Jigsaw Puzzles For 2 Year Olds – Fun and Challenging Activity

Welcome to the Educational Toys Planet page for Jigsaw Puzzles for 2 Year Olds! Here you can find a selection of the best puzzles that will help your little ones learn and grow. Our jigsaw puzzles are designed to develop problem-solving skills, improve fine motor control and dexterity, as well as teaching sequencing and color recognition. This way, your toddler can grow and develop while having fun! Our puzzles come in a variety of styles and difficulty levels, ensuring that your child can be challenged without becoming overwhelmed. So explore our selection and let your child’s curiosity take them on an adventure today!
NASHRIO Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers 2-5 Years Old(Set of 6), 9 Pieces...
  • HAVING FUN: Our 9-piece puzzles make learning fun for all kids! These entertaining wooden jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful way for toddlers to develop skills while laughing and having fun.
  • COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: These kids animal puzzles can help kids to develop their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, and spatial reasoning skills. Our boy and girl puzzles are a great alternative to tablets and smartphones.
  • FUN AND COLORFUL: The set includes 6 jigsaw puzzles for kids. Let your kids have fun putting the pieces together to discover the animated elephant, panda, giraffe, squirrel, tiger, and zebra. The kid’s puzzles are fun, engaging, and great for kids between 2 and 5 years old.
Melissa & Doug Natural Play Wooden Puzzle: Ready, Set, Go (Four 4-Piece...
  • Four 4-piece wooden puzzles with a vehicle theme; vehicles include plane, train, fire truck, and boat
  • Match pieces to complete the scenes in the puzzle board wells
  • Puzzle board and pieces store a handy, take-along case with woven rope handles
Melissa & Doug Vehicles 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a Storage Box (48...
  • FOUR FUN VEHICLE-THEMED PUZZLES: The Melissa & Doug Vehicles Jigsaw Puzzles includes four 12-piece puzzles featuring a race car, steam engine, school bus, and fire engine.
  • STURDY WOODEN STORAGE BOX: Our car puzzles for toddlers can be easily stored in the included sturdy wooden storage box that doubles as a puzzle board.
  • HELPS DEVELOP MULTIPLE SKILLS: This jigsaw puzzle helps children develop strong hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving.
Montessori Mama Wooden Toddler Puzzles for Kids Ages 3-5 | Montessori Toys...
  • 🧩 Montessori Toddler Learning Toys: Cognitive learning as children recognize how to solve puzzles fitting jigsaw pieces together to create a larger image, count numbers and refine hand-eye coordination.
  • 🧩 Safe Toddler Puzzles Ages 3-5: These animal puzzles for toddlers are built from high quality, durable and sturdy, eco-friendly wood with rounded-edges. Lead free, BPA free and finished with a water-based, non-toxic paint.
  • 🧩 Cute and Attractive: Montessori Mama kids puzzles ages 3-5 plus encourage sensory stimulation through vibrant colors and cute animal shapes including a dinosaur, dolphin, rabbit and teddy bear shape puzzles.
Wooden Puzzles Toddler Toys for Kids 1 2 3 Years Old Boys Girls Toddler...
  • 🧸【SAFE WOODEN PUZZLE FOR TODDLER】:The lovely animal wooden jigsaw puzzles are made of high-quality environmental wood with non-toxic water-based paint. It is a smooth edge specially designed for children's small hands that keep your 1 2 3 years old boys and girls playing safely.
  • 🐌【LEARNING THROUGH PLAYING】:6 packs animal shape toddler puzzles, such as panda, parrot, frog, owl, snail, and bee. Each pattern has corresponding words, help your boys and girls learn spelling words, improve cognitive ability and solve puzzles capacities. Greatly encourage the development of kids' hand-eye coordination and attention span.
  • 🐝【GREAT TODDLER TOYS】:Bright colors attract kids' attention, improve children's color cognitive ability and promote brain development. The cute animal shapes and alphabet puzzles help babies get to know the animals better.
BEESTECH Animal Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddlers, Kids 2, 3, 4 Years Old Boys...
  • 8 Pack Animal Jigsaw puzzles, with Panda, Tiger, Lion, Dog, Sheep, Cow, Hippo, Elephant
  • Increasing pieces from 3 to 6 pieces: help toddlers finish the puzzles from easy to hard.
  • Giant puzzle map included, both as a guild poster and a final goal for kids to place all the 8 finished puzzles to built their animal world
SYNARRY 6 Pack Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Ages 2-5 Years Old, 9-16...
  • 💡【Build A Zoo for Kids】Our puzzles include elephants, giraffes, pandas, tigers, bees, cows and more. These cute and fun animals can quickly grab a child's interest, awaken their imagination and develop skills while laughing and having fun.
  • ♻️【High Quality and Eco-Friendly】The boy and girl puzzles are made from durable and safe wood, BPA free. They are long-lasting and have beautiful animal prints. The round edges of the board and large jigsaw pieces prevent any unwanted accidents, safe and comfortable.
  • 🎨【Cognitive Development】These animal puzzles for kids can help kids develop their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills to develop kids' brains scientifically. Our toddler puzzles are a great alternative to tablets and smartphones.
BEESTECH Elementary Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddlers 2、3、4 Years Old,...
  • ★ Perfect Elementary Jigsaw Puzzles for 2,3,4 Years Toddles: Each is 6.5 in * 4.5 in, perfect for little fingers and easy for kids to connect pieces and put together on their own.
  • ★ Increasing Difficulty: The puzzles vary in number of pieces and go from easier to harder as the numbers of pieces increase. ( Panda is 9 piece, Fox is 12 piece, Bear is 15 piece, Tiger is 20 piece)
  • ★ 1:1 key picture included: The picture has all puzzle pieces outlined on it, so the kids can place the pieces on the appropriate place.
Aitey Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Ages 2-5 Toddler Puzzles 9 Pieces...
  • ❤ Adorable Animal Puzzle Set - 6 pack wooden jigsaw puzzles for toddlers, elephant, panda, giraffe, squirrel, tiger and zebra animals are toddler's favorite kids puzzle. Bright color and perfect size (9 piece each) for toddler, easy to carry and as a travel games.
  • ❤ Great Educational Toys - These wooden puzzles for age 3-5 kids’ brain boosting while playing! Not only provides engaged play-time for kids, but also helps practice problem-solving and spatial reasoning as they work to complete the puzzle. Let your child to put down the iPad, iPhone and keep away from video games.
  • ❤ Easy To Complete Puzzle for Kids - Our toddlers puzzle bottom plate paint the color illustrations, kids can use as a reference. 9 piece each puzzle for 3 4 5 boys and girls are easy to complete, When our children complete the puzzle, they will have a sense of accomplishment.
Preschool ABC Number and Letter Puzzle Games - teaches young kids the...
  • A variety of different challenges including jigsaw puzzles, connect the dots, memory, flashcard maths and traditional slide puzzles
  • High quality images set against colourful scenes that look great on High Definition (HD) and retina displays
  • Fun sound effects in every game

