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Puzzles for 6 Year Olds

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  1. etp-ex-B0746NCDVB
  2. Agreatlife The Cube Turns Quicker And More Precise Than Original Superdurable With Vivid Colors 3x3
  3. Puzzles Ages 35 Premium 24 Piece Fairy Forest Floor 48 Preschool Jigsaw
  4. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Age 48 60 Piece Colorful For Toddler Children Learning
  5. Bgraamiens Puzzlethe Lines 1000 Pieces Black And White Simple Fashion Challenge Blue Board Jigsaw
  6. Speed Cube Set Aitbay Bundle 2x2 3x3 Pyramid Magic Puzzle Toy 3
  7. Lezhi Iq Toysab Ab Test Mind Game Brain Teaser Wire Magic Trick Toy Puzzle Set Pack Of 16
  8. Agreatlife Money Maze Puzzle Box Unique Storage With A Well Crafted Package Full Of
  9. Euclidean Cube Star Magic Set 2 Piece Transforming Cubes Puzzle
  10. Fat Brain Toys Jixelz 700 Pc Set Fantasy Friends Arts Crafts For Ages 6 To
  11. Joytown Speed Cube Set Of 4 Bundle Pack 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5 Puzzle Speedcubing With Bonus Four
  12. Coogam Gan 356 xs Speed Cube 3x3 Stickerless Gans 356xs Magnetic Puzzle Gan356 3x3x3
  13. Joytown Speed Cube Set Of 2 Bundle Pack Windmill Magic Puzzle Yj Axis V2 New Version
  14. Kakatimes Speed Cube Iq Tester Magic 3x3x3 Antistress For Antianxiety Adults Kits High
  15. Bgraamiens Puzzlelovely Christmas 1000 Pieces Lovely Poinsettia Mandala Challenge Blue
  16. Dfantix Cyclone Boys 5x5 Speed Cube Stickerless Magic Puzzle
  17. Award Winning
    Puzzles for 6 Year Olds
  18. 3D Maze Ball Magic Labyrinth Brain Teaser Puzzles Intelligence Challenge Coordination Balance
  19. 266 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Stained Art Stitch Glass
  20. Fat Brain Toys Jixelz 1500 Pc Set Under The Sea Arts Crafts For Ages 6 To
  21. Janod Magnetibook 143 Pc Magnetic Educational Alphabet Game For Learning To Read And Write Book
  22. Babe Rock Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles For Toddlers 6 Pack Set Animal Educational Learning Toys
  23. Towo Large Wooden Soma Cube Puzzle Brain Teaser Iq Math
  24. Tresbro Speed Cube Set Of 5 Pack Mirror Megaminx 2x2x3 Cuboid Ivy Skew Sq1
  25. Gan 356I Play Stickerless 3x3 Smart Cube Intelligent Tracking Timing Movement Step Speed
  26. School Bus Puzzle Wooden Jigsaw Floor 24 Piece Easy
  27. Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball 12 Holes 11 Multicolor Balls Problem Solving Fidget
  28. Puzzles for 6 Year Olds
    Currently on Sale
  29. Zigyasaw Alphabets Giant Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle Wipeclean Surface Teaches 26 Pieces 24
  30. Masterpieces You Smell Wet Dog Jigsaw Puzzle Art By Alamy
  31. Speed Cube Easy Turning And Smooth Play Superdurable With Vivid Colors 3x3 Cubeturns Quicker
  32. Sea Team 30Pack Assorted Brain Teasers Metal Wire Iq Puzzles With Plastic Box Package Great
  33. Melissa Doug Canada Map Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle Easyclean Surface Promotes Handeye Coordination
  34. Scramble Squares
  35. Artcreativity Mushroom Peg Puzzle With 10Challenges Fun Brain Teaser For Children Arts And Crafts
  36. Cobble Hill Solstice Gathering Puzzle 1000
  37. Snapx Giiker Electronic Speed Cube I3S By xiaomi Real Time Puzzle Sync With
  38. Willking Pyramorphix 5x5 Mastermorphix Megamorphix Stickerless Magic Speed Puzzle Cube
  39. Agreatlife Labyrinth Balance Board Game Includes 3 Steel Balls Brain Teaser Puzzle Maze Adults And
  40. Ravensburger Thomas Friends Ashima In Train Shaped Box Floor Puzzle 24 Piece Jigsaw
  41. Speed Cube Set Aitbay Magic Bundle 2x2 3x3 Pyramid Megaminx Skew Ivy Sticker Cubes Puzzle Toys
  42. Japanese Yosegi Puzzle Box 4 Sun 12
  43. Twisted Nails Metal Puzzle Bundle Of 4 Identical
  44. Ravensburger Finding Dory Floor Puzzle 24 Piece Jigsaw Every Is Unique Pieces Fit
  45. Melissa Doug Dinosaurs
  46. Gopher Holes Handmade Organic 3D Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle For Adults From Siammandalay With Sm
  47. Beverly Crystal Puzzle 50207
  48. Runsong Creative 3D Puzzle Paper Model Sydney Opera House Diy Fun Educational Toys World Great
  49. Ravensburger Disney Pixar Nemo And His Friends 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Every Is Unique Pieces
  50. Eurographics Forest Color Me Puzzle 100
  51. Hexaminx White Calvins Puzzle Pillowed Cube Megaminx Mod Twisty
  52. Ravensburger Thomas Friends Birthday Surprise 24 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Every Is Unique Pieces
  53. Puzzles Crystal Gallery Petit Friends Stitch
  54. In The Garden Tessellation
  55. Kailimeng 3D Molecule Model Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle 3
  56. Highlights 9Piece Christmas Set With My First Hidden Pictures Ages
  57. Ravensburger 3 Pretty Princesses My First Frame 15 Piece Puzzle Jigsaw Every Is Unique
  58. Fangshi Limcube Dual 3x3x3 Cube Professional Twist Puzzles Iq Challenge Brainteaser Puzzle
  59. Ravensburger Usa Map Floor24 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Every Is Unique Pieces Fit Together
  60. Puzzles Wooden Map Of
  61. Ravensburger Disney Cars Fast Mover Puzzle 3D Glasses 100 Piece Jigsaw Every Is Unique
  62. Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle Set Of 16 With PouchBrain Teaser Iq Test Disentanglemen Iron Link Unlock
  63. Disney Princess 46 Piece Floor
  64. Melissa Doug Under The Sea Floor Puzzle Easyclean Surface Promotes Handeye Coordination 100 Pieces
  65. Cfmour Rubiks Cube Rubix Speed 3x3x3 Smooth Magic Carbon Fiber Sticker Cubes
  66. Melissa Doug Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles In A Box
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Items 1 - 64 of 390 total

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1st graders have to learn so much: reading, math, science, writing, geography and so on. But the most important, they have to learn how to learn things in the future and to enjoy it. Our collection of puzzles for 6 year olds will help you to make learning fun. Our jigsaw puzzles and matching games, map puzzles and spelling puzzles, fantasy puzzles and animal puzzles from Puzzles for 6 Year Olds are made by the best toy manufacturers that guarantee high quality of their learning toys. Pirates and princesses, sharks and dinosaurs, solar system and world map are beautifully illustrated on our puzzles for 6 year olds. So, you just put our puzzles for 6 year olds together to think, play and learn!