Toys for 3 Year Olds

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  1. What Doesn't Belong? Thinking Game
  2. Spaceship Pretend Play Reusable Stickers Set
  3. Catch Of The Day Toy Fishing Rod
  4. Kids Play 10 ft Parachute

    Kids Play 10 ft Parachute

    $29.99 Sale $18.75
  5. My Tape Party Tape Craft Kit

    My Tape Party Tape Craft Kit

    $33.00 Sale $16.55
  6. Kozy Kitchen Set - Calico Critters Furniture
  7. Kids Harp Musical Instrument

    Kids Harp Musical Instrument

    $39.99 Sale $22.75
  8. Great Castle Walls Red & Orange Sand Molds
  9. Kids Ukulele Musical Instrument - Red
  10. Geometric Stacker Wooden Stacking Toy
  11. Kids on Stage Charades Board Game
  12. Kids Gardening 4 pc Big Metal Tools Set
  13. Counting Chicken Toddler Electronic Learning Toy
  14. Garbage Truck Wooden Vehicle

    Garbage Truck Wooden Vehicle

    $14.99 Sale $11.98
  15. Farm Chunky Jigsaw 20 pc Puzzle
  16. Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack 18 pc Toddler Train Set
  17. Award Winning
    Toys for 3 Year Olds
  18. Little Miss Vanity Case 9 pc Girls Beauty Bag Play Set
  19. Magic Moves Electronic Wand Active Play Toy
  20. Bath Stickers for the Tub - Numbers and Shapes
  21. Animals Peek Through Pattern Wooden Puzzle
  22. John Deere Kids Electronic Steering Wheel Toy
  23. Beauty and the Beast 24 pc Once Upon a Puzzle Gift Set
  24. Hopscotch Indoor and Outdoor Play Set
  25. Redmaster DIY Fire Truck Wooden Tools Play Set
  26. Racing Car and Train Construction Play Set
  27. Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set
  28. Toys for 3 Year Olds
    Currently on Sale
  29. Farm Lace & Trace Panels
  30. Around the Farm 8pc Sound Peg Puzzle
  31. Mighty Mini Band Toddler Musical Toy
  32. Rocket Magnetic Wooden Stacking Activity Toy
  33. Doctor 3 pc Dress-up Play Set
  34. Dinosaur 36 pc Floor Puzzle in Shaped Box
  35. Adventure 2 Tents & Tunnel Play Set
  36. Better Builders Toddler Magnetic 30 pc Building Set
  37. Pets Lace & Trace Panels

    Pets Lace & Trace Panels

    $9.99 Sale $7.79
  38. String Along Shapes Wooden Lacing Blocks Set
  39. Magnetic Responsibility Chart with 89 Magnets
  40. Pound and Roll Tower Motor Skills Toy
  41. Girls Dress Up Shoes 4 Pairs Play Set
  42. All Season House Furnished Wooden Dollhouse
  43. Shape Sorting Clock  Preschool Learning Toy
  44. Pirate Costume Role Play Set

    Pirate Costume Role Play Set

    $29.99 Sale $21.21
  45. The Cat in the Hat 4 Finger Puppets Set
  46. Up & Away Spaceships 20 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  47. Bug Catching Game Wooden Magnetic Puzzle
  48. Mathematics Memory Game

    Mathematics Memory Game

    $11.99 Sale $11.49
  49. Daisy Girls Dress-Up Magnetic Wooden Dolls Set
  50. Nesting & Sorting Garage & Cars Learning Playset
  51. World Map Wall Poster for Kids
  52. Super Why ABC Letter Game for Kids
  53. Match & Stack Stacking Blocks
  54. Hot Dots Jr. Famous Fables 4 Storybooks with Owl Pen Interactive Set
  55. Alphabet & Numbers Puzzle Pairs Matching Game
  56. Jewelry Box - Decorate Your Own Wooden Craft
  57. Car Valet Art Travel Case for Kids
  58. Shark Fishery Bamboo Fishing Game
  59. Robot's Mission Tell Me a Story Cards Set
  60. GeoSafari Jr. Butterfly Bungalow Butterflies Growing Kit
  61. Farm 30 pc Jigsaw Puzzle in Barn Shaped Gift Box
  62. Kids Musical Instruments - Band in a Box
  63. Bruder MAN Fire Engine - Deluxe Toy Fire Truck
  64. Deluxe Magnetic Standing Art Easel for Kids

