TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope Bio Science Kit

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Product Description

This new TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope Bio Science Kit by Thames & Kosmos is sure to make your young scientist happy! With precision mechanics, quality optics, and bright LED lighting, this lab quality microscope is designed specifically for students. The base is made of sturdy, dense plastic and the adjustment mechanisms provide reliable and exact positioning and focusing. Peer through the microscope lens and dive into an amazing new world. Fascinating structures, bizarre patterns, and unexpected details are suddenly visible. Examine the countless living creatures in a single drop of pond water or the honeycomb-like arrangement of cells in an onion skin. Your microscopic investigations can begin immediately with the three permanent slide preparations included. Reveal their secrets using the microscope’s transmitted light view. To continue your explorations, the instruction manual shows you exactly how to make your own slide preparations. Also use the special magnifier function of the microscope: Look at larger objects like an insect wing, a coin, or a rock using the microscope’s reflected light mode. You will be amazed! Read the full-color, 48-page microscopy book for dozens of additional ideas for natural specimens to find, prepare, and observe with your microscope.

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Product Details

  • SKU w-tk-635602
  • Manufacturer recommended age 10 years
  • Our recommended age 10 years+
  • Brand Thames & Kosmos
  • Quantity available in stock 11
  • Dimensions of package 5.1" x 19.1" x 13"
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Manufacturer part number 635602
  • UPC 814743012516
  • ASIN B06WGM465Z
  • Positive Ratings 87%
  • Total Reviews 9

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Reviews of TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope Bio Science Kit

