Building Blocks

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  1. Architecture Studio by Lego - Building Blocks Set
  2. Fractions Tray 51 pc Wooden Blocks Set
  3. Match & Stack Stacking Blocks
  4. 100 pc Wood Building Blocks Set
  5. Numbers, Shapes & Colors Nesting & Stacking Blocks Set
  6. IO Blocks Vehicles 48 pc Race Cars Building Set
  7. Toddler Barnyard Build & Play Farm Set
  8. Vehicles Sound Block Wooden Toy
  9. Block and Roll Toddler Push Cart
  10. Kubix 40 pc Wooden Building Blocks & Mat Set
  11. Make a Zoo Puzzle Blocks Mix n Match Set
  12. Kings and Castles ArchiQuest Wooden Blocks Building Set
  13. Farm Sound Block

    Farm Sound Block

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  14. 80 pc City Block Wooden Building Set
  15. ArchiQuest Wooden Farm Blocks Playset & Storybook
  16. LIfe on Earth Tot Towers 10 Stacking Blocks Set
  17. Award Winning
    Building Blocks Toys
  18. Beginner Pattern Blocks - Shapes Activity Toy
  19. Animals Sound Blocks Matching Set
  20. Classic ABC Block Cart Wooden Toy
  21. Knock Knock Blocks Soft Baby Blocks Set
  22. ABC Buggy Stacking Blocks Toddler Push Cart

    ABC Buggy Stacking Blocks Toddler Push Cart

    $79.99 Sale $69.95
  23. Pyramid of Play Shape Sorting Wooden Blocks Set
  24. Maple Blocks First Building Blocks Set
  25. IO Blocks Vehicles 96 pc Deluxe Building Set
  26. Vehicles Magic Sound Blocks Matching Set
  27. Under the Sea Blocks 48 pcs Wooden Set
  28. Building Blocks Toys
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  29. Kubix 40 Letter + Number Wooden Blocks & Play Mat Set
  30. Music Blocks Electronic Musical Toy
  31. Pattern Blocks and Boards Learning Wooden Toy
  32. Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks 40 pc Building Set
  33. Counting Stacker Wooden Block Set
  34. Pharaohs and Pyramids ArchiQuest Wooden Blocks Building Set
  35. Match & Build 14 Soft Blocks Toddler Learning Set
  36. Little Architect Jumbo Building Blocks Girl Builders Set
  37. Together Tunes Block

    Together Tunes Block

  38. Big Stack Giant Cardboard Blocks 40 pc Play Set
  39. Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks
  40. Vehicle Mini Puzzle Blocks 4 pc Set
  41. Wooden ABC-123 Blocks Learning Toy
  42. Fantasy Castle Blocks Building Block Set
  43. Magnetic Pattern Block Kit Geometric Magnets
  44. Kubix Geometrix 50 pcs Wooden Building Blocks Set
  45. String Along Shapes Wooden Lacing Blocks Set
  46. Squeeze a Lot 6 Baby Blocks Set
  47. Pirate Wooden Blocks Play Set & Storybook
  48. Alphabet & Numbers Tot Towers 10 Stacking Blocks Set
  49. Farm Animals Blocks Puzzle
  50. Bristle Blocks Big Value Case 85 pc Building Set
  51. Nanoblock Building Set - Eiffel Tower
  52. Jumbo Cardboard Blocks 24 pc Building Set
  53. Nanoblock Building Set - Space Shuttle
  54. ABC Soft Baby Blocks Set
  55. Wooden Animal Nesting Blocks
  56. Alphabet & Numbers Cutesie Wooden Blocks
  57. Maxville Blocks 30 pc Baby Wooden Building Blocks
  58. IO Blocks Vehicles 59 pc Planes and Boats Building Set
  59. Wooden Story Blocks 8 pc Story Telling Set
  60. Nanoblock Building Set - Taj Mahal
  61. Jungle Animals Mini Puzzle Blocks 4 pc Set
  62. Nanoblock Building Set - Kinkaku-Ji Japanese Temple
  63. Farm Blocks Wooden Play Set
  64. Nanoblock Building Set - Big Ben
  65. Click n Spin Activity Blocks Baby Toy
  66. Wooden Building Blocks 50 pcs Set - Kubix Maxi - Janod
  67. Zoo Animals Blocks Puzzle
  68. In the City 75 pc Building Blocks Set
  69. Squeak n Stack 9 pc Soft Baby Blocks Set
  70. Soft Busy Baby Blocks
  71. Music Cube Block - Small World Toys
  72. Letters Numbers Wooden Building Blocks 40 pcs Set - Kubix - Janod
  73. Jungle Jamboree ABC & 123 Stack n Play 10 Nesting Blocks Set
  74. Nanoblock Building Set - Moai Statues of Easter Island
  75. MultiKub Farm Stacking Blocks & Farm Characters Playset
  76. Wooden Lacing Beads Vehicle Block Set
  77. Nanoblock Building Set - Empire State Building
  78. Gears Geo Blocks Sorting Board
  79. Read to Me Tot Towers 10 Stacking Blocks Set
  80. Qubo Stacking Blocks and Pegs Activity Set for Toddlers
  81. Bristle Blocks Basic Builder Box 56 pc Building Set
  82. Nanoblock Building Set - Neuschwanstein Castle
  83. Make a Face Animals Mini Puzzle Blocks 4 pc Set
  84. Stack & Pull Train Wooden Blocks Set
  85. Nanoblock Building Set - Leaning Tower of Pisa
  86. Whimsy Blocks 15 pc Baby Wooden Blocks Set
  87. Stacking Story Blocks Toddler Manipulative Toy
  88. Soft Blocks 6 pc Baby Stacking Cubes Set
  89. At the Zoo 50 pc Building Blocks Set
  90. Little Architect Jumbo Building Blocks Boy Builders Set
  91. Create & Play Pattern Building Blocks 32 pc Set
  92. Nanoblock Building Set - Sagrada Familia Gaudi Temple
  93. US Capitol & Presidents ArchiQuest Wooden Blocks Building Set
  94. Nanoblock Building Set - White House
  95. Lock a Block Shape Sorting Toy
  96. Pop Blocks Train Baby Building Set
  97. Letters & Numbers 100 pc Building Blocks Set
  98. Chubby Soft Activity Blocks
  99. Castle Wooden Blocks Play Set & Storybook

97 items

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Get ready to stack, build, and play with Educational Toys Planet’s great assortment of building blocks. Children of all ages can find a set of building blocks perfect for them. Our collection includes classic wooden blocks, architectural building blocks, alphabet blocks, stacking blocks, and even soft blocks for babies. These great construction toys for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids help develop fine motor skills, problem solving, and creativity!