Doman method. How many times a day to show the flashcards?

Doman method. How many times a day to show the flashcards?

When it comes to introducing young toddlers to learning, the Doman Method offers a unique and engaging approach. How often should you show flashcards to your toddler? The answer is simple: as much as you and your child enjoy it.

According to Laurie Tiemens’s advice on starting with flashcards, three rounds daily, spaced at least 30 minutes apart, can be effective. This schedule can include various activities, such as:

  • A set of words or phrases (consider starting with two sets of words if focusing on single words).
  • 1-3 math equations.
  • 15 encyclopedic bits about animals and 5 on other topics like American states.
  • Music lessons, such as playing a few notes on a xylophone.
  • A “music piece of the week” for music appreciation.

In addition to the structured flashcard sessions, incorporating homemade books and computer presentations can further enrich your child’s learning experience. However, it’s important to adjust the length and content of these sessions based on your child’s interest and attention span.

Beyond the educational activities, it’s crucial to balance the day with physical exercises, outdoor play, and other fun and engaging activities. As highlighted in Doman’s Method on Physical Excellence, incorporating physical activities is essential for a well-rounded development.

Remember, the key is not to overwhelm yourself or your child. Many parents successfully integrate these learning moments into their daily routines, finding creative ways to make them enjoyable and effective. The aim is to foster a love for learning while also having fun and bonding with your child.

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