Educational Toys for Babies

The early months in baby’s life are vital. Keep your baby engaged with our educational baby toys that delight your little one’s senses. Let your baby experience new sensations as they touch and feel. Open their eyes to exciting lights and colors. Attune their ears to sound with baby toys and rattles. Work their little mouths and keep them happy with adorable teethers. Keep their little bodies active with baby gyms and baby bath toys. … Make travel easy with our travel baby toys designed for use on the go. Babies learn about the world around them through activity. These educational baby toys are perfect for helping infants adjust and grow while filling your ears with the joyous sounds of baby giggles!

Are there ways parents can facilitate a higher level of intelligence in a child?

Educational toys do wonders for neuroplasticity. The vital process of development is called “neuroplasticity”. It’s the brain’s way to accomplish tasks by wiring together new neural networks to manage things it doesn’t already know how to do. Through this process, children are able to do things like speak and walk at just the right time because their neurons can adapt quickly. Your child still has unformed pathways that he or she needs help along the way in developing them into full-fledged developmental skills because your baby or toddler can’t always communicate what they need through words alone.

Interactive educational toys are a great way for you and your little one to begin fostering these pathways necessary for learning, developing language skills, coordination, and other skills we take for granted, like color and object identification. The hippocampus is one of the main areas of our brain responsible for these abilities. The more you encourage your child’s brain to form new connections through learning and problem solving, the bigger this area will be and the better his or her verbal communication will be as well.

Three stages of toy development that parents should know about.

1) Imitative Play (ages 0-8 months)–giving your baby a toy to see how she reacts, imitating the parents’ actions. This signals that you’re available for interaction, and lets them know that their actions will have an effect on their surroundings.

2) Discovery (ages 9-16 months)–pointing out the colors or patterns within objects like blocks. Setting aside one object, like one block to build with, and pointing out its shape or color introduce classification skills which incorporate shape perception and follow lightning rules. If there’s not enough time spent on discovery activities by age two or three then kids may never learn these skills at all because they do not move onto the next type of play on their own.

3) Pretend (ages 17-30 months)–asking your child to put the stuffed dog on the couch so that he can take a nap or color with construction paper rather than crayons shows that they are able to use objects in different ways, and demonstrate more of what they know.

Play usually falls into either one of two categories: domestic or construction. Construction play is about building things, understanding how they work, and taking them apart. How this occurs depends on the child’s developmental stage. A toddler will line up objects in order to make sense of their world; a preschooler might begin with recognized geometric shapes, while a school-age child will look for missing parts and the role they play in some kind of bigger picture. Domestic play involves cooking, cleaning, caring for babies or pets.

What should you not buy for a baby?

You should not buy a baby any toxic toys. Product quality and safety standards for kids’ products (including toys) are notoriously lax, and today’s parents need to be extremely vigilant when making purchases. There are some things you can do to make sure your child is using safe toys:
-Buy second hand or used products only from people you know and trust;
-Determine how old the product is (check the sticker date and tags); and
-Check whether the toy was tested by an independent lab for lead, phthalates, cadmium, beryllium, asbestos, etc., either through a government agency or privately certified.

Are toys really the best gift to give a newborn baby?

Newborns are often more interested in the sights, sounds, and touch of your hands than in any toy. A perfect gift for a new baby is to spend time with them–touching them, cooing at how tiny they are, showing them things around their eyes can see afresh. Toys are nice to keep nearby, but offering your time is one of the best gifts you can give.

What are Montessori toys?

Montessori is a teaching method that focuses on the process of learning as opposed to teaching content. Children are not lectured, taught the answer, and given worksheets for practice. Rather they are given freedom and guidance in their exploration of concepts and ideas so that they may develop an intrinsic desire to learn. Montessori toys’ purpose is to present learning opportunities to children by the use of natural materials such as blocks, dramatic play items like puppets or dress-up clothes, manipulatives such as plastic spoons for math games about size and length large enough for young hands to hold easily. The toys need not be expensive but must be carefully chosen by an educator with background knowledge in early childhood development stages.

What kind of toys are best for baby development?

