Matching is one of the main cognitive and reasoning activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Matching games from Educational Toys Planet develop early math and logical thinking skills as the kids play fun games alone, with their family or friends. Count the objects and match them to a number. Match a letter to an animal that starts with that letter. Match domino dots as you play the classic game. Match the opposites like ‘day’ and ‘night’. Match the shapes by colors. The options for the learning matching games are endless. Find the one that your child will like and have them exercise their reasoning, manipulative and problem solving skills!

Matching games are a fun and exciting way to keep the brain active. Not only can they test and improve one’s memorization skills, but they can also be used to learn and strengthen problem-solving abilities. Whether it’s a simple card game or a more complex board game, matching games require the player to recall and match symbols, shapes, numbers, or colors to each other in order to win the game. For example, the classic card game memory can help increase visual memory as players try to recall and match pairs of cards with the same design. Similarly, Sudoku helps players practice analytical and logical thinking. Players must place the correct numbers in the appropriate spots on the board in order to complete the puzzle. Both of these games require the use of memory, problem-solving and deductive reasoning.Other matching games include jigsaw puzzles, the popular game 20 Questions, and Spot It! which involves matching pictures of animals, objects and shapes. Each of these games has its own unique challenges and players must think critically and recall information to complete the game. Overall, matching games are a great way to stimulate the brain, as they allow players to practice memorization and problem-solving skills while having fun. There are many different types of matching games available, so everyone can find one that will challenge them and keep them engaged.