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  1. Total Reviews: 9
  2. Positive Ratings: 4.35 of 5
  1. Rating: 5 So nice toys for your youngest kids by By A customer So interesting toys for my 10th oldest daughter,she likes exploring new things with microscope every time:)
  2. Rating: 4 A great microscope for introducing anyone to microscopy by By A customer One of the things I like best about this microscope is that it comes with plenty of tools to help you collect, create and save new samples. It comes with a microtome which is a razor blade that lets you thinly slice samples you find to easily apply them to a glass slide for the microscope. It has a dissecting needle to scrape things to collect samples which is good for things like plants. It comes with tweezers that let you grab small objects easily but in my opinion, they are on the cheap side and don't work too well. It has various tools for collecting fluid samples such as a pipette, which is a suction tool used to suck up water and other fluids. Three small plastic bottles which can hold 10 ml of fluid. The bottles have marks for 10 and 5 ml so you can measure your samples but I found that these marks are wrong, the 10ml mark is off by 2 ml and the 5ml mark is off by 1.5ml. It also a graduated cylinder that has measurements along the side of it. These measurements are accurate unlike the ones on the small bottles. It also has a chambered sample box with 3 chambers, each with a small magnified window above it. You can use it to store the samples you collect. Another thing I like is that it comes with lots of blank slides so you can create your own. Personally, I like preparing my own slides, it adds to the learning process and it is fun to examine a preferred specimen. It comes with labels and cover slips (cover slips are used to adhere samples to the glass slides). It also comes with a small magnifying glass you can use to get a close look at objects to see if they interest you before harvesting a sample. As for the microscope itself, it's actually pretty good! It has colored filters and diaphragm openings to help control light intensity from the bottom LED built into the stage. There are two LED lights that can dim. One LED is above the stage like a spotlight and the other is below and shines from beneath the glass slides. The LEDs are controlled by two-wheel switches at the base of the microscope. The LEDs are powered with 3 AA batteries, the battery compartment is on the bottom of the microscope and can be accessed without the use of a screwdriver. It has 3 scopes one 4x, one 10x and one 40x. The 40x scope is strong enough to see blood cells however they appear extremely small, even with this scope. You can switch between the scopes by rotating the revolving nosepiece. As for focusing on specimens, it's kind of tricky to do since it has only one dial to focus with, some microscope has two dials for focusing, one for finer adjustments and one for coarser adjustments. It took me a while to focus the scope to get a good look at the prepared frog blood sample which can be annoying. The eyepiece at the top of the microscope is removable which is good because you can buy a special camera that will fit in the place of the eyepiece to take photos of your specimens. The microscope comes with a few prepared slides to start you off and with all of the equipment it comes with you can grow the collection. I think this would be a great microscope for students or children who have an interest in science due to all of the tools and features. Definitely a great microscope for introducing anyone to microscopy.
  3. Rating: 4 Good kit for young students by By A customer This is a nice microscope for kids. Everything you need is included, and the instructions and exercises are clearly written. The reason I give it four stars instead of five is that the small containers for the slides and cover slips are really hard to open - so much so that when my son finally got the slide container open, it dumped the contents, some went to the floor and broke. Other than that, this is a great microscope kit for kids.
  4. Rating: 5 Learn in so many different ways! Great for STEM by By A customer This microscope is going to teach me and my kids about science! There is so much I do not remember from science class. This is a great student microscope. It is easy to learn to use and has a variety of applications. A durable paged book is included to help with various experiments. A poster of how to prepare and clean up experiments is so helpful and colorful.There is also a 12 page instruction manual included. If you are as forgetful as me, you might want to read that before you set this up with your kids, depending on their patience level.I am just as excited as my kids are to learn about how to use this and to delve deeper into the world around us that escapes the naked eye! Highly recommended!!
  5. Rating: 5 we love by By A customer challenging activity for my kids. we love it
  6. Rating: 5 Great starter scope by By A customer First off, this is a "starter scope" and it does a great job in that respect. The kids were able to operate it pretty easily and it worked pretty well. In about ten minutes the kids were finding all kinds of things to look at through the scope and they had a good time. All in all, it is pretty well made and should last long enough to get you through to the next level, or , this scope is good enough to engage and teach your kids about the smaller microscopic level without breaking the bank.
  7. Rating: 5 Excellent for the price - a kid microscope but great for that purpose by By A customer We got this as part of our homeschooling. For the price, it is a perfectly good microscope. I think that if you really want an especially nice microscope you would want to pay more. But for using in a casual way with kids who sometime break things anyway, this is a functional microscope that is not so expensive or nice that if something happens to it, it is a big deal. It allows my son to explore and play with it on his own without an adult watching over him carefully. We are pleased!
  8. Rating: 3 an uninspiring toy. by By A customer This microscope is intended to introduce kids to the microscopic world. As such, it provides easy-to-understand reading materials to introduce children to the operational understanding of microscope and the basic knowledge for them to explore and build upon using the microscope. The scope itself is basic and fairly easy to operate. The required AA batteries are not included, which is a shame.Unfortunately, if you plan to purchase a long-lasting microscope that would accompany your children longer than a few months, this is not it.- The scope body is made of plastic, not metal, making it difficult to view finer details.- There is only one focusing knob. A good scope typically includes two, coarse & fine, to view finer details.- No output to connect to a camera / phone / computer to capture images.If your child is not interested in science/biology, this scope doesn't add any value to his/her education. For an inclined child, I would spend $ on a decent scientific instrument, not a toy. Using an inferior product may result in frustration with limited educational value that may turn your child from the intended purpose.
  9. Rating: 3 Decent starter for much younger kids by By A customer It’s a decent microscope kit, despite that it’s plastic. Nothing exceptional or special, and there are other kits on the market that are priced better to value and quality. It’s difficult to fine adjust the lens, not a smooth turning knob. It does come with an assortment of lab equipment, again most are plastic. The real saving grace is the poster and the workbook with easy to do experiments, but it’s a stretch to say it’s for ages 10 to 16, more like 8-12 at most. The older kids had better experiences with equipment at school or with my lab tech friend who had equipment at home. Over all it’s decent for introducing younger kids to science, setting up experiments, and analyzing results but maybe a tad over priced for the quality. I do have other products from Thames and Kosmos and have had positive experiences, but this one falls a tad short despite the good workbook.