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Kids Microscopes

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  1. Quantum Big Screen Microscope
  2. GeoSafari Deluxe Magniscope - Kids Microscope and Telescope
  3. GeoSafari Tuff Scope Microscope
  4. GeoSafari Talking Electron Microscope
  5. GeoSafari Talking Microscope Toy
  6. The Magic School Bus Shaped Science Kit - Microscope Lab
  7. GeoSafari Talking Telescope for Kids
  8. ViewScope Preschool Kids Science Toy
  9. Slide Making Kit
  10. Prepared Microscope Slides Combo Set (48 Specimens)
  11. Microscope Set in Carrying Case
  12. GeoSafari Handy Microscope Outdoor Exploration Set
  13. Smartscope Science X Smartphone Microscope
  14. MicroPro 48-piece Kids Microscope Set
  15. GeoSafari MicroPro Elite 98 pc Microscope Set

    GeoSafari MicroPro Elite 98 pc Microscope Set

    $89.99 Sale $60.99
  16. Children Microscope Set with Light & Projector
  17. Award Winning
    Kids Microscopes Toys
  18. 5 in 1 Deluxe Microscope 100x-1200x
  19. TK2 Scope Microscope & Biology Kit
  20. GeoSafari Pocket Scope Mini Microscope & Telescope
  21. Prepared Microscope Slides
  22. Elite Lab Microscope for Kids
  23. Prepared Microscope Slides - Set 1 (24 Specimens)
  24. Primary Science Deluxe Lab Set
  25. Kids First Biology Science Set
  26. My First Microscope Electronic Science Toy
  27. AquaScope & Underwater Activity Journal Science Set
  28. Kids Microscopes Toys
    Currently on Sale
  29. Microscope and Activity Journal Science Set
  30. Crime Solver Scope & Forensic Activity Journal Science Kit
  31. GeoSafari Jr. SubScope Underwater Telescope
  32. Zoomy 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope
  33. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope
  34. GeoSafari SeaScope Underwater Telescope
  35. Build Pocket Microscope Nature Discovery Science Kit
  36. TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope Bio Science Kit

    TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope Bio Science Kit

    $99.95 Sale $70.79
  37. GeoSafari Jr. Explorer Scope 2-in-1 Microscope & Telescope
  38. Big & Fun Microscope Kids First Science Toy
  39. AmScope 40x-1000x Beginners Microscope Kit for Kids & Students w Complete Science Accessory + World of the Book
  40. Carson Pocket Micro 20x-60x LED Lighted Zoom Field Microscope with Aspheric Lens System MM-450 Blue
  41. Elecfly Microscope Kids 40x- 640x with Science Kits Beginners Includes 25 Slides for Student Children-Blue
  42. Boley My First Microscope Kit - STEM Science Learning for Kids with Binocular Viewer and Realistic Butterfly Toys Educational Beginners Set Toddler Preschool Aged Children
  43. JuniorScope Microscope for Kids Science Kits Experiment
  44. Dicfeos Microscope for Kids and Student 40x-100x-250x-400x-1000x Magnification Optics Glass Lens Dual-Light Illumination Extra 25x Ocular Accessories
  45. SWIFT Compound Monocular Microscope 60x-200x Microscopes for Kids STEM Kit with 42 PCS Accessories Including Smartphone Adapter 10 Blank Slides Beginners Students
  46. AmScope ML-A-A Microscope Immersion Oil 1 4 Oz
  47. Carson MicroBrite 20x-40x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope for Learning Education and Exploring MM-24 MM-24MU
  48. Celestron Kids Let Your Child Explore The World Microscope Green 44116
  49. Student Kids Beginner Stereo Microscope Science Kit 20x-40x Compound LED Light Source Binoculars Lab with a Phone Adapter for to Record
  50. Kidzlane Microscope Science Toy for Kids - Toddler Preschool with Guide & Activity Booklet
  51. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Ultimate Microscope Set - Dual LED 35 Prepared Slides Direct View and More The Most Complete Biology Kit for Kids Teens
  52. Nature Bound Underwater Scope Aqua Viewer Toy for Kids with 2x Marine Microscope Boys and Girls Ages 3 + Blue
  53. AmScope Awarded 2017 Best Student Microscope 40x-1000x Dual Light Glass Lens Metal-Body with Slides Tools and Book
  54. Donzy 15x Kids Beginner Microcope Toy STEM Kit with Professional Optical Glass Eyepiece- Educational Learning Toys for Age of 3456789 Children Green
  55. My First Lab Mini-Duo Scope Entry Level STEM Microscope with Accessory Kit and Dual LED Illumination
  56. Celestron 44402 The World of Microscope Book
  57. AmScope 120x-1200x 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Plastic Slides + PS25 Prepared Slide Set for Basic Biological Science Education 25
  58. AmScope BS-72P-100S-22 72 Pieces of Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides 10 Count
  59. Celestron Kids New Adventures on The go Microscope Green 44115
  60. My First Lab Mega Duo-Scope STEM Microscope
  61. Edu-Toys Handheld Mini Field Microscope
  62. IQCREW Kids 20x-60x Handheld Microscope with LED Light & Slides
  63. Learning Resources Primary Microscope with 10x 30x 50x Magnification STEM Science Activities Ages 6+
  64. IQCREW Science Discovery Series Dual-Illumination Stereo Microscope
  65. IQCrew STEM Science Discovery 40x-500x Inverted Microscope with 25 Prepared Slides and Book for Students Kids
  66. Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Lime Microscope for Kids with Experiment Kit Choose Your Favorite Color
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Items 1 - 64 of 213 total

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A child's first microscope is a window into a new and exciting world. The very idea that there are things so tiny that they cannot be seen is of great interest to most young kids. Introduce the fascinating microworld to your curious children with our unbeatable selection of kids microscopes. Kids microscopes from Educational Toys Planet come in variety of precision quality and special features. Choose the right microscope for your child from the first talking microscope to the most sophisticated one of school lab quality. Kids Microscopes by the best educational toys makers will help your children to understand biology, chemistry, molecular physics, geology and more, plus have real fun making discoveries on micro level.