A child’s first microscope is a window into a new and exciting world. The very idea that there are things so tiny that they cannot be seen is of great interest to most young kids. Introduce the fascinating microworld to your curious children with our unbeatable selection of kids microscopes. Kids microscopes from Educational Toys Planet come in variety of precision quality and special features. Choose the right microscope for your child from the first talking microscope to the most sophisticated one of school lab quality. Kids Microscopes by the best educational toys makers will help your children to understand biology, chemistry, molecular physics, geology and more, plus have real fun making discoveries on micro level.

The Microscope is an excellent learning tool to be used in the school science classrooms. There are several microscopes available for kids and students, but it can be a real task to find the best microscope for kids that will perfectly suit the needs of both – teachers and parents as well as students. It should be easy-to-use, perfect for school experiments, needs to be durable enough not to break at the slightest touch, but still affordable so that more than one child can use it.

Best Beginner Microscopes for Kids

It’s never too young to introduce a young child to the world of microscopes. In fact, many scientists do start their own kids on a microscope at an early age. For example, Sir Alexander Fleming (the man who discovered penicillin) was given his first microscope when he was just 5 years old! Irrespective of how young your child may be, you still need to find a microscope that is appropriate for their age and developmental level. How you introduce your child to the world of microscopes will depend on their experience with things like staying still, concentration ability, hand-eye coordination, etc. So always be prepared to adjust your expectations based on these factors. The best way to know what type of microscope your preschooler will enjoy is to let him choose it. If you do so, you’ll likely find that he’s more enthusiastic about using it!

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Kids Microscope, Preschool...
  • SPARK MORE EXPLORATION! Discover the world with science & exploration toys designed just for kids to get up close with nature, peer into outer space, and get smart about science
  • LOOK, LISTEN & LEARN: GeoSafari Jr. Talking Kids Microscope features up-close, quality images and the voice of Bindi Irwin, Wildlife Warrior who will expand your knowledge of animals and plants
  • ONLY TALKING MICROSCOPE FOR PRESCHOOLERS: Introduce children to a real scientific toy that is easy to use and fun to learn with this educational toy for kids

Dr. STEM Toys - Talking Microscope for Kids with Twenty Slides Containing...
  • VIEW AND LISTEN: High quality images and it talks, too! Great STEM toy for learning
  • 60 INTERESTING FACTS: Knowledge mode includes talking tutorials
  • 120 Q&A FACTS: Quiz mode is fun. Includes 24 page full color booklet

Microscope Slides for Kids

– Even though they’re typically used for specimens, microscope slides can be explored right out of the box. Kids love to use them to look at strange objects or everyday things under the microscope. There are many types of different microscope slides for sale, depending on what you want to view . Based on my personal experience, I recommend buying pre-made slides (and not making your own), as they can save a lot of time and they’re not that expensive. You can find a wide variety of microscope slides online in a price range from about $6 – $20, depending on what specimen type you want to view through the lens.

120 Microscope Slides with Specimens for Kids, Prepared Microscope Slides...
  • Set of 120 prepared microscope slides, including plants, insects, and animal tissues, for use in biological education
  • Slides for microscope with standard dimensions: 1" x 3" (25mm x 75mm)
  • Sample name is marked on each slide. Comes with a list of slides included

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Biology Set - Professional Grade Specimens, 25...
  • 25 AWESOME MICROSCOPE SLIDES prepared professionally for maximum quality.
  • INCLUDES MUSCLE CELLS, ALGAE, ARTERIES, PLANT STOMA and more interesting samples.
  • DETAILED LEARNING GUIDE with fascinating information about the biology of each specimen.

Prepared Whole Insects Microscope Slides Set, 10pcs Specimens for Kids...
  • 【10 PCS INSECTS MICROSCOPE SLIDES】 - Comes with 10 different types of insect specimens, Mosquito Larva/Drosophila Larva/Male Fruit Fly/Female Fruit Fly/Housefly Pupa/Ant/Cyclopidae/Mosquito/Aphid /Ant Silkworm
  • 【PERFECT STEM PROJECT】 - Your kids can completely observe every part of the insect, such as legs, wings, head and so on. Inspire children's creativity and imagination, and cultivate their interest in science
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】 - The insect microscope slides are made of high quality optical glass which is totally non-toxic, BPA free, durable, increase security for your kids when the have a close look

Types of Microscopes For Kids – What To Look For

There are many types of microscopes available to buy or build with kits, and there is no one “best” type of microscope . Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, with some types more suitable for kids or beginners. For example, compound microscope s are probably the most complex microscopes available but also one of the best suited for imaging live cells . Stereo microscope s are not as versatile for general use but they’re wonderful if you want to look at small objects in 3D.

