Playdough & Clay

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  1. Modeling Clay 8 Colors Set
  2. Clay Sculpture Craft Kit & Sketch Book
  3. First Pottery Air Dry Clay Craft Kit
  4. Soft Modeling Clay 5 Colors Primary Set
  5. Pottery Wheel & Splash Art Studio 2-in-1 Machine
  6. Dough Food Court Food Sculpting Playdough Set
  7. Easy Spin Pottery Wheel Pottery Making Kit
  8. Art Book Craft Kit

    Art Book Craft Kit

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  9. Jazzy Gel Candles Making Craft Kit
  10. Modeling Clay - 8 Colors Clay Set for Kids
  11. Tip Top Pottery Wheel Craft Kit

11 items

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Mold, sculpt, and build with Educational Toys Planet's Playdough & Clay toys. These arts and crafts include playdough sets, molding clay sets, sparkling clay crafts, glow in the dark sculpting kits, clay jewelry making sets, and even cotton clay activities. Working with play dough and clay helps develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills in children. The bright colors of the playdough in our expertly designed kits help your child creatively express themselves and expand their imagination. Mold your creative skills into playdough sculptures and play!