Top 10 Special Needs Toys

Educational Toys Planet offers a great selection of activity toys for children with special needs and autism. Our Top 10 Special Needs Toys were thoroughly recommended by the pediatric and educational experts for their developmental value. The fun activity toys from Top 10 Special Needs Toys help special needs children to keep their attention, involve them into play, provide sensory experience, stimulate communication, improve manipulative skills, and enhance everyday life skills. Parents and teachers can find the right playthings for the children with different level of abilities from our dynamically changed list of the best toys for special needs kids.

  1. Number Tiles 30 pc Matching Puzzles Set

  2. Latches Board Manipulative Learning Toy

    $24.99    Sale $15.99
  3. Maple Blocks First Building Blocks Set

    $11.99    Sale $11.20
  4. Sort n Pop Farm Animals Sound Truck

    $29.99    Sale $11.01
  5. Count and Lace Fruit Preschool Learning Toy

  6. Pound & Tap Bench Toddler Activity Toy

    $29.99    Sale $20.33
  7. Rocket Magnetic Wooden Stacking Activity Toy

  8. What Doesn't Belong? Thinking Game

    $24.99    Sale $24.92
  9. Chunky Lowercase Letters 26 pc Puzzle

  10. Toddler Beat Box Set of 4 Musical Instruments