Game
  34. When Pigs Fly Kids Action Board Game
  35. All About Today Jumbo Board Calendar
  36. Eggspressions Learning Emotions Play Set
  37. What Doesn't Belong? Thinking Game
  38. Learn Your World Connector Kids Q&A Game
  39. Slap Happy Action Game
  40. Riddle Cube 3D Shape Challenge Game
  41. Enchanted Forest Memory Board Game
  42. Shark Fishery Bamboo Fishing Game
  43. Kids Play 10 ft Parachute

    Kids Play 10 ft Parachute

    $29.99 Sale $27.14
  44. Sudoku Family Kids Logic Game
  45. African Adventure Learning Game
  46. Harry Hopper Action Game

    Harry Hopper Action Game

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  47. Mr. Mouth Frog Feeding Game

    Mr. Mouth Frog Feeding Game

    $29.99 Sale $26.69
  48. Good Manners Responsibility Flash Cards
  49. Vehicles 5 inch Play Ball for Kids
  50. Activity Cones - Set of 8 Colorful Cones
  51. Suspend Balancing Fun Family Game
  52. Chef Showdown Food Matching Game
  53. Green Market Puzzle Spinner Game
  54. Egg & Spoon Race Game

    Egg & Spoon Race Game

    $14.99 Sale $10.00
  55. Obstacles Kids Game of Creative Problem Solving
  56. Suspend Junior Balancing Fun Game

54 items

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Here at Educational Toys Planet we know that a child’s developing Social Skills go far beyond just getting along with others. This is why we provide a wide range of products that will enhance the creation and maintaining of satisfying relationships through communication and fair-play in your young one’s lives. From identifying expressions to critical thinking board games to playing sports with peers, Educational Toys Planet has a wide range of toys promote seeing, thinking and doing. All of which are very important components of developing Social Skills.