Best 5 Relaxing Toys That Stick to the Wall

Stuck for a gift idea? This is the article for you! We have compiled a list of 5 toys that can be stuck to the wall. These are great for children as well as adults who need some stress relief from time to time. Scroll down now and discover these creative, fun toys!

14 Pack Vinyl Assorted Stretchy Sticky Toy Novelty Fidget Toy Including Large Sticky Hands, Wall Climber Men, Stretchy Flying Frogs, Sticky Hammer, Crocodile and Lizards. Kids will love these fun stretchy toys! Perfect for school or home use. Great for fidgeting or sensory activities. They are also great classroom prizes and party favors!

The wall climber man will climb up the wall. Use hammers to hit snakes, lizards, and crocodiles.
  • √ Multiple 14 Pieces Super Value Pack Includes: 4 Wall Climber Men, 3 Stretchy Flying Frogs, 2 Sticky Hammers, 1 Sticky Snakes, 1 crocodile, 1 Lizards,2 Large Sticky Hands
  • √ Party Favor. Sets come with 14pcs assorted stretchy sticky colorful toy with each individually packed which are great for Practical Jokes,Birthday Party Favors,Carnival Prizes, Pinatas, classroom prizes., Holiday Goodie Bags!
  • √ Quality Materials- Made of high quality vinyl that is 100% Safe & Non-Toxic, BPA, Phthalate and Lead-Free
  • √ Bring much Funny and Laugh; These sticky toys are great affordable toy, cute and funny .Keeps kids entertained for hours,Kids want to play it for its funny play that they can stick to ceiling, walls, windows, tables.
  • √ Perfect For- Themed parties, celebrations, party favors, party bag stuffers and gift Ideas for kids. Guests will love the Giant Sticky Hand

Climbing Man Sticky Wall Climbers are the ideal party bag prizes for children of all ages. Whatever your theme or occasion, these stickers will bring happiness to any party! Kids can play it on walls, windows or tables like Spiderman. You can also turn over them on walls, windows or tables like Spiderman.

Can be used to play tricks. There are 24 sticky men that you can use on the wall.
  • Party Favors -- Whatever your theme or occasion is, This product is an impressive range of themed party bag prizes.Bring happiness to your party
  • Product Specifications -- Pack of 24 Sticky Wall Climbers; Size: 3. 5 x 1 inch; Color: random color; For ages 5 and up.Novelty toys each piece is wrapped separately.
  • High Quality Material -- 100% Safe & Non-Toxic; Made of high quality Vinyl material
  • Novelty Toys -- Each group has a variety of colors, Great for creative learning; A good chance to pratise your handwork ability, kids can play it for fun, turn over on walls, windows or tables, like spiderman
  • Suitable For -- Themed parties, celebrations, party favors, party bag stuffers and gift Ideas for kids. Or a Christmas stocking stuffer for fun in the holiday season. These are fun to stuff in goody bags and will add a fantastic touch to your classroom rewards chest, too.

These 12 sticky balls are made of high-quality rubber material, which is absolutely safe for human health. Don’t worry about it hurting you or your children. These squishy stress relief toys can be used in many ways: they can be squeezed and bounced and even thrown across the room! They’re great for relieving pent up energy and tension. You will get 6 different colors: red, yellow, green, blue, white and black

Glow in the dark ceiling balls are fun. You can throw them around and they will fly all over the place! They are also sticky, so you can attach them to your wall!
  • Safe material: The sticky balls are made of high-quality rubber material, which is absolutely safe and odorless to human skin health. Don't worry about hurting.Suitable for over 3 years old.
  • Glow in the dark: This sticky ball can absorb light, sunlight and flashlights can be absorbed and stored, and then placed in the dark, it will emit beautiful light. The ceiling can be glued for 3 to 20 seconds, and the ordinary white plaster wall can be glued for 5 to 30 seconds.
  • Super fun ball: Whether you pinch it or throw it on the ceiling, wall or floor, you can, it will not Dirt stuck to the ceiling. Exercise the your grasping ability and relieve the pressure of adults.
  • Durable and Cycle life design: This sticky ball that glows in the dark is super sticky and can be stuck to the ceiling or wall. When it is found that the stickiness is not long-lasting, it can be rinsed with tap water, and it will return to the new stickiness after drying.
  • Ideal gift: Glowing on a dark ceiling is very suitable as a festival or birthday gift to children, friends or yourself. It can relieve your or your child's anxiety and stress, and is suitable for patients with autism and anxiety. Disease patients have very good physiotherapy effects.Best for all festival, like Halloween, new years.