It is important to remember that an infant cannot tell you what they like or dislike. Which means parents need to experiment and let babies play with different objects for 20-30 minutes before deciding which toys their baby likes the most. Typically, infants will enjoy anything that is colorful and interesting, but once they get a little older (about 9 months), it’s best to focus on giving them toys that promote creative thinking and problem solving while also keeping things simple. Babies can’t read yet so avoid providing them with books until they are closer to 18 months old – but any toy that aids in creative expression or fine motor skill development are good keepsakes for an early childhood education! Have fun testing out the different types.

Melissa & Doug Beep-Beep and Play Activity Center Baby Toy
  • Honking, flashing, musical activity toy
  • Attached key inserts and turns to make engine sounds
  • Multi-textured plush encourages tactile exploration and is soft on skin
  • Side-view mirror engages baby’s interest in faces and light
  • Makes a great gift for babies and toddlers, ages 9 months and up, for hands-on, screen-free play
  • Part of Melissa & Doug K's Kids toys and books for babies and toddlers

Melissa & Doug K's Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set - Soft Baby Toy Set With 4 Cars and Trucks...
  • INCLUDES 4 SOFT VEHICLES: The Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles set for babies and toddlers includes 4 safe, soft vehicles including a school bus, family car, fire truck, and police car.
  • EASY TO USE: The rev-up mechanism inside each vehicle makes it easy for babies and toddlers to get big acceleration with little input; they just pull them back and release to see them zoom off across the floor.
  • PROMOTES MULTIPLE SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Our car toys for babies and toddlers help to develop multiple skills, including sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and, communication.
  • GIFT FOR 9 MONTHS AND UP: Our Pull-Back Vehicles Baby and Toddler Toys makes an ideal gift for kids ages 9 months and up. Add the Melissa & Doug Hungry Pelican Learning Toy for even more hands-on learning fun.
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News calls “the gold standard in early childhood play.”
  • English (Publication Language)

