Mother’s Day craft: adorable hand print flowers

Mothers Day Craft: Adorable Hand Print FlowersI am always having a weird feeling around Mother’s Day: that’s one holiday I never get a perfect gift. The “Mom projects that kids get to do in school are surely cute, but they often lack imagination component, and always lack personality. That is my kid’s personality. I don’t mind getting messy, weird looking and childish scribbly projects that have my kid’s own creativity written all over it. I do mind pretty-teacher-corrected ones that show me how much she is helping/directing them and how little they get to express themselves in those art projects. Well, if I don’t get to enjoy getting Mothers Day projects that come from the bottom of my kids’ hearts, I do get to enjoy making it with them!

Grandmas always like getting some made-not-in-China but by-a-dearest-little-grandson gifts. Their aunt who always showers my boys with her love, gifts and fun times together – deserves one too. One of these ideas is always perfect for my boys’ cousin-dance recital. One… like this one: pretty, very easy to make and lots of fun for all my kids – from a toddler to a 9 year old.


That’s it!

Mothers Day Craft: Adorable Hand Print Flowers


If “messy and “kid-made are your favorite art project descriptions, then stop right there. If “pretty is part of the job description for you, then suggest your kids a limit on colors: for example, just three. I love the color wheel and launching a mini-discussion on how the colors can go together.


  • Let kids dip one hand into finger paint. You can use a brush to get to all depressions and crevices.
  • Let them smash a handprint in the upper side of the paper.
  • Let kids dip another hand into another color finger paint.
  • Smash! Another flower petals get stamped onto the paper.
  • Repeat for as many hands/kids/flowers as you wish.
  • Show kids how to dip one finger into green paint and use it to make some stems.
  • Dip a finger into a contrasty color and make some hearts/circles in the middle of the hand prints – that will be middle of the flower.
  • Tie a ribbon into a bow
  • Use a gluedot or a little drop of glue to secure the ribbon “around your flower stems
  • Optional: If you really wish to go full throttle, you could print out a few kids’ headshot photographs (YOUR kids’ headshots, the ones who created the flowers), and glue them inside their hand prints.

Mothers Day Craft: Adorable Hand Print Flowers

Very important part: admire your kids’ creations! They can make one little bouquet for the whole family, a few little bouquets for the specific special ladies in their life (grandmas, aunts, sisters, teachers, cousins often fit the bill here), or one humongous bouquet full of flowering colorful hands!

I love projects that involve hand and foot prints. I feel it not only cute and sweet, but also becomes a memory keepsake – that’s how big were the hands of this little artist! If you do end up with a picture in the middle – that’s how he looked at the moment of the creation of this project too!

Mothers Day Craft: Adorable Hand Print Flowers