Zero Gravity Laser is the world’s first wall climbing race car. With patented Wall Climber Technology, Zero Gravity Laser can drive on any smooth surface. Race up walls, across ceilings and on the ground. It gives you the power to defy gravity! The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser comes with a laser gun controller that points a laser light beam on any smooth surface, and Zero Gravity Laser will chase it in any direction!

This is a racing car that has lasers. It can climb walls.
  • DRIVE ON THE WALL, CEILING AND GROUND: With patented Wall Climber Technology, Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Wall Racer can drive on any smooth surface. Race up walls, across ceilings and on the ground. It gives you the power to defy gravity!
  • CHASES LED LASER LIGHT: Use the laser gun controller to point the laser light beam on the wall, ceiling or ground, and the Zero Gravity Laser race car will chase the light in any direction!
  • EASY TO CONTROL: This lightweight, wall climbing vehicle is fun and easy to control for any racer! With multi-direction control, just point the laser light anywhere you want the Zero Gravity Laser to go – you can make sharp turns and even make it spin!
  • Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser is a wall climbing race car and makes a great kids toys gift for ages 8 and up. Zero Gravity Laser is USB rechargeable and requires 3 AAA batteries for the controller (not included). For use indoors only.
  • Includes: 1 Zero Gravity Laser, 1 Controller, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Instruction Guide
  • Covered by the Spin Master Care Commitment. See below for full details

This is a set of 6 sticky balls that are perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. This set includes 3 small, 2 medium, and 1 large ball. These sticky ceiling balls will stick to most surfaces when thrown at them from about 5-10 feet away. They can also be squeezed or bounced around when in need of some stress relief. The best part about these sticky ceiling balls is that they glow in the dark! So if you’re looking for a fun toy to relieve your stress after work or school, look no further than this great product!

6 Sticky Balls are for people who need to relax. These balls are made just for children and adults. They can help people with ADHD, OCD, or anxiety. Each ball glows if you squeeze it.
  • SAFE RUBBER MATERIAL - The high-quality rubber in this stress relief ball is a safe material that ensures the product can be used by children. Relax knowing that your child is growing and learning with a ball that is safe for them to play with.
  • RELIEVES STRESS & ANXIETY - These sticky ceiling balls help to relieve stress and anxiety in various ways, such as being squeezed or by being thrown to a surface of which they will stick and fall after about 5-10 seconds. This makes them great for relieving tension from work or school.
  • GLOW IN THE DARK - These glow in the dark sticky balls will bring entertainment and stress relief at night. Each ball will absorb the light and use that light to glow when it's dark. This is great for a child’s anxiety after a nightmare or for adults who can’t sleep due to stress.
  • LONG-LASTING - These sticky balls will last a long time. The high-quality material ensures these ceiling balls have a long life span. You can restore their stickiness easily, just give it a rinse in water and it will be as good as new.
  • GREAT TOYS FOR KIDS - Kids love to explore new textures which makes these sticky wall balls a great toy for kids. The sticky element is also a great game to play with children and is good to develop problem-solving skills as they work out how to catch the ball as it falls.

We hope you enjoyed our list of 5 toys that can be stuck to the wall! Whether it’s a stocking stuffer for your child, or something to keep at work and relieve some stress every now and then, we’ve got you covered. Click on any one of these items below if they sound like something you’d enjoy playing with. Happy shopping!