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Pattern Blocks

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  1. Magnetic Pattern Block Kit Geometric Magnets
  2. Poppin' Pictures Coding Pattern 197 pc STEM Activity Set
  3. Beginner Pattern Blocks - Shapes Activity Toy
  4. Pattern Blocks and Boards Learning Wooden Toy
  5. /
  6. Beads and Pattern Learning Card Set
  7. STEM Preschool Activity Early Learning Kit
  8. Travel Fractiles-7 Magnetic Mosaic Tiles Toy

8 items

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Playing with pattern blocks is great for children in so many ways. Wooden or plastic, magnetic or cardboard, large or small, these developmental toys bring colors, shapes, angles, and thinking challenges. Kids can create designs with them, build with them, and play games with them. Beginners can follow the pattern cards to recreate the sequences. Preschool kids will love making pictures using the shapes. Grade school children can solve spatial problems designing intricate patterns with magnetic or glass tiles. From repetitive patterns to beautiful mosaics, children will love playing with our quality pattern blocks.Ready to create and learn? Find the pattern block set for your child!

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