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It is important that children are allowed the freedom and comfort necessary to explore their bodies at all ages.Sensory experiences and opportunities for sensory play are essential to a child's development. The first stage of early development is the sensori-motor stage, in which children become aware of their surroundings and begin to understand their own bodies. Touch and feel toys are a perfect way to help foster fine motor skills, sensory awareness, and help your little one's eyes focus. Babies are sponges for learning and they soak up their surroundings as well as integrate new knowledge all of the time! Older babies and toddlers will enjoy sensory toys that also incorporate more advanced skills. For example, our "Learn to Dress - Monkey" is a great product that teaches basic dressing skills in a fun and engaging way that children love. At Educational Toys Planet, our main priority is keeping an inventory of well-made and reasonably priced toys, games and activity sets that are suitable for many age groups and interests.
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  1. Pirate Ship Sand & Water Play Table
  2. Giddy Up & Play Baby Activity Soft Toy Horse
  3. Dough Food Court Food Sculpting Playdough Set
  4. Pull Back Autos Toddler Car Set
  5. Lamaze Octotunes Baby Musical Toy
  6. Musical Fish Tank Baby Soother Crib Toy
  7. Learn to Dress Kitty
  8. Dress Up Pirate Learn to Dress Toy
  9. Lamaze Octivity Time Sensory Toy
  10. Learning Activity Walker Toddler Push Toy
  11. Musical Interactive Rainbow Baby Stroller Activity Center
  12. Ollie the Octopus Baby Musical Toy
  13. Crawl About Puppy Baby Crawling Toy
  14. Fill n Fun Water Play Mat Baby Toy
  15. Dress Up Princess Learn to Dress Doll
  16. Learn to Dress - Monkey
  17. Zoom Zoom Vehicles Baby Soft Cars Set
  18. Knock Knock Blocks Soft Baby Blocks Set
  19. Block n Learn Toddler Learning Blocks
  20. Castle Sand Pit 10 pc Beach Play Set
  21. Lamaze Sit up & See Baby Activity Gym
  22. Sunny Day Baby Activity Soft Book
  23. Lamaze Push Along Pup Baby Activity Toy
  24. Dress Up Bear Basic Skills Learning Activity Soft Book
  25. Magic Moves Electronic Gym Trainer Toy
  26. Amazing Squishy T-Rex 3D Puzzle Dinosaur Model Set
  27. The Cat in the Hat 14 inches Soft Toy
  28. Twisting Inchworm Baby Rattle
  29. Shaving in the Tub Bath Toy
  30. Teachable Touchables Texture Squares
  31. Playful Dog Interactive Soft Toy
  32. Skwish Classic Baby Manipulative Toy
  33. Super Soft Dough 4 Colors Set
  34. ABC Soft Baby Blocks Set
  35. Wiggling Worm Baby Grasping Toy
  36. Build an Inchworm Baby Linking Toy
  37. Baby Playnest Inflatable Activity Gym Farm
  38. Whoozit Develop Senses Baby Toy
  39. Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Developmental Toy
  40. Sweet Baby Blocks

    Sweet Baby Blocks

    $16.97 Sale $13.97
  41. Sea Turtle Deluxe Fill n Fun Water Play Mat
  42. Lamaze Musical Inchworm Sensory Toy
  43. Gertie Magic Color Changing Ball
  44. Alphabet Fish Electronic Touch & Learn Board
  45. Baby Activity Soft Book - Firefighter Fred to the Rescue
  46. Tots Finger Paint Paper 50 Sheet Set
  47. Poppin Penguin Island Toddler Musical Bath Toy
  48. Beep-Beep & Play Car Baby Activity Toy
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Items 1 - 48 of 127 total

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