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  1. GeoSafari Jr. Science Utility Vehicle Backyard Magnifier
  2. Educational Snap Circuits Pro 500 with Deluxe Case
  3. Elite Lab Microscope for Kids
  4. GeoSafari Motorized Solar System 2-in-1 Science Toy
  5. Magic School Bus - Volcanoes Science Kit
  6. Wildlife 52 Giant Playing Cards Set
  7. My First Microscope Electronic Science Toy
  8. Snap Circuit Motion Detector Electronic Mini Kit
  9. TK1 Telescope & Astronomy Science Kit
  10. Hot Dots Jr. Ultimate Science Facts Interactive Set with Electronic Pen
  11. 4D Human Exploded Skull Anatomy Model
  12. Perfumery Girls Science Kit
  13. Sensory Tubes 4 Jumbo Tubes with Lids Set
  14. Happy Atoms Introduction to Atoms & Molecules Science Kit
  15. Stepping into Science Kids First Science Kit
  16. SeaQuarium Starter Aquatic Life Science Kit
  17. Award Winning
    Science Toys
  18. Boy Human Body Learning Puzzle
  19. Body Magnet Human Body Multilingual Learning Set
  20. 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model
  21. GeoSafari SeaScope Underwater Telescope
  22. Squishy Human Body Science Kit
  23. Drop Zone Play Payload Target Drop Plane
  24. GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope
  25. Educational Snap Circuits Extreme 750 with Deluxe Case
  26. Creative Cosmetics Lab Skin Care Science Kit
  27. Spa'mazing Girls Spa Science Kit
  28. Science Toys
    Currently on Sale
  29. GeoSafari Solar Rover Solar Energy Science Toy
  30. Wacky Weird Weather Science Kit
  31. My First Mind Blowing Science Kit
  32. Simple Machines Science Building Set
  33. TK2 Scope Microscope & Biology Kit
  34. Chem C500 Chemistry Science Kit
  35. ViewScope Preschool Kids Science Toy
  36. Glow Stick Lab Glow in the Dark Science Kit
  37. GeoSafari Glow in the Dark Planets & Stars Set
  38. Volcanoes & Earthquakes Kids Science Kit
  39. MoonScope and Sky Gazers Activity Journal Science Set
  40. Physics Discovery Science Kit
  41. Snap Circuits Jr. Build 100 Electronic Projects Kit
  42. Student Training Snap Circuits Jr. 100 Electronic Kit
  43. Grow Your Own Organic Veggies Classroom Plant Kit
  44. Breyer For Horse Crazy Girls Only Book
  45. GeoSafari Rockin' Reactions Chemistry Set
  46. Crystal Growing Kids Science Kit
  47. Magic School Bus Human Body Science Kit
  48. AquaScope & Underwater Activity Journal Science Set
  49. Outdoor Discovery Primary Science Set
  50. Kids Lab Gear Pretend Science Play Set
  51. Ultimate Spa'mazing Girls Spa Science Kit
  52. Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Science Activity Set
  53. Ultimate Crystal Growing Science Kit
  54. Girl Human Body Learning Puzzle
  55. Candy Chemistry Science Kit
  56. Glow in the Dark Solar System
  57. /
  58. Master Detective Toolkit Forensic Science Kit
  59. Kids First Robot Engineer Building Kit
  60. Snap Circuits Extreme 750 Learning Center
  61. Geosafari Vega 600 Telescope

    Geosafari Vega 600 Telescope

  62. Human Skeleton 36 inches Magnetic 3D Demo Science Model
  63. Human Skeleton & Muscles 4D Anatomy Model
  64. Chem C1000 Beginners Chemistry Science Kit
  65. Kids Deluxe Crime Scene Detective Lab
  66. Snap Circuits Sound Electronic Science Kit

    Snap Circuits Sound Electronic Science Kit

    $84.97 Sale $59.97
  67. Smart Phone Kids Science Lab
  68. Snap Circuits 300 with Computer Interface

    Snap Circuits 300 with Computer Interface

    $86.97 Sale $63.97
  69. GeoSafari Jr. SubScope Underwater Telescope
  70. GeoSafari Omega Reflector Deluxe Telescope
  71. Erupting Cross Section Volcano Model
  72. Tasty Science - Food Science Kit
  73. GeoSafari Talking Telescope for Kids
  74. Praying Mantis Mansion Bug Habitat
  75. Perfume Science Deluxe Science Kit for Girls
  76. Remote Control Machines Science Kit
  77. Chewing Gum Lab Food Science Kit
  78. Mysteries of Rainbow - the Magic School Bus Science Kit
  79. Wow & Wonder Preschool Science Kit
  80. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope
  81. Bag of Beach Bones 15 pc Skeleton Sand Toy
  82. Robotics Electronic Robot Construction Set
  83. Demolition Lab for Kids - Wrecking Ball
  84. Slide Making Kit

    Slide Making Kit

    $19.97 Sale $13.97
  85. Hot Dots Jr. Succeeding in School with Hightlights 160 Interactive Lessons & Owl Pen Set
  86. Intro to Engineering Kids First Science Kit
  87. Climate & Weather Kids Science Kit
  88. Microscope and Activity Journal Science Set
  89. Glow in the Dark Moon & Stars Set
  90. Horse Breeds 24 pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  91. Color Mixer Preschool Science Kit
  92. Enviro Battery Green Energy Science Kit
  93. Dinosaur Plant Amazing Water Plant Kit
  94. Solar Boat Building Science Kit
  95. Park in a Bottle Glass Terrarium Kit
  96. Educational Snap Circuits 300 with Deluxe Case
  97. Solar System Model Craft Kit
  98. Tumbling Robot Building Science Kit
  99. Chem C2000 Intermediate Chemistry Science Kit
  100. Nature Scope Bug Collection Viewer
  101. Bubble Science Kids Lab Kit

    Bubble Science Kids Lab Kit

    $14.97 Sale $10.17
  102. Human Body 24 pc Double Sided Jumbo Floor Puzzle
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Items 1 - 100 of 402 total

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For kids, everyday is filled with new adventures. Why shouldn't those adventures include learning? Science toys, games, and science kits make learning exciting. Children explore the world around them, learning about the geography, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and other field of science in ways to keep them engaged.Toys that teach the fundamentals of science to kids provide a firm foundation for children to expand their knowledge and interest in areas that will positively enhance their future. With our unique selection you will explore the wonder of the sky and the universe with your child as they learn about space, planets and stars. Our products will keep your young scientist intrigued as they build valuable skills and have fun doing it!