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Playdough & Clay

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  1. Art Book Craft Kit
  2. Clay Sculpture Craft Kit & Sketch Book
  3. Dough Food Court Food Sculpting Playdough Set
  4. Tip Top Pottery Wheel Craft Kit
  5. Pottery Wheel & Splash Art Studio 2-in-1 Machine
  6. Modeling Clay - 8 Colors Clay Set for Kids
  7. Soft Modeling Clay 5 Colors Primary Set
  8. Cast & Mold Your Own Bones Skeleton Science Set & Book
  9. Jazzy Gel Candles Making Craft Kit
  10. First Pottery Air Dry Clay Craft Kit
  11. Easy Spin Pottery Wheel Pottery Making Kit
  12. Modeling Clay 8 Colors Set
  13. Play-Doh Modeling Compound 24-Pack Case of Colors Non-Toxic Multi-Color 3-Ounce Cans Ages 2 and up Multicolor Amazon Exclusive
  14. Play-Doh Bulk Winter Colors 12-Pack of Non-Toxic Modeling Compound 4-Ounce Cans
  15. Pony Toy Playdough Kitchen Creations for KidsBurger Barbecue Set Boys and Girls
  16. Play-Doh Modeling Compound 50- Value Pack Case of Colors Non-Toxic Assorted 1-Ounce Cans
  17. Award Winning
    Playdough & Clay Toys
  18. Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations
  19. FRIMOONY Play Dough Tools for Kids Various Plastic Moulds Assorted Colors 45 Pieces
  20. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven
  21. Play-Doh Numbers Letters N Fun Art Multi Kids Toddler Games Play Set Playdough packaging may vary
  22. Play-Doh HASB5517BAMZ 4-Pack of Colors Gift Set Bundle 12 Cans-48 Oz
  23. Play-Doh Fun Tub
  24. Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection
  25. Play-Doh Pinkfong Baby Shark Set with 12 Non-Toxic Cans
  26. Colorations Classic Colors Best Value Dough Pack of 6 3-lb Tubs Vibrant Rainbow - Soft and Easy to Mold Does Not Crumble Great for Sensory Play Fine Motor Development Non-Toxic
  27. Melissa & Doug Shape Model Mold Play Clay
  28. Playdough & Clay Toys
    Currently on Sale
  29. Aroma Dough Gluten-Free Soy-Free Play for Kids Eco Friendly Playdough Set 5 Pack All Natural Aromas Back to School - Gifts Stocking Stuffers Made in USA
  30. JHONG Playdough Toys Dinosaur World Play Dough Set Creations Tools for Kid with Animals
  31. Pony Toy Playdough Tools 18 Kits for Kids Dough Kitchen Creations PlaysetIce Cream and Pasta Toys Set Boys GirlsCompound is no Contained
  32. JHONG Play Dough Toys for Kid Kitchen Creations Little Chef playdough Set Games
  33. Aroma Dough Aromatherapy - Gluten-Free Soy-FreePlay for Kids All Natural Aromas Sensory Playdough School Supplies
  34. Play-Doh Stamp 'n Top Pizza Oven Toy with 5 Non-Toxic Colors
  35. Play-Doh 2-Lb Bulk Super Can of Non-Toxic Modeling Compound with 4 Classic Colors - Red Blue Yellow & White
  36. Play-Doh PD Celebration Party Pack
  37. Play-Doh Wheels Gravel Yard Construction Toy with Non-Toxic Pavement Buildin' Compound Plus 3 Additional Colors
  38. Play-Doh Plus Variety Pack
  39. Play-Doh Modeling Compound SchoolpackAssorted48 Pack
  40. Melissa & Doug Cut Sculpt Roll Modeling Dough
  41. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset Featuring Drizzle Compound & 6 Non-Toxic Colors
  42. Carykon Set of 11 PCS Smart Dough Tools Kit with Models and Molds Extruders
  43. Play-Doh 2-Lb Bulk Super Can of Non-Toxic Modeling Compound with 4 Modern Colors - Light Blue Green Orange & Pink
  44. Sargent Art 85-3198 Art-Time Dough Set of 6 Multicolored
  45. Pony Toy Playdough Set for Kids Dough Kitchen Creations 23 Kits Boys and Girls
  46. Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill SetMulticolor1 Pack
  47. PonyToy Playdough 36 Items Set for ToddlersDough Kitchen Creations Toys Playsets Boys and Girls
  48. Play-Doh Party Bag Dough 15 Count assorted colors
  49. Pony Toy Playdough Poop MoldClay Simulation Faeces Tool3 Brown Dough1 Yellow Doug and Plastic Mold
  50. Play-Doh E2930 Buzz 'n Cut Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop Toy with Electric Buzzer and 5 Non-Toxic Colors 2-Ounce Cans
  51. Play-Doh Glitter kneading
  52. Colorations - BUILDME Creative Creatures Dough Builders 260 Pieces Body Person Eyes for Kids Screen-Free Play Time
  53. Play-Doh Sparkle and Bright 14 Pack of Cans Non-Toxic Modeling Compound 3-Ounce Amazon Exclusive
  54. Play-Doh Tootie The Unicorn Ice Cream Set with 3 Non-Toxic Colors Featuring Color Swirl Compound
  55. Play-Doh Noodle Makin Mania Set
  56. Inxens Playdough Tools for Kids Play Dough Molds Clay Set of 25
  57. Strokes Art Clay and Dough Tools Six Piece Set - Ages 3 & Up
  58. KIDDY DOUGH 80 Pack of - School & Birthday Party Favors Bulk Clay Classpack Includes Molded Animal Shaped Lids Holiday Christmas Gift Edition 1oz Tubs 80oz Total for Kids
  59. Play-Doh Wheels Firetruck Toy with 5 Non-Toxic Colors Including Water Compound
  60. Play-Doh Shape N Slice Set
  61. Play-Doh Wheels Cement and Pavement Buildin' Compound 2-Pack of 8-Ounce Cans
  62. Deardeer Play Dough Dentist Set Doctor Drill and Fill Playset Retro Playdough Creation with Moulds Models Kids Gift
  63. UNIH Playdough Sets for Toddlers Play Food Set Kids Kitchen Playsets Cooking Supplies Pretend Toy with Violin Workbench Violin
  64. Play-Doh Shape and Learn Discover Store
  65. Inxens Playdough Molds and Cutters Play Dough Tools Set with Scissors of 19
  66. Colorations IncredibleFoam Dough 8 Colors 1 Ounce Each for Kids Educational Arts & Crafts Kindergarten PreK Toys Mess-Free
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Items 1 - 64 of 1084 total

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Mold, sculpt, and build with Educational Toys Planet's Playdough & Clay toys. These arts and crafts include playdough sets, molding clay sets, sparkling clay crafts, glow in the dark sculpting kits, clay jewelry making sets, and even cotton clay activities. Working with play dough and clay helps develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills in children. The bright colors of the playdough in our expertly designed kits help your child creatively express themselves and expand their imagination. Mold your creative skills into playdough sculptures and play!