Spatial Reasoning

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  1. Farm 30 pc Jigsaw Puzzle in Barn Shaped Gift Box
  2. Quadrilla Medieval Quest 217 pc Wooden Marble Run
  3. Underwater Oasis 200 pc Floor Puzzle
  4. Backyard Safari Treasure Hunter Learn Navigation Kit
  5. The Roundabout Quadrilla 91 pc Wooden Marble Run
  6. Zoob 250 pc Moving Building Set in a Storage Tub
  7. Kindergarten Basics Workbook - 64 Pages
  8. Riddle Cube 3D Shape Challenge Game
  9. Quercetti Rollercoaster Mini Rail 150 pc Marble Run
  10. Thinking Skills 64 Pages Preschool Workbook
  11. Color and Shape Sorter Learning Toy
  12. Geometric Stacker Wooden Stacking Toy
  13. Zoo'm 2 Magnetic Wands Marble Maze
  14. Ubongo Geometric Puzzle Game

    Ubongo Geometric Puzzle Game

    $39.99 Sale $24.98
  15. Big Fun Domino Run 94 pc Circus Dominoes Race Set
  16. Dot-to-Dots Numbers Activity Workbook - 32 Pages
  17. Award Winning
    Spatial Reasoning Toys
  18. Suspend Balancing Fun Family Game
  19. Stacking Veggie Preschool Game
  20. Preschool Super Scholar 128 Pages Workbook
  21. Big First Grade Workbook - 320 pages
  22. My Favorite Pets 24 pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  23. Farm Cube Puzzle

    Farm Cube Puzzle

    $12.99 Sale $11.99
  24. Fun with Shapes Match It! - Shapes Learning Toddler Puzzle
  25. Stacking Train Wooden Toddler Toy
  26. Choo Choo Tracks Magnetic Wand Marble Maze
  27. Hidden Pictures Activity Book - 64 Pages
  28. Spatial Reasoning Toys
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  29. Big 3rd Grade Workbook - 320 pages
  30. Xcellerator Quadrilla 136 pc Wooden Marble Run

    Xcellerator Quadrilla 136 pc Wooden Marble Run

    $149.99 Sale $107.83
  31. Suspend Junior Balancing Fun Game
  32. Disney Castle 216 pc 3D Puzzle
  33. Poppin' Pictures Coding Pattern 197 pc STEM Activity Set
  34. Alphabet Chunky Wooden Puzzle
  35. Zoob 125 pc Moving Building Set in a Storage Tub
  36. Nest & Stack Shapes Wooden Activity Board
  37. Animal Parade A to Z Wooden Animal Alphabet Puzzle Playset
  38. Magnetic Pattern Block Kit Geometric Magnets
  39. Little Thinkers Kindergarten 64 Pages Workbook
  40. Shape Sorting Clock  Preschool Learning Toy
  41. Christmas Tree Chunky Puzzle for Toddlers
  42. Space City Quadrilla 176 pc Wooden Marble Run

    Space City Quadrilla 176 pc Wooden Marble Run

    $149.99 Sale $92.37
  43. Imhotep Builder of Egypt Strategy Board Game
  44. Ingenious Hexagonal Tile Strategy Game
  45. Color Flutter Butterfly Magnetic Wand Marble Maze
  46. Take Along Shape Sorter Manipulative Baby Toy
  47. Beginner Pattern Blocks - Shapes Activity Toy
  48. Colorback Sea Turtle Magnetic Wand Marble Maze
  49. Alphabites A to Z Wooden Puzzle & Food Play Set
  50. The Cyclone Quadrilla 198 pc Wooden Marble Run

    The Cyclone Quadrilla 198 pc Wooden Marble Run

    $199.99 Sale $137.60
  51. Creative Color Cubes Spatial Thinking Learning Activity Set
  52. Kindergarten Super Scholar Workbook - 128 Pages
  53. Statue of Liberty 108 pc 3D Building Puzzle
  54. World Map 100 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  55. Friendly Animals 10 pc Knob Wooden Puzzle
  56. Presidents of the US 24 pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  57. Princesses of the World 48 pc Giant Floor Puzzle
  58. Modern Art Mobile Moving Sculpture Building Kit - Red, Blue, Yellow
  59. Honey Bee Tree Preschool Kids Game
  60. Bountiful Garden 1000 pc Puzzle
  61. Zoob 75 pc Moving Building Set
  62. Endangered Animals Floor Puzzle
  63. Modern Art Mobile Moving Sculpture Building Kit - Black, Red, White
  64. Big Math 1-2 Grades 320 Pages Workbook
  65. Zoob STEM Challenge 220 pc Building Set
  66. Anatex Mini Curves 'n Waves Table
  67. Unicorn Garden 500 pc Round Puzzle
  68. Pallina Bamboo Sticks Strategy Game
  69. Preschool Readiness Develop Skills Learning Kit
  70. ShapeScapeS 3D Sculpture Art Building Kit for Kids
  71. Zoob 500 pc Ultimate Moving Building Set in a Storage Tub
  72. Pattern Blocks and Boards Learning Wooden Toy
  73. Young Architect 3D City Planner Design & Build Kit
  74. Young Architect 3D Design Kit

    Young Architect 3D Design Kit

    $91.99 Sale $75.09
  75. Zolo a Go Go Artistic Sculptures 48 pc Building Set
  76. This Land is Your Land US Map 100 pc Puzzle
  77. Geomag Pink Panels 142 pc Magnetic Building Set for Girls
  78. Kids Hopscotch Floor Puzzle Mat
  79. Quercetti Georello Junior Toddler Gears Toy
  80. Musical Ball Maze 25 pc Toddler Ball Run Set
  81. Modern Art Mobile Moving Sculpture Building Kit - Circles
  82. Circus 1000 pc Puzzle
  83. Kids Alphabet Floor Puzzle Mat
  84. Fire Engine Shaped Floor Puzzle
  85. Ocean Life 24 pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  86. 36 Wild Animals 100 pc Jigsaw Puzzle in a Gift Canister
  87. Lift & Learn Colors and Shapes Puzzle
  88. Biodiversity 500 pc Round Puzzle
  89. STEM Preschool Activity Early Learning Kit

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Our puzzles, toys and games for spatial reasoning are every bit as much fun as they are educational and essential to proper cognitive development. It is never too early to encourage this type of mental stimulation. For example, our architectural kits are awesome for older kids while a shape sorter clock or floor alphabet puzzle would be a great choice for a smaller child. Spatial reasoning is a basic skill that will serve your child in a variety of very important ways. For example, a child who has great spatial reasoning skills will be able to construct and build things with ease. They will also be able to gauge and estimate distances and other measurements. They will quiet adept at puzzles and even benefit creatively. There is very little in life that is not affected by our ability to reason and spatial reasoning has a great deal to do with how we interact with and see our world. Engineers, architects, athletes, sculptors and pilots are all professionals who use their spatial reasoning on daily basis. Toys like these set your child up for a lifetime of success with a wide variety of activities, jobs and hobbies.