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Coding for Kids

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  1. Smart Phone Kids Science Lab

    Smart Phone Kids Science Lab

    $19.99 Sale $11.44
  2. Code Gamer Arduino Coding Game & Workshop Science Kit
  3. Snap Circuits Snapino Coding Electronic Projects Kit
  4. Poppin' Pictures Coding Pattern 197 pc STEM Activity Set

4 items

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Your kids are not too young to code. Even preschoolers. Even toddlers. Yes, there are play tools for tots that teach them to make the jumbo bug go from the red to green spot on the mat. As technology becomes an integral and huge part of our lives, it is no longer a question if children should be acquainted to the computer science. Learning basics of computer programming becomes an important skill for grown-ups and children alike. As a US flagman in early children's development, Educational Toys Planet is proud to present the Coding for Kids toy category. Learning how to design their first programs, build simple web pages, program toy vehicles, or make their first steps in game design, young computer scientists develop their logic and problem-solving abilities. Coding for kids allows them to express innovative ideas and creativity.