Top 10 Facultades Montessori para Niños/Niñas

Are you looking for an innovative and comprehensive education program that gives your children the tools they need to thrive in today’s world? Look no further than Fac Montessori! A longstanding leader in progressive education, Fac Montessori provides a unique philosophy and curriculum tailored to the specific needs of each student. With an emphasis on active learning and exploration, Fac Montessori seeks to instill a lifelong love of learning in each and every student.
LITTLE BUD KIDS Spin-and-Read Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks and CVC...
  • Learn to Read: New readers will learn how to read and rhyme with our movable CVC word builder blocks
  • Tactile Pre-K & Kindergarten Learning Material: Rotating letter blocks create 60+ 3-letter words
  • Designed for Self-Correction: 30 Double-sided CVC flashcards = a versatile Montessori material
5-in-1 Wooden Play Kit Montessori Toy - Object Permanence Box, Coin Box,...
  • Super Value 5-In-1 Montessori Toys - We designed 5 Montessori games together, you only need to spend less money to let your baby experience 5 games. Our wooden box is designed with a storage function and is equipped with a storage bag. At the bottom of the box, we are equipped with a noise reduction design, allowing children to play in a quiet environment. We use the best durable beech wood with smooth edges for durability and safety. Exquisite product box suitable for gift-giving
  • 5-in-1 Multiple Play Kits - An open cube and 5 interchangeable colorful lips, corresponding to different baby puzzle games. After inserting the lip through a slot on the side of the box, babies can get 5 games, object permanence box, coin box, carrot harvest, catch worm, and shape sorter. Develops kid's spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor sensory abilities. As kids grow up, you can decide which type of educational developmental toys to play with.
  • Convenient Storage and Quiet Design - The cube box can store accessories when the game is over. A movable board, fixed by a cord, is added to one side of the cube, where the movable board can be stored. Also, our wooden baby montessori toys come with a storage bag, helping toddlers to cultivate the habits of storing and tidying up items. The inside of the cube is a slope covered with gauze, which reduces the noise of objects falling and colliding.
Montessori Lock and Key Toy Set - Lock Set Keys for Kids - Montessori...
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING - The Montessori approach recognizes that a child’s potential for learning is greatest when provided with tactile, multi-sensory materials. The Montessori lock set is a practical life activity that is perfect for helping children learn how to lock and unlock locks of varying shapes, sizes and functions.
  • DEVELOP FINE MOTORS SKILLS - This Montessori lock and key set features five unique locks to help your child develop his or her fine motors skills, visual discrimination, coordination and concentration.
  • MONTESSORI TEACHER APPROVED: The Montessori lock and key set is a common practical life material that encourages independence through purposeful play, while at the same time helping your child develop fine motor skills and real-world experience.
ibwaae Wooden Peg Board Beads Game Color Sorting Toys Counting Matching...
  • 🌈 【SAFE MATERIAL】: Our rainbow bead game is made of 100% natural wood and coated with water-based paint, hand-polished, smooth and burr-free. Sturdy and resistant to drops.
  • 🌈 【SORTING & COLOR TOYS】: This toy will help your little boy or girl start recognizing colors by counting and sorting the colorful beads. It is ideal for providing an early start on your child's STEM development.
  • 🌈 【PRESCHOOL LEARNING TOYS】: Matching game can promote children's logical thinking skills, and colored beads can practice brain thinking to recognize different colors, and help preschoolers count, sort, and bring together. New semester kids have a surprise!
GOPO TOYS Montessori Toys for 18+ Months Old - Toddlers Wooden Sorting and...
  • 👶 MONTESSORI STACKING TOYS FOR TODDLERS - Our montessori sorting toy is the PERFECT CHOICE for you and your toddler as it is made from hiqh quality natural wood with sturdy pegs and durable water-based paint. This baby stacking blocks toy is suitable for 18 months+ toddlers and represents the perfect activity to learn through play!
  • 🧮 HAPPY AND EDUCATIONAL CHILDHOOD - Our toddler learning toy is designed to help children develop their fine motor skills, count and sort and better recognize patterns. This wooden stacking puzzle contains 20 pieces including blocks of 5 different colors and 5 geometric shapes. The oversized pegs and shapes that come with this set are large enough to be easily grasped by tiny fingers - an excellent hand-eye and wrist coordination challenge for your child!
  • 🤏 MULTI-SENSORY DEVELOPMENT - Our montessori developmental stacking toy it’s an easy game that involves mounting one piece on top of the another piece. The geometric blocks have the same size but different colors and shapes. While stacking the blocks, children need to sit and balance core muscles to move hands freely and figure out which shape fits where. This kind of activity will help your toddler to control his body movements which are in coordination with the stacking and sorting activity!
Coogam Wooden Reading Blocks Short Vowel Rods Spelling Games, Flash Cards...
  • Wooden Spelling Toy: Includes a wood tray, 5 Handheld Sets of Rotating Blocks with 3-letter word movable blocks. Along with 48pcs sight words flash card (24 pcs foldable word 2-in-1 cards, 24 pcs word cards). Appropriate for teaching very basic reading skills.
  • Durable, Heavy Duty Material: The Wooden Letter Blocks and tray are made of natural wood which is non-toxid and safe for kids. Larger-size wooden blocks which is prevent the risk of the kids swallowing. Spelling card are durable and easy to use, even in the classroom. The large, colorful print is ideal colorful printed pattern with rounded corners and no sharp edges, smooth and burr-free. This spelling letters block are sturdy and everlasting even after long times using.
  • Foldable Sight Words Flash Card: Put the card into slot of the wooden tray, collapses the cards for covers the words shown in the picture, spelling out the words on the wooden alphabet blocks according to the prompt information of the sight words flash card. Montessori educational toys helps toddlers develop strategic thinking in the brain, greatly develop memory skills.
Toddler Puzzles Wooden Toys Montessori Shape Sorting Puzzle Sensory Toys...
  • ✿ Toddler Puzzles:The wooden toys include flower, square, circle, triangle, star and hexagon puzzles, each shape blocks coming with a board. Great cause and effect toys for kids to identify different shapes, colors and sizes of the puzzle blocks, great toddler block Montessori toys for 2 year old.
  • ✿ Early Learning Matching Toys: These Montessori toys will challenge young minds. The open ended toys puzzle helps to develop kid’s fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and discovery skills. Great sensory toys for toddlers 1-3 1 2 3 year old, educational learning toys for 2 year olds.
  • ✿ Well Made Toddler Toys Age 1-2: Wooden puzzles have smooth edges, solid, bright colors, made stacking toys more likely to catch children's eyes, enjoy the game, recognize and remember geometric shapes. Perfect birthday gift for boys girls age 1-3 2-4, toddler learning toys ages 1-2.
Sparkle Race Sensory Bin Tools with Wooden Box Tray Montessori Toys for...
  • Wooden Tray Montessori: We bonus a wooden Tray box for your sensory toys. You can pour beans, oats, sand in this wooden box... These toys can provide your children with more entertainment time and encourage them to master good motor skills and develop abilities.
  • Montessori Sensory Bin Tools: Wooden sensory bin tools including scoops, tongs, containers, pliers and other small objects. Fun activities for every stage used for transferring, pouring but also stacking, nesting, and kitchen Learning. It will allow kids to fully enjoy imaginary play of daily life, and build real life skills as well.
  • Wooden Toys for Toddlers : This Montessori Toy is made of high-quality natural wood, and the edges of all items are polished, so it's smooth to touch and surely safe for children.
Wooden Montessori Toys for Toddlers Learning Activities Sorting Box...
  • 【Great Educational Toys For Early Development】Toddlers can learn the basics by counting and sorting numbers, colors, categories, and patterns. It develops color recognition and hand-eye coordination, enhances memory with patterns, develops fine motor skills.
  • 【ALL-IN-ONE Montessori Toys Set】There are 8 boards of different categories and 80 little wooden blocks. Kids can play in various way: finding the matching wooden blocks and throwing into the classification box; naming the patterns; making stories with colorful blocks.
  • 【Having Endless Fun Anywhere】For its light-weight material, preschool learning toys can be taken anywhere such as home, backyard, car and hotel during vacation trip. Kids can have fun with family members or friends, which can increase interaction between parents and kids or promote friendship.

