4M toy brand presents amazing science kits, craft kits, and creative innovative children products for the US toy market. The engaging developmental toys from 4M promote learning for children of all ages. Educational Toys Planet offers 4M's imaginative toys that will inspire learning and provide educational fun for kids.

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  1. Kids Volcano Making Science Kit
  2. Water Cleaning Science Kit
  3. Electric Paper Plane Launcher Build & Play Kit
  4. Tin Can Cable Car Building Kit for Kids
  5. Glow in the Dark Moon & Stars Set
  6. Potato Clock Science Experiment Kit
  7. Soda Can Robot Bug Building Kit
  8. T-Rex Skeleton Dino Dig Kit
  9. Lemon Clock Science Party Favor
  10. Bottle Catamaran Green Science Kit
  11. Mammoth Skeleton Dig Kit
  12. Enviro Battery Green Energy Science Kit
  13. Bubble Science Kids Lab Kit
  14. Kids Crystal Mining Science Kit
  15. Salt Water Power Robot Science Kit
  16. Build Tin Can Robot Green Science Kit
  17. Balancing Robot Building Kit
  18. Cosmic Rocket Kids Science Kit
  19. Weaving Loom Kids Craft Kit

    Weaving Loom Kids Craft Kit

    $13.97 Sale $11.17
  20. Weather Station Kids Science Kit
  21. Brush Robot Building Kit
  22. Windmill Generator Green Science Kit
  23. Green