Top 10 Toys for 3-4 Grade

Moving up the grade ladder is not easy but can be fun! Children are ready for some cooler toys and smarter choices. Our Top 10 Toys for 3-4 Grade list to find the finest children toys and games for children 8-10 years old. Experts in children education and consumers organizations, who continuously work with Educational Toys Planet, recommended the toys to Top 10 Toys for 3-4 Grade category for their play value, learning possibilities, and high quality. Top 10 Toys for 3-4 Grade also reveals the latest trends for the children toys market

  1. My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

    $23.99    Sale $9.12
  2. Toy Pirate Ship Playset

    $29.99    Sale $26.59
  3. 3D Printing Pen Fantasy Studio Kit

  4. Big Shot Hockey Electronic Action Game

    $33.00    Sale $16.78
  5. Enviro Battery Green Energy Science Kit

  6. GeoSmart RC Moon Lander Vehicle Magnetic Building Set

    $52.99    Sale $47.14
  7. Math Explosion Magic School Bus Math & Science Game

  8. Educational Snap Circuits Extreme 750 with Deluxe Case

  9. Physics Solar Workshop Construction Science Kit

    $69.99    Sale $38.01
  10. Microscope and Activity Journal Science Set

    $39.95    Sale $27.54