    Deluxe Magnetic Standing Art Easel for Kids

    $99.99 Sale $44.69
  65. Magformers Classic 30 pc Magnetic Building Set
  66. Sorting Shapes Cupcakes Learning Toy
  67. First Musical Band 18 pc Set for Toddlers
  68. Snap n Learn Counting Elephants Learning Toy
  69. I Learn Alphabet Puzzle Matching Game
  70. Ultimate Easel Accessories 26 pc Art Set
  71. Smart Snacks Counting Cookies Numbers Learning Toy
  72. Busy City Lacing and Puzzle Set
  73. /
  74. Chunky Numbers 1-20 Early Math Puzzle
  75. Toddler Finger Paints 6 Colors Set
  76. My Tabletop Easel

    My Tabletop Easel

  77. Water Flutes Bathtub Toy
  78. Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Developmental Toy
  79. I Learn to Count 20 pc Giant Puzzle
  80. Stacking Shapes Pegboard Learning Set
  81. Presidents of the US 24 pc Jumbo Floor Puzzle
  82. Giddy Buggy Bug House

    Giddy Buggy Bug House

    $9.99 Sale $7.60
  83. Lace It - Dinosaurs Lacing Toy
  84. Farm Peg Wooden Puzzle

    Farm Peg Wooden Puzzle

    $7.99 Sale $3.32
  85. Basic Builder 42 pc Wooden Construction Set
  86. Lowercase Alphabet Inset Wooden Puzzle
  87. Alphabet Memory Game

    Alphabet Memory Game

    $11.99 Sale $11.25
  88. Busy Village Wooden Railway 100 pc Train Play Set
  89. Numbers Stickers Preschool Learning Activity Book
  90. Zimbbos Balancing Game

    Zimbbos Balancing Game

    $24.99 Sale $11.83
  91. My First Sticky Mosaics Vehicles
  92. My Tape Town Tape Craft Kit

    My Tape Town Tape Craft Kit

    $18.50 Sale $14.53
  93. Simple Words Reading Puzzle Game
  94. Story Box Safari Pretend Play 19 pcs Wooden Set
  95. Pink Play Kitchen & Accessories Deluxe Maxi Cuisine Set
  96. Hot Dots Jr. Getting Ready for School 160 Interactive Lessons & Dog Pen Set
  97. T-Rex Dinosaur 4 Inches Play Ball
  98. Jasmine Color Changing Pony Bath Playset
  99. Alphabet Express Remote Control Train
  100. Sing Along Toy Microphone with the Stand
  101. Kids Tools and Mini Workbench Building Set
  102. Parthenon Mold Sand Building Toy
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Items 1 - 100 of 1460 total

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Developmental play is a major part of preschooler’s life. Educational toys for 3 year olds stimulate child’s motor, physical, emotional and social growth. Parents’ and teachers’ main goal is to create the right environment for this multi-benefits play. By providing smart toys and games, creative projects and materials for this milestone age, we set the basis for child's ability to keep discovering fun in learning for years to come. So what is the best gift for 3 year old? Taking a look at our selection it is not hard to see the appeal. The toys, games and projects are colorful, making them very attractive. The products also sneak in that educational element, like a Mom sneaking veggies into a meal. The child doesn’t even realize he or she is learning! The child just thinks they are playing and having a great time. What is also great about these products is that so many of the items give kids the opportunity to experience real life things like: baking, money, time, shopping, being a doctor, getting to explore the world, but with a “kid twist” on them, so the toy, game or craft is way more fun compared to “real life”! This type of play is called pretend play which opens up a child to all sorts of learning potential. And that is what it is all about, giving kids the opportunity to learn and grow!