14 Awesome Baby Musical Toys That’ll Get ‘em Dancing And Singing

It’s so much fun to sing along while playing baby musical toys! Children love singing nursery rhymes, lullabies or the classics like “Twinkle, twinkle little star”, and will enjoy listening to music with educational toys for babies. Educational Toys Planet’s baby musical toys offer a variety of fun toys that teach children to count, recognize letters and numbers, and sing along. Music, songs, and lyrics are an important part of any child’s development. Our baby musical toys will help children to learn language and numbers. Baby musical toys can be used to encourage language development and provide a safe way to explore music in an age-appropriate way. Our baby musical toys are also great gifts for parents who want to help their children learn new things, but don’t have much time or energy to keep their children entertained. Here is our hand picked highest rated baby musical toys.

Fisher-Price Linkimals Cool Beats Penguin Musical Toy
The interactive penguin with multi-color lights and cool music that teaches the alphabet, opposites, counting and shapes has a message for parents and children of all ages.
The Linkimals multi-colored penguin with multi-color lights and cool music is designed to keep little ones entertained for hours. Interactive and easy to use, this penguin offers lots of interactive fun with music, dancing lights, cool sounds and phrases that help baby learn while having fun. With its soft body and colorful multi-colors, the penguin's unique design lets babies reach out and touch its soft belly. Press the buttons on its belly and it will dance and bob side to side with lights and music. Press the buttons again to see the penguin flap its flippers and bob side to side with lights and music. Encourages baby to dance and get moving with fun songs, phrases and games. The Linkimals penguin has a message for parents and children of all ages.

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Moosical Beads
The soft and cuddly stuffed animal cow can be used as an ideal baby toy. Its soft, safe and non-toxic material and gentle sound are the right choice for children. The talking, singing stuffed toy for babies can help your kid develop his/her hearing, speech and fine motor skills. It features 30+ playful songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. There are 8 bright colors available. Your child will definitely love this music toy.

Baby Einstein and Hape Magic Touch Piano Wooden Musical Toy
With the delicate touch of his little fingers, Baby Einstein and Hape's Magic Touch Piano will let baby create thousands of different songs. Made from wood, this piano toy features magic touch technology - no buttons or keys needed. Two modes of play give your toddler the ability to make his own music or play along with classic melodies. Giving your baby toys that make music helps him tune into different rhythmic patterns and sounds at a young age. This musical development toy comes with 3 sheets of music. This toddler toy is not just for kiddos. It’s a great way for the whole family to spend some quality time together at the piano. No matter how loud or soft you play, your child will still enjoy the songs and the soothing sounds. Plus, it has a built-in volume control, making sure you can play at the same volume all day without waking your baby or your neighbors.

Baby Mozart Virtuoso Bear Musical Soft Toy
With seven tracks featuring Mozart’s most well-loved compositions, Amadeus plush bear brings 40 minutes of exquisitely beautiful classical music. Carefully selected tracks represent Mozart’s most recognized melodies making Amadeus a great introduction to the composer’s musical repertoire. Amadeus lets you and your baby enjoy the compositions made by one of the most influential classical music composers of all time. Inspire love for classical tunes & encourage kids to learn musical instrument with this ultra-soft Amadeus Mozart plush bear lookalike. Printed on Amadeus' internal back pocket is a short Mozart autobiography. Charmingly written in the first person, it shares a brief history of the composer’s life as well as the title of each musical selection. Reading the composer’s life story to children before bed time can educate them about the history of music.

Light Up Musical Duck Toy for Infants, Toddlers and Babies
The best way to teach your baby to speak is through play and laughter. And the best way to have fun is with friends. The Talking Baby Musical Duck is a great way to bring your baby together with you and your friends for some quality play time. With six different buttons located on its chest that play melodies, activated voices, and flash lights, every day is going to be a new adventure for your toddler!

Peppa Pig Sit 'N Spin Musical Spinner Toy
This is the ultimate spin on the classic sit-and-spin toy! Get ready to hear the classic Peppa Pig theme song and see Peppa and her friends in a new light with this Peppa Pig Sit ‘n Spin toy. It has all the same classic spinning action as the original, but with a twist. When you turn the wheel, the spinning base spins too. The music is still the same, but now it’s a Peppa Pig song. The Peppa Pig Sit ‘n Spin is a great way for kids to practice their motor skills and get active. Plus, it’s a fun way for them to hear a new song or two. A favorite preschool play activity for toddlers 18 months and up, this Peppa Pig Sit ‘n Spin toy is a great way to get kids moving and having fun.

