The most EGGstravagant Easter gift ideas

Every family celebrates Easter its own way. Some parents and grandparents love to give children Easter gifts. Some surprise them with the Easter Bunny’s presents (spring variation of Santa). Some just like to present their youngsters with candy eggs or some special activities. Educational toys planet has created a list of top toys for Easter. We also present below some suggestions of EGGducational toys that will please both parents and children. Now to give these egg theme toys for your kids Easter Sunday morning or any other spring day is entirely up to you!

Eggspressions Learning Emotions Play Set


No need to be an egghead to find Eggspressions Learning Emotions Play Set absolutely EGGcellent! HaPe’s Eggspressions Learning Emotions Play Set is a storybook and a set of six wooden eggs, each showing one of the most important emotions. The book helps the children to learn about emotions. The wooden eggs help your children to learn expressing them! Eggspressions Learning Emotions Play Set from Education Toys Planet is an excellent tool for every toddler or preschooler: little ones who are just learning to identify their feelings and to convey it with words; to the non-verbal kids; to children with speaking disabilities; to older kids who need further guidance and reassurance about their feelings. So, create a more peaceful and fun atmosphere in your home by letting your kids communicate their emotions not with screaming, but with these adorable and sturdy eggs!

Egg & Spoon Race Game


What party or playdate is fun without special games or activities? Egg & Spoon Race Game by I-Play is a play set for one of the all children favorite active games – relay race! Egg & Spoon Race Game comes with 4 easy-to-hold colorful spoons and 4 eggs with the beanbag yolks. Try to balance the egg on the spoon and race for fun! The eggshells will not break even if you drop them, but they will open and loose the yolk! So, watch out and run as fast as you can to help your team to be first in this race. Easy to learn, fun to play, Egg & Spoon Race Game from Educational Toys Planet will bring tons of laughter to your kids party or backyard play with the friends.

Egg Shape Sorter


Anyone in the mood for the learning game and scrambled eggs? Egg Shape Sorter by Small World Toys is a matching toy with an EGGcellent theme! These 6 toy eggs come apart to split into two pieces. To put the eggs back together, you have to find two halves that have matching shapes inside them! Find the ones that match, attach them, and your egg is in one piece again! Egg Shape Sorter has a carry-along carton so your toddler can play with the shape learning toy anywhere. Learn about basic shapes: triangles, squares and stars with the self-correcting matching game. Good quality and unbeatable value!

Chicken & Egg Stacker Baby Activity Toy


The nesting dolls that look like cute little chicks? EGGcellent play idea! This toy brings EGGsiting entertainment for babies and toddlers. The Chicken & Egg Stacker Baby Activity Toy by Earlyears features baby design, includes multiple activities, and improves dexterity skills. This stacking activity toy includes 8 colorful pieces: 4 matching pairs of egg tops and bottoms. Each of these nesting cups is bright egg-shaped chick. Babies and toddlers will learn to match finding perfect egg tops and bottoms. The egg stacking playset provides engaging learning activities to refine baby motor skills, cause & effect, and imaginative play.

Pop Up Dinosaurs Toddler Activity Toy


Pop goes the dinosaur! Tolo’s adorable Pop Up Dinosaurs Toddler Activity Toy features four colorful dinosaur eggs. Press the corresponding button that matches the shape and color on each dinosaur egg to watch each little reptile hatch. Toddlers and babies of all ages will love pressing the buttons and watching the cute little critters really hatch. Simply press each dinosaur back down to start all over again. Educational Toys Planet offers the Tolo Pop Up Dinosaurs Toddler Activity Toy as a great way to encourage motor skill development and thinking skills. The bright colors, cute critters, and durable design make this manipulative toy super safe and super lovable for all little ones!

Hide n Squeak Eggs Sorting Toy


Now you see it, now you dont! With the Hide n Squeak Eggs Sorting Toy from Educational Toys Planet, the fun never ends! Your toddler will have a blast as they crack open these adorable toy white eggs to reveal a different colored chicks, and will be overjoyed as they press down on the head of each chick, and hear them let out a peep! Each shell has a cute smiling face on it, and chicks face inside matches with the shell. Find the perfect match for your eggs shell and hear that peep again and again! This egg crate matching play set by Kidoozie comes with a handy, bright yellow storage carton, as well as six cute, petite eggs. EGGcellent for use in the home and daycare, these child safe toy eggs can be removed from the carton and shared with others! Complete your childs toy collection with the Hide n Squeak Eggs Sorting Toy, and watch as their interactive play, coordination, and thinking skills blossom!