TOYVENTIVE Wooden Kids Baby Activity Cube - Boys Gift Set | One 1, 2 Year Old Boy Gifts...
  • 💙EXCELLENT BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR 1 YEAR OLD BOY - Contains toddler activity play cube, fully accessorized with bonus stacking cups and essential words board book, all coming in a cute blue gifts ready packaging - best gifts for one year old boy and gifts for 2 year boy. These baby wooden toys are the perfect one year old boy gifts. Educational, fun, safe and parent-approved, an ideal choice for holiday and a 1st birthday boy gifts, which will put a big smile on his cute little face.
  • 💙FUN LEARNING TOYS - This magnificent toddler educational toys set for 1 and 2 year olds is designed to promote counting and math skills, while also developing color, pattern and shape recognition in an engaging, fun and interactive way. Our Play Ideas e-book will help you teach these concepts and have fun with your baby! These boy toddler toys will be passed down and become the favorite learning toys for 1 year olds and older.
  • 💙LIGHT AND COMPACT - The top and the bottom of the bead cube are detached and they can be played with separately. In addition, the top flips over and fits inside the box for easy storing. This makes the whole wooden toy easily portable and excellent for toddler travel toy. Activity cube size: w: 7.08 x d: 7.08 x h: 12.21 inches.
  • 💙SAFE AND DURABLE – Sturdy wooden construction, premium craftsmanship, painted with water based non-toxic paint makes it parent's premium choice for educational toys for 2 year olds and 1 year olds. These toddler 1 yr old boy toys have passed the highest toy safety standards. Voted top 10 baby wooden toys for one year old, top 5 best toys for 1 year old boy, and top 5 travel wooden activity cubes by independent group of parents and teachers.
  • 💙5 TOYS IN 1 - Combines 5 different activities in 1. This baby development toy will keep your toddler for hours and develop his mind, senses and coordination. It includes wooden bead maze, abacus, spinning gears, learning clock and shape sorter. Instead of buying 5 different 1 or 2 year old boy toys, you can get them all in one. Save money and decrease clutter!
Toddlers Montessori Wooden Educational Toys for Baby Boys Girls Age 2 3 4 Year Old, Shape...
  • 【Montessori Toys for 2 3 4 Year Old】High-quality wooden toys include 12 fruit blocks, 8 carrots, 10 cute worms, and a five-sided cart with different shapes and structures. Furthermore, the wooden toy is large particles, polished edges, and non-toxic water-based paint, satisfying both baby’s need for fun learning and the parent’s wish for safety and quality.
  • 【Kids Educational STEM Toys】The cute wooden farm toy can play pulling radishes, fruit recognition, shape matching, carts, color recognition, rabbit catch worms, storage, and sorting, which is a great toy for 2-4 year old girls and boys. A variety of game methods can make your baby happier.
  • 【Fine Motor Skills】The Montessori wood toys are educational toys for 3-5 years old. The shape sort game can improve the fine motor skills for 2-4 year old baby, and the rabbit catch worms can training hand-eye coordination, and colorful fruit pattern blocks can improve color, shape, and fruit recognition.
  • 【Happy Carrot Harvest Time】Invite the baby's friends to play carrot games, which really fun to play with, and your baby will spend hours playing on them, improving the friendship between the babies, and enhancing the parent-child relationship. Great preschool learning toys for 2 3 4 year old girls and boys.
  • 【Creative and Cute Gifts】Montessori toys with colorful designs are a perfect gift for 2 3 4 year old babies boys and girls birthday, carnival, Christmas, and New Year Holiday. Come on, let us play carrot toy.
WolVolk Educational Kids Toddler Baby Toy Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Lights,...
  • ENDLESS FUN. With six sides and 15 different activities, the WolVol Musical Activity Cube will keep little ones engaged for hours on end. Everywhere the baby turns, there is something fun to do and new to learn. The fun will never end!
  • MUSICAL FUN. Rotate the gears, press the musical note or star button, or ring the bell to her sweet tunes. Want to make your own music? There’s a built-in microphone so little ones can make some noise of their own!
  • MULTIPLE SKILLS. Each object has different functions that require different skills – driving, talking, singing, using tools and much more. Combined with lights, music and sound effects, this activity cube has everything a child could only imagine.
  • LEARNING TOOL. Promoting creativity and leaning fun, the WolVol Musical Activity Cube helps children improve eye-hand coordination while enhancing their fine motor, critical thinking and problem-solving skills at the same time.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA. Furnished with great eye-catching colors, this developmental toy is the perfect choice for boys and girls 18 months and up. As such, it will make a great gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.
TEYTOY Baby Toy Zoo Series 26pcs Soft Alphabet Cards with Cloth Bag for Over 0 Years
  • ♫ MAKE YOUR BABY VERY HAPPY: Through the color, pattern, letters, words and parent-child interaction in the form of combining, in the process of watching and playing to promote the baby observation, voice, thinking, games, cognitive letters and words.
  • ♫ GIVE YOUR CHILD A FLYING START: Gives you a chance to bond with your baby, a warm moment together. At the same time, it is an educational toy; a wonderful way to stimulate important key skills, like language & reading skills, communication skills, imagination, sensory skills, all.
  • ♫ BECAUSE YOUR BABY DESERVES THE BEST: Our durable cloth card are designed to outlast even the roughest toddlers! Handcrafted from soft polyester, our soft cover books are absolutely non-toxic and safe for your baby. The stitching is strong for extra durability. And it holds up in the wash after getting spit up. When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise!
