Memory Skills

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  1. Architecture 52 Giant Playing Cards Set
  2. Hot Dots Jr. Ultimate Science Facts Interactive Set with Electronic Pen
  3. Alphabet I Try Skill Flash Cards
  4. Children of the World Art Cards Alphabet Set
  5. Cognitive Development Kit of 4 Matching Games for 3-5 Years
  6. Spanish Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, First Words Learning Toys Kit for 3-5 Years
  7. Advanced Subject Skills Learning Mats Set: World Map, Planets, US Map, Presidents, & Wipe-off Crayons
  8. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope
  9. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope
  10. Hot Dots Jr. Princess Fairy Tales 4 Storybooks & Magical Talking Wand Interactive Set
  11. Hot Dots Jr. Let's Master Pre-K Math 2 Books & Dog Pen Interactive Set
  12. Hot Dots Jr. Let's Master Kindergarten Math 2 Books & Dog Pen Interactive Set
  13. Hot Dots Jr. Let's Master Pre-K Reading 2 Books & Dog Pen Interactive Set
  14. Hot Dots Jr. Let's Master Kindergarten Reading 2 Books & Dog Pen Interactive Set
  15. Hardware Alphabet Art Cards

    Hardware Alphabet Art Cards

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  16. Wildlife 52 Giant Playing Cards Set
  17. Award Winning
    Memory Skills Toys
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  19. Thinking Skills 64 Pages Preschool Workbook
  20. Hot Dots Jr. Favorite Fairy Tales 4 Storybooks with Owl Pen Interactive Set
  21. Hot Dots Jr. 4 Interactive Storybooks with Dog Pen Set
  22. Human Body Systems & Statistics Fold-Out Cube Book
  23. Planets & Solar System Stats Fold-Out Cube Book
  24. Dinosaurs Fold-Out Cube Book
  25. Memory Match Toddler I Try Skill Flash Cards
  26. Dinosaurs Memory Matching Travel Game for Kids
  27. 100 Great Words Vocabulary Flash Cards
  28. Memory Skills Toys
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  29. Numbers Write & Erase Flash Cards
  30. Letters Write & Erase Flash Cards
  31. Math Keyboard - Multiplication
  32. Ice Cream Shaped Pairs Matching Game
  33. Magnetic Wooden Animals Puzzle Book
  34. Hot Dots Jr. Famous Fables 4 Storybooks with Owl Pen Interactive Set
  35. Alphabet Memory Game
  36. Electronic Teaching Telephone
  37. Bunny Hop Memory Game

    Bunny Hop Memory Game

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  38. Math Keyboard - Addition, Subtraction
  39. Math Magic Mixer Math Game
  40. Kids 12 Wooden Magnetic Travel Games Set
  41. USA Map in the Tub 75 pc Foam Puzzle
  42. Dinosaurs Card Game & Book

    Dinosaurs Card Game & Book

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  43. Dogs Card Game & Book

    Dogs Card Game & Book

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  44. Go Fish for Wildlife Card Game - Mammals
  45. Monthly Magnetic Calendar with 133 Magnets
  46. Number Fun Ducks 10 pc Water Activity Set
  47. Simple Word Lotto Word Building Game
  48. Human Skeleton 36 inches Magnetic 3D Demo Science Model
  49. Sci-ology Memory & Strategy Game
  50. I Never Forget a Face Kids Matching Game
  51. United States Bingo Geography Game
  52. Spanish Learning Flash Cards
  53. Enchanted Forest Memory Board Game
  54. African Adventure Learning Game
  55. Body Magnet Human Body Multilingual Learning Set
  56. Coccimemo Ladybug First Memory Game
  57. Who Lives Where? Animals Memory & Matching Game
  58. Look Who's Smiling Baby Photo Soft Book

56 items

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Memory is a skill that is learned just like anything else. You see, the brain is a muscle which must be worked out regularly. A mind that is kept "in shape" will be more agile, more sharp and more flexible. It is less distracted and more focused. Though memorization skills are sometimes downplayed by educators who fear that children will be drilled with flash cards and offered no other opportunities for learning, memory is very important. It just shouldn't be the only thing that your child is working on. Memorizing fact after fact with no understanding of their meaning or significance is not useful. However, sharpening and honing the memory is a great way to give your child a head start in life. It is helpful to be able to memorize basic math and vocabulary, for example. It is also quite vital to be able to memorize sight words (words which cannot be sounded out). These games and toys will sharpen your child's mind so that it can retain important details and facts whenever necessary.