Puzzles for 2 year olds

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  1. The Wheels on the Bus Peg Sound Puzzle
  2. Farm Sound Puzzle

    Farm Sound Puzzle

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  3. Construction Vehicles 9 pc Peg Puzzle
  4. Farm Animals 8pc Wooden Sound Puzzle
  5. Shapes Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  6. Learn to Count 55 pc Shape Sorting Wooden Board
  7. Dinosaurs Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  8. Fish Colors Mix n Match Peg Puzzle
  9. Vehicle Sound Puzzle

    Vehicle Sound Puzzle

    $12.99 Sale $11.49
  10. Fun with Shapes Match It! - Shapes Learning Toddler Puzzle
  11. Farm Peg Wooden Puzzle
  12. Build a Bug Sorter Wooden Puzzle
  13. Chunky Alphabet  Lowercase Letters Wooden Puzzle
  14. Vehicles Sound Block Wooden Toy
  15. Farm Animals Peg Puzzle
  16. See Inside Numbers Peg Wooden Puzzle
  17. Award Winning
    Puzzles for 2 year olds
  18. Pets Sound Wooden Puzzle

    Pets Sound Wooden Puzzle

    $12.99 Sale $10.92
  19. Pets Peg Wooden Puzzle
  20. Basic Skills Board Learn to Dress Activity Toy
  21. Zoo Sound Puzzle

    Zoo Sound Puzzle

    $12.99 Sale $11.49
  22. Musical Instruments 8pc Wooden Sound Puzzle
  23. First Shapes - Jumbo Knob Puzzle
  24. Colorful Fish Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  25. Farm Sound Block
  26. Four Seasons 24 pc Giant Floor Puzzle
  27. Around the Fire Station Sound Puzzle
  28. Puzzles for 2 year olds
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  29. Santa & Reindeer Christmas Chunky Puzzle for Toddlers
  30. Around the Farm 8pc Sound Peg Puzzle
  31. Polar Animal Tactile Puzzle 5 pc Touch & Feel Toy
  32. Construction Vehicles Chunky Puzzle
  33. Zoo Animals 8pc Wooden Sound Puzzle
  34. Shape Matching Cookies Toddler Play Food Set
  35. Number Tiles 30 pc Matching Puzzles Set
  36. Farm Chunky Jigsaw 20 pc Puzzle
  37. Vehicles Jumbo Knob Puzzle

    Vehicles Jumbo Knob Puzzle

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  38. Deluxe Wire Puzzle Rack

    Deluxe Wire Puzzle Rack

    $19.99 Sale $19.95
  39. Emergency Vehicles 9 pc Peg Puzzle
  40. Safari Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  41. Vehicles 8pc Wooden Sound Puzzle
  42. Safari Animals Peg Wooden Puzzle
  43. Safari Chunky Jigsaw 20 pc Puzzle
  44. First Fractions Wooden Puzzle
  45. Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle
  46. Vehicles Peg Fresh Start Wooden Puzzle
  47. Heads and Tails First Match It Learning Puzzle
  48. Crocodile Number 10 pc Wooden Puzzle
  49. Tools Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  50. Emergency Vehicles Peg Puzzle
  51. Wire Puzzle Rack Puzzle Storage
  52. Rhyming Words Matching Puzzle Set
  53. Nest & Stack Shapes Wooden Activity Board
  54. Christmas Tree Chunky Puzzle for Toddlers
  55. Turtles Wooden Stacking Activity Toy
  56. Forest Animal Tactile Puzzle 5 pc Touch & Feel Toy
  57. Old MacDonald's Farm Peg Sound Puzzle
  58. Pets 8pc Wooden Sound Puzzle

    Pets 8pc Wooden Sound Puzzle

    $12.99 Sale $12.97
  59. Wild Animals Peg Puzzle

    Wild Animals Peg Puzzle

    $11.99 Sale $11.05
  60. Large Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle
  61. Zoo Animals 6 pc Touch & Feel Peg Puzzle
  62. Puzzle Pies Numbers & Fractions Food Play Set
  63. Shapes Sound Wooden Puzzle
  64. WOW Town Christmas Advent Calendar 24 pc Play Set
  65. Busy City Lacing and Puzzle Set
  66. Watch This Face Puzzle Pairs - Learn Feelings & Emotions Game
  67. Vehicles 10 pc Wooden Knob Puzzle
  68. Preschool Readiness Develop Skills Learning Kit
  69. Barnyard Life 24 pc Floor Puzzle
  70. Animals Alphabet A-Z Learning Floor Puzzle
  71. My First Wooden Peg Puzzle - Safari Animals
  72. Farm Animals Touch & Feel Puzzle
  73. Counting Animals 12 Puzzles Set in a Gift Trunk
  74. Magnetic Wooden ABC Puzzle Book
  75. Friendly Animals 10 pc Knob Wooden Puzzle
  76. Discover Seasons 4 Puzzles Set
  77. Kids Alphabet Floor Puzzle Mat
  78. Vehicle Puzzles 4 Wooden Puzzles Kit for 2-3 years
  79. Colorful Fish Peg Wooden Puzzle
  80. Chunky Puzzle Scene Yellow House Wooden Puzzle
  81. Zoo Animals Touch & Feel Puzzle
  82. Animal Wooden Peg Puzzles for 2-3 years
  83. Kids Hopscotch Floor Puzzle Mat
  84. Farm Animals Blocks Puzzle
  85. Animals Peek Through Pattern Wooden Puzzle

83 items

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Educational Toys Planet realizes how important it is to provide the right age-appropriate playthings for fun and learning! We offer our special collection of puzzles for 2 year olds that contains the high quality beginning puzzles, just perfect for your toddler’s little hands and curious mind. Puzzles for 2 year olds feature puzzles with large knobs, peg puzzles, touch and feel puzzles, dress-up activity boards and sound puzzles. All puzzles for 2 year olds come with toddler-friendly images of safari and farm animals, vehicles, objects and fairy land characters. Our learning puzzles for 2 year olds will introduce numbers and letters to your toddler, bring playthings for sensory exploration, refine small motor skills and teach so many new words and things!