What is a Montessori school?

Montessori schools are educational programs based on the philosophy and teachings of the Italian educator Maria Montessori. Montessori schools focus on allowing children to learn at their own pace and develop their own interests. The Montessori approach emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and respect for each child as an individual. Montessori schools use specially designed materials to help children learn through hands-on activities. These activities allow children to explore and discover the world around them, allowing them to develop their own interests and problem-solving skills. Montessori schools also encourage collaboration and communication between the teacher and the student, and they emphasize learning through experience.

What is the Montessori approach?

The Montessori approach is an educational philosophy and method developed by Italian educator Maria Montessori. It is based on the belief that children should be given freedom to explore and learn at their own pace. The Montessori approach also emphasizes respect for each individual child and the importance of independence. Montessori schools use specially designed materials to help children learn through hands-on activities. These activities allow children to explore and discover the world around them, allowing them to develop their own interests and problem-solving skills. In addition, Montessori schools emphasize the importance of collaboration and communication between the teacher and the student, and learning through experience.

What is the difference between a Montessori school and a traditional school?

The main difference between a Montessori school and a traditional school is in the educational philosophy and approach taken. Traditional schools typically rely on rote memorization and structured learning, whereas Montessori schools use specially designed materials to allow children to learn through hands-on activities. Montessori schools also emphasize independence, freedom within limits, and respect for each child as an individual. In addition, Montessori schools encourage collaboration and communication between the teacher and the student, and learning through experience. Traditional schools, on the other hand, often focus on structured learning, testing, and standardized curriculums.LITTLE BUD KIDS Spin-and-Read Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks and CVC Phonics Wooden Toy Set for Beginner Readers