1. Are jigsaw puzzles safe for 2-year-olds?

Yes, jigsaw puzzles are generally safe for 2-year-olds, as long as they are age-appropriate. Look for puzzles that are specifically designed for 2-year-olds and be sure to check the age recommendation printed on the box. These puzzles are usually made of non-toxic materials and feature large pieces that are easy for small hands to manipulate. Puzzles designed for 2-year-olds typically have fewer pieces (no more than 12) and simpler images that are easier for young children to understand. Additionally, you should make sure the pieces are large enough so that your child will not be tempted to put them in their mouth.

2. What are the benefits of jigsaw puzzles for 2-year-olds?

Jigsaw puzzles offer a great way to help 2-year-olds develop important cognitive skills. By completing puzzles, children learn how to problem solve, use visual-spatial skills to determine the correct pieces, and practice fine motor skills. Puzzles also help children learn how to think logically, as they must determine which pieces fit together. Additionally, puzzles can help children learn about shapes, colors, and images. By completing puzzles, children also gain a sense of pride and accomplishment.

3. How can I make jigsaw puzzles more challenging for my 2-year-old?

If your 2-year-old has already mastered puzzles with 12 pieces or fewer, you can make them more challenging by providing puzzles with more pieces. You can also start introducing puzzles with more complex images, such as animals, buildings, or landscapes. Additionally, you can use the same puzzle pieces to create different pictures, giving your child the challenge of combining the pieces in different ways. Finally, you can make the puzzles more challenging by introducing 3-dimensional puzzles that require your child to fit the pieces together in a certain way.Jigsaw Puzzles For 2 Year Olds