Teach your kids to read and math: word cards and a schedule!

Thanks to Kristina from TeachYourBabyToRead group for sharing this fabulous resource: incredible collection word cards and, the most amazing – the schedule on when/how to use it, what to retire, what to add, etc. Enjoy!!!!

Here is a link to my schedules for Math – also a year’s worth!!!

Here is a link to my google folder that has reading schedule for 3 sets plus flashcards – more than a year’s worth!!!

The link above includes Set 2, Set 3, and a schedule. For Set 1 Kristina is planning to use the cards from Your Baby Can Read videos. If you don’t use YBCR videos, Kristina suggests to jump right to Set 2. This is her own description:

Set one is from the Your Baby Can Read Program – so if you have the Your Baby Can Read Program (YBCR) you already have all the flashcards. Or you can make your own using the same word template I used – I think I shared the margin size and font size in my explanation letter. If you need me to send you a copy of my Word template I can in an individual email.

Personally I find Set 2 much more effective than the YBCR or the Brillkids program because it gets into phrases and sentences much faster and it is based on a scientifically proven reading system designed for Special Education students. I have found my 3 year old son has forgotten many of
the YBCR words but he has not forgotten any of the words that were used in my set 2. I would say start with set 2 if you aren’t using the YBCR program.

I have found set 3 not to be of interest to my 3 year old but my 1 year old daughter giggles and laughs when she figured out the phonics pattern we are going over. For example, “gag” “tag” “bag”. I know Doman says not to do this but I am sure my daughter has figured them out!

Which by the way, I started the math first with my daughter at 3 months of age and she is now 1 and can recognize numbers and count! She is incredibly interested in our family calendar and so I made one with velcro on it and she reminds us everyday to put a new number on the calendar and to do the calendar routine! I think I’m going to add a number line and thermometer to our daily routines just like we do in school. (I’m a 2nd grade teacher). She also knows her colors and can read color words like “yellow” and “green”.

Have fun!