The types of microscopes we’ll be looking at here are:

Dissecting microscope (compound)

– These can provide very high magnification and resolution and many models even allow viewing live specimens. A dissecting microscope is the most suitable type for kids, as they’re usually not too complicated to use with a decent amount of student-friendly features. Dissecting microscope is probably the best type of microscope that is ideal for kids. These microscopes are typically very affordable and they’re very versatile in terms of the types of specimens you can view. This type of microscope is great for looking at small insects, plant cells , blood samples, etc. They come with a stage where you place your specimen and use either glass or plastic prepared slides to view it at high magnification. Most importantly: these microscopes don’t require any additional equipment to view specimens, so you can start looking at things right out of the box!

100X-2000X Microscopes for Kids Students Adults, with Microscope Slides...
  • [High Magnification] WF25X eyepiece alone or with 2X lens, cooperate 4x 10x 40x objective lenses, biological microscopes offers 6 magnification settings, 100X, 250X, 1000X, 200X, 500X, 2000X.
  • [Coarse and Fine Focus] Monocular Microscopes with solid metal frame and coarse/fine focusing knobs, ensures detail and precise focus adjustment, crate a image more clearer and sharper.
  • [Dual Illumination System] Top and bottom LED simultaneously brightfield, a 0.65 NA single-lens condenser with disc diaphragm, provide high-resolution color-corrected images.

AmScope SE306R-P-LED Forward-Mounted Binocular Stereo Microscope, WF10x...
  • Stereo microscope for home or classroom use enables students and hobbyists to inspect biological specimens, rocks, stamps, jewelry, and large specimens that require handing or manipulation
  • Forward-mounted binocular viewing head with pair of 10x widefield eyepieces, adjustable interpupillary distance, and 45-degree inclination to simplify viewing for young users
  • Interchangeable 2x and 4x objectives provide low magnification and longer focal length for inspecting large-scale specimens

20X-40X Stereo Microscope for Kids Students with LED Light, Perfect for...
  • 【High Quality Optical Lens】It comes with 2 sets of fully coated glass eyepieces WF10X and WF20X, which combine with 2X objective will provide 20X and 40X magnification. Crisp lens and changeable magnification make it easy and enjoyable to view.
  • 【Comfortable Viewing】Binocular viewing head with adjustable interpupillary distance to deliver comfortable viewing. The Interpupillary distance can adjust from 2.1inch to 2.9inch, suitable for young users.
  • 【Large Working Distance】 2.5inch-4.4inch working distance enables you to view not only small objects but also large solid objects. Perfect for home or classroom use by students and hobbyists to inspect coins, rocks, stamps, jewelry, and large specimens that require handing

Hand lens (compound)

– Hand lenses are another type of microscope that’s perfect for viewing ordinary objects in greater detail. They are great for exploring small things, but they don’t provide much magnification power. To find high-quality hand lenses at reasonable prices. For example, this model by National Geographic is highly rated and it provides magnifications from 15x – 800x. I own a similar hand lens myself and I was pleasantly surprised at how clear the images were when looking at various objects under the microscope.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Digital Microscope for Kids – 40-Piece Handheld...
  • WIRELESS AND PORTABLE digital handheld microscope operates up to 6 hours between charges; easily fits in a pocket or travel pack making it perfect for use outdoors
  • CAPTURE AND DISPLAY HD PHOTO AND VIDEO in 1080p resolution on the 4.3-inch, tilt-adjustable LCD screen with built-in camera; save images on included 128MB SD card; upload photos and videos to PC or Mac via included USB charging and transfer cable
  • 800X MAGNIFICATION adjustable with push-button zoom, large dial provides sharp focus; adjustable light illuminates specimens in low light

Optical Microscope for Kids

– This type of microscope is used to view prepared slides of specimens at a magnification power from 10x to 100x. Generally, this type is more expensive than dissecting microscope and hand lens , but it provides much greater viewing capability. This type of microscope is used to view prepared slides of specimens at a magnification power from 10x to 100x. Generally, this type is more expensive than dissecting microscope and hand lens , but it provides much greater viewing capability. For anyone who has some money to spend, I highly recommend buying this ANNLOV digital microscope (around $110). It is definitely one of the best deals on modern microscopes today, considering that you get several useful features at an affordable price – including the ability to take pictures of specimens using built-in camera. This microscope model has an LCD display on the body, allowing you to view prepared slides at 5x, 10x, 40x and up to whopping 1200X magnification power. It can also be used as a digital eyepiece for other microscopes (up to 400x) and it is USB powered (a great advantage compared to battery-powered microscopes). Also connects to your Windows or MAC PC or Laptop via USB. The camera features a rechargeable battery that can keep the microscope running for up to 2 hours.