Touch & Go Music Light Baby Crawling Toy
Perfect choice as baby toys 6 to 12-18 months, gifts toys for 1 2 year old boy girl boys boys. Equipped with universal wheels, the toy can self-avoid obstacles and bump and go, which guide babies in a safe direction and develop spatial awareness. Comes with auto shut-off to save battery for longer usage, you can re-start it to play again after auto shut-off. Musical Toy with Lighting. This dinosaur car toys is made of non-toxic ABS, polished smooth edges.

VTech Snug-a-Bug Musical Critter
A delightful, musical learning toy that teaches color, shape and music. 8 fabric legs teach colors, shapes and music. The bug's light-up tummy button changes colors and plays phrases and songs when pressed. Playtime mode provides daytime activities with songs and phrases, and Sleepytime mode soothes with sounds and lullabies. Delight your baby's sense of touch with soft plush, a corduroy tummy, fabric legs and ribbons. Intended for ages 3-24 months. Requires 2 AAA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.

Fisher-Price Linkimals Counting Koala, Musical Learning Toy for Babies
Get your child moving with this interactive, musical koala toy! The soft, crinkly ears and bat-at roller encourage children to explore, while the soft belly and take-along handle make it easy to carry. Light up the tree for fun sounds and phrases. The soft, crinkly ears and bat-at roller encourage children to explore, while the soft belly and take-along handle make it easy to carry. Light up the tree for fun sounds and phrases. Moreover, the interactive toy has 3 levels of difficulty to help build early counting skills and language development. The Fisher Price Linkimals Counting Koala is an interactive learning toy that encourages infants to learn and grow. This interactive toy is specially designed for babies aged 0 to 3 years.

Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Plush Musical Take-Along Toy
Baby’s first music machine. Follow your baby’s curiosity wherever they go with this musical toy that follows your child’s movements and lets them listen to 6 classical melodies. It’s a gentle way to soothe your baby, and it comes with a special pouch for easy storage and portability. It is also a teether and benefits your child’s grasping and teething. The musical toy has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 hours of playtime, and it can be used both in the car and at home. It is powered by 2 AA batteries.

Musical Bedtime Soft Plush Doll
The JJ Teddy Pillow Plush is a plush stuffed toy with a soft and gentle touch. It is a wonderful companion for your baby. The JJ Teddy Pillow Plush is designed with an adorable face and a teddy bear body. The JJ Teddy Pillow Plush is soft, plush and easy to carry. It is a great gift for your baby, and it can be used as a pillow to help your baby relax at night. The JJ Teddy Pillow Plush is a great way to help your baby fall asleep.

Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Singing Musical Toy
The new and improved Flappy the Elephant is here! This adorable singing animated plush comes to life at the push of a button. Press the left foot to play an interactive game of peek-a-boo, and the right to hear the song Do Your Ears Hang Low in a cute child's voice! Flappy comes to life at the push of a button! As baby plays and listens, Flappy's ears flap in time to commands and song to delight baby.

Baby Music Hamster Toy (Repeats What You Say and Plays 50 Songs)
This is the best gift for your little one this holiday season! The Musical Hamster is a musical hamster toy that will entertain your little one while they learn about music. Your little one can tap the musical hamster to hear the song, and it will play the next song by tapping it again. The Musical Hamster will sing and dance to the rhythm of your baby’s movements. It comes with 50 songs and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler
The musical toy emits a soothing tinkling sound as it waddles along cutely. The bright colors stimulate development and the cheerful tunes emitted by the Penguin are perfect to wobble along with. The penguin is also a roly-poly toy that a child can bat at it without it rolling away. All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards.

  1. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads: My daughter loves her little critter and I love the fact that the bead ring lights up. This is my favorite lil critter from vtech. I think the only problem I have is that the color purple does not go with most baby’s clothes. It is just a matter of trying to match the colors. I am very happy with this purchase.