  • ♫ THE PERFECT GIFT: For convenience of carrying, it use handbag shape, makes the perfect gift for a baby shower or birthday. Once a child has a love for learning, it is a lifetime gift! the card is filled with sponge in the middle; the front of the card is the English letter, the English word about kind of animals , the choice of words is easy to read as the standard, the back of the display of cute animals patterns.
  • ♫ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS TOP PRIORITY: Any problem you encounter or any suggestion you get, please contact with our customer service; and our service team is always ready to offer help!
Preschool Educational Games : Interactive Alphabet Tracing - School Adventure A to Z -...
  • ABC Phonics game
  • Learn Alphabets game
  • Letter Tracing game
  • Kids Learning Games
  • Teaching Letter Sounds game
  • Learning ABC for Kids
Montessori Toys for 1 Year Old, Wooden Toys Carrot Harvest Toy Baby Toys for 2 Year Old,...
  • 🥕【Wooden Toys】🐰 The toddler activies carrot harvest toys includes 1 wooden base and a five-sided car with different structures, 12 fruit blocks, 8 carrots, 10 cute worms, and the montessori toy for toddlers are easily storable within the box itself,space-saving and easy to carry.
  • 🍓【GREAT VALUE Baby Toys】🍓 Colorful fruit pattern is attracting baby's attention, so that the montessori toys can improve your baby's color and shape recognition ability more easily. Carrot harvest games and magnetic "rabbit catching worms" can improve hand-eye coordination. And the pushing car games can exercise baby's crawling ability. What an excellent educational toys for 3 year old!
  • 🍍【Safe Material & Refined Design】🍍 Montessori toys for 2 year old made of natural solid wood with polished edges, and environmental friendly water-based paint. High quality toddler toys,keep your boys and girls safe to play.
  • 🍎【Perfect Interactive Game】🍎 The baby toys for 1 year old can improve baby's independent thinking and learning ability when toddlers play alone. When play with other kids, the infant toys can enhance the friendship between children. In addition, it's also an excellent interactive game for parent-child, to promote parent-child bonding.
  • 🍋【Creative Gift for Baby】🍋 Are you struggling to find a gift for your kids that is both educational and fun? This toys for 1 year old boy is exactly what you need, it suitable as a gift for birthday, Christmas, holiday, easter and more. We strive to provide the highest quality kids toys, if you have any questions, please reach out to us and we’ll try our best to make it right.
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Pull & Play Learning Wagon, pull-toy wagon with music, lights,...
  • Toy arrives in packaging that reveals what's inside. To keep it a surprise, select "Ship in Amazon packaging" at checkout.
  • Pull-along toy wagon loaded with hands-on play and educational content for babies ages 6-36 months
  • Smart Stages technology lets you change the learning content as your baby grows
  • Roll the wagon or press the light-up buttons, xylophone keys and crayons for music and phrases
  • Lots of sit and play activities, including a shape-sorter lid, puzzle play and bat-at toys
Miawow 8 Pcs Stacking Rings Soft Toys for Babies Newborn 0 3 4 5 6 12 18 Months 1 Year Old...
  • 8 Pcs stacking building rings:large size and catch babies eye and develop fine motor skills
  • Stacking toys for toddlers - babies are interested in stacking then knocking down the stacker and remade
  • Montessori toys for babies,8 PCS,include letter, shape, numbers ,tactility and visually explore
  • Soft toys for babies,soft and durable, easy to squeeze, making a squeak sound,infant bath toys,teether
  • Safe Material,soft and food grade silicone, BPA Free, Non-toxic.
VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube, Purple
  • Kids learning toy has 5 sides of play that encourage discovery and exploration; 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds and shapes
  • Pre-k learning toy has 14 interactive features that develop fine motor skills; toy assists babies with sitting up to play
  • Motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention and encourage crawling
  • Early learning center has 25 playful songs and melodies that keep toddlers engaged and entertained
  • Block toy is designed for 6 month to 3 year olds; made of BPA-free plastic and has adjustable volume, auto shut-off; 2 AAA batteries are included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boy Girl Train Crawling Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months,Learning...
  • 【Crawling&Educational Interactive Baby Toy】1 2 3 year old boys and girls gifts can learn to crawl and walk by chasing this musical train baby toys 6 to 12 months.The matching game and the piano keys many mode can enlighten children to see,hear,touch,observe and explore cognition.Great early educational baby toy 12-18 months.
  • 【Safe&Soft Light&Pleasant Music】This baby toys 6 to 12 months musical toy come with round edge,very soft light and pleasant music. Children won't hurt their eyes and hands and can dance with the music.How fun it is!
  • 【360° Universal Wheel for Kids Chase】Equipped with universal wheels,the baby toys 6 to 12 months can self-avoids obstacles,bump and go,guide babies in a safe direction and develop spatial awareness.12 to 24 months boys girls can learn more by playing this music learning and crawling toy.
  • 【Advanced Quality&Easy Storage】This musical train baby toys 6 to 12 months have durable,shatterproof ABS plastic material in long lasting performance and construction with soft edges for safe handling.The trunk of the car can be opened and very easy to store all the block shapes.Very nice gift for 1 2 3 year old boys girls.
  • 【Perfect Baby Toy 12-18 months】This muti-funtional train baby toy 12-18 months is a great gift for your 1 2 3 year old boys and girls,baby infants and toddlers at birthday,christmas or any festivals.