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  1. Tape & Make Color with Tape Craft Kit
  2. Tots Art Gallery Toddler Craft Kit
  3. Paper Plate Bugs Craft Kit

    Paper Plate Bugs Craft Kit

    $15.50 Sale $9.17
  4. Recycled Paper Beads Craft Kit
  5. Habitats Reusable Sticker Activity Pad
  6. Deluxe Light Catcher Scratch Art Set
  7. Origami Craft Book Kit

    Origami Craft Book Kit

    $19.99 Sale $18.06
  8. Tape All Day 8 Sticker Craft Tape Set
  9. 8 Colors Masking Tapes Craft Set
  10. My Tissue Art - Crunch Art Kit
  11. Fold n Fly Paper Airplanes Craft Kit
  12. Tots Art Start Toddler Craft Kit
  13. Under the Sea Reusable Sticker Activity Pad
  14. Paper Bag Puppets Craft Kit

    Paper Bag Puppets Craft Kit

    $12.00 Sale $6.86
  15. Car Designer Creativity Set & Book
  16. Dear Diary Girls Craft Kit
  17. Award Winning
    Paper Crafts Toys
  18. Origami Decorations Creative Kids Craft
  19. Origami Craft Kit for Kids
  20. Origami Pad Paper Craft Activity Book
  21. Prehistoric Reusable Sticker Activity Pad
  22. Jungle Adventure Animals Sticky Mosaics Kit
  23. Greeting Cards Making Craft Kit
  24. Nutcracker Ballet Creativity Set & Book
  25. Fashion Designer Book - Design Craft & Book Kit

24 items

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From origami paper to full craft sets, our products will help your child explore the art of origami and paper folding - aiding in mental development and creating expert fine motor skills. Paper crafts range from simple craft kits for toddlers to more complex paper making kit for older children. Fold and create! Educational Toys Planet presents a unique collection of children paper crafts. Combining creative expression with critical thinking, our arts and crafts sets include kids origami sets, tissue art, paper airplane kits, and even paper puppet builders.