7" LCD Digital Microscope ANNLOV 1200X Maginfication 1080P Coin Microscope...
  • 50-1200X digital magnification: ANNLOV 7 inch digital microscope allows you to observe objects in the range of 50-1200X. (The actual magnification depends on the screen size, the distance between the camera and the observation point) The microscope is compatible with Win10, so you can connect it to your computer to get a larger image for easy viewing and sharing.
  • 7" LCD Screen: ANNLOV LCD digital microscope has a built-in 7" HD screen that allows you to view directly, which is larger, clearer and has higher magnification than other similar 4.3" screen microscopes. Great for viewing errors in coins, leaf textures, skin textures, fine parts in watches, soldering circuit boards, and more.
  • Easy to focus: Adjust the object to be close to the lens (2cm-10cm), then you can get a clear image by slowly rotating the focus wheel, also you can press the up or down button to resize the image between 1-4X , which is helpful for observing details.

7" LCD Digital Microscope Camera with 32GB TF Card 1080P USB Video...
  • Great Gift for Adults, Fantastic Tool to Cultivate Scientific Curiosity for Kids : Dcorn LCD digital microscope is perfect for circuit board inspection, QC inspection, watch/clock repair, textile industrial, kids education inspection, biological observation(not suitable for cells), medical professionals, scientific researchers, insects, coins, jewelry, and stamps. It's the best gift for children, hobbyists, teachers and other users,especially suit for students who learning online this year.
  • 7 Inch LCD Color Screen, Sharply Image,High Clarity Microscope : Dcorn digital microscope equipped with 7 inch LCD color screen, 1080P high definition imaging,provide a broad field of view for viewing,no need PC or Laptop to view.10X-1200x continuous amplification with zoom, coarse and fine focus capabilities ! you always can finding a suitable multiple for you to(The actual magnification due to the distance between lens and observations). 8 LED lights make observing more clear.
  • 2 Ways of Taking Photos and Recording Videos: Dcorn LCD digital microscope equipped with 32GB TF card(Max support 128GB card), means you can save the images and videos obtained during your observations to the 32GB TF card directly. Or you can save images and videos on pc/laptop with windows system ( but not work with MAC),like Win7/8/10.

Digital Microscopes

– These are essentially digital versions of optical microscopes . They also convert analog images to digital ones, which allows you to take pictures of specimens on prepared slides at different magnification levels.

LCD Digital Microscope, SKYBASIC 4.3 inch 50X-1000X Magnification Zoom HD 2...
  • ☁【4.3 inch LCD Screen】: Amazing images and videos showing on 4.3 inch large screen. The Home Microscope has magnification levels of 50x to 1000x, which are standard on the best-quality microscopes. Its smoothly-rotating head makes it easy to working with this microscope. The precision fine and coarse focusing brings specimens into focus quickly and sharply.
  • ☁【Adopted 8 Adjustable LED Light】:The 8 Adjustable LED illuminator ensures your specimens are clear and bright. An included metal stand allows for steady shots and comes in handy when viewing at powersyour specimen in sharp focus.
  • ☁【2MP HD Camera】:Great for the classroom,factory or home, the sensor camera allows for streaming and still recording. Still images directly to the onboard Micro SD slot (32GB TF card is included) while viewing on monitor. Use the included fully adjustable stand the microscope to get the perfect image or video.

7'' LCD Digital Microscope - 1200X Coin Microscope with 32GB Card - Opqpq...
  • 【7 Inch Rotatable LCD Screen】- Adopted with 1080P high resolution, 12MP high definition image sensor and precise focus technology, Opqpq digital microscope presents clear and vivid images and videos. Compared with the regular 4.3'' 720p micro scope, our 7'' monitor is larger, intuitive and sharper. The rotatable screen (max 90 degrees) design enhances ergonomic comfort and eliminates eye and neck strain, which is more convenient for user to view it from different angles.
  • 【50X-1200X Magnification】- Magnification of this coin microscope ranges from 50X to 1200X, support to zoom in and see the closeup details of observations. The actual magnification depends on the distance between the lens and the observation object (adjustment bracket).
  • 【Adopted 10 LED Lights Design】Equipped with 8 LED lights around the lens and plus 2 extra goose illuminations on the base, this video microscope allows easy adjustment of shadow and brightness. More sufficient and adjustable lights enable to observe details of objects in various environments, and even shoot clear photo or video in some dark places.

New Arrivals

Portable Pocket Microscope for Kids - Pocket Microscopes with 60-120X Zoom...
  • ♫Fully Portable: Thanks to the children light microscope's portability and compact design, it is fully easy for children to take it out into the wild and explore nature.
  • ♫Arouse Your Child's Curiosity: To meet the needs of students looking at onion specimens, you can choose our children microscope, which supports 60-120x zoom, so that your children can see the appearance of onion specimens at different magnification.
  • ♫Handy LED Light: The children light microscope has its own LED light, which can be used to adjust the light source during observation to meet the needs of exploration in a different environment. And the light is so gentle that you don't have to worry about it hurting your child's eyes.
Small Pocket Microscope | Scientific Handheld Microscope Toy for...
  • ☺Enjoyable Exploration Experience: The pocket microscope will lead your children enter a natural and scientific world, providing your children an enjoyable exploration experience, cultivating children's interest and knowledge in science.
  • ☺Excellent Workmanship: Adopting protective non-spherical PMMA high-definition optical lens with excellent workmanship, Children can enjoy the immersive observation deeply.
  • ☺Adjustable Magnification Situation: The handheld children small microscope can zoom in 60X-120X with fast focus in 0.01 seconds. The microscope help to stretch a wonderful microscopic world for your children. For example, through the microscope, sand turns into gems, and ants turn into giants.
Child Microscope Handheld - Kids Microscope Educational Toy - Pocket...
  • ✎Search The Micro World: The handheld child microscope helps kids to explore the micro world as well as increase understanding and interest in biological sciences.
  • ✎Advanced Lens: The pocket microscope for kids is designed with environmentally friendly PMMA high-definition optical lens, which has a strong light transmission and anti-leakage design.
  • ✎Magnification Function: The portable microscope for kids comes with 60X-120X magnification. Kids can clearly see individual cells and quickly focus and adjust the magnification through the knob.
Kids Microscope 1200x Interesting Educational LED Lighting Design Plastic...
  • Parent Child Interaction: Science kids microscope is designed for children, not easy to shake when observing, can increase parent child interaction
  • Opening Scientific Horizons: This children's microscope set will satisfy children's scientific curiosity, open their eyes to discover a fun world of science and have fun in their spare time
  • Interesting and Educational: Educational children's microscope kit encourages scientific exploration and discovery with a fun way to get to know a key science tool
ygqzm Biological Microscope 1200X Science Educational LED Kit Lab Home...
  • Multiple multiples can be switched, 1200X, to meet the needs of primary and secondary school students.
  • LED light source can be turned on if there is insufficient light, and the light source can be adjusted by using LED light source.
  • Integrated adjustment, easy to adjust focal length, convenient and quick operation.
ygqzm 100X 200X 450X Microscope Kit Lab LED Home School Science Educational...
  • Develop children's interest in scientific knowledge.
  • Develop your child's ability to observe and begin exploring the journey of wonderful microbes.
  • Material: ABS.
cdar Microscope for Kids,Preschool Science Toy,Kids Microscope, Up to 400x...
  • 【 🧑 Children will like this microscope] -- three levels of magnification and the light above and below ensure that you can get a perfect view every time!
  • 【 🧑 Complete scientific experiment kit] -- children will be able to conduct a large number of scientific experiments and study the world around them like real scientists!
  • 【 🧑 Interesting laboratory guide] -- Children will make full use of their microscope through the attached laboratory guide, which contains observation activities of several different types of specimens.
60x-160x Pocket Kids LED Lighted Microscope Magnifying Handheld Microscope...
  • 【Designed for Children】60x-163x pocket microscope is very good for children;Less than adult palm size, easy to pocket.
  • 【Professional Experience】Microscope using SLR lens level coating, imaging professional, wide-angle eyepiece, improve clarity and observation range, dual-position focus to meet different needs.
  • 【With LED Light】The microscope is equipped with LED light source, which can illuminate the object under observation whether it is in dim light or at night. Please Install 5x AA batteries (not included) and slide the switch to turn on the light.
LINOXE Microscope Kit for Kids, 48pc Starter 120x-1200x Compound Microscope...
  • 48pc beginner biological microscope offers 120X, 240X, 300X, 480X, 600X and 1200X magnifications
  • Durable metal arm with stage, clips and rack and pinion focusing
  • Built-in LED electrical illumination and reflecting mirror for natural illumination
Kids Beginner Microscope Kit, Kids Educational Toy Kids Microscope Kit, for...
  • Give children a fun educational toy to let them participate, entertain and learn!
  • Through scientific exploration and practical experience, use key scientific tools. Children can collect their specimens according to the activity guide, and then get an amazing close-up view magnified up to 450 times.
  • This microscope is a children's version, which reduces the cumbersomeness of the microscope and is convenient for children to learn and operate, but it still needs to be mobilized during observation.

Our Timeless Favorite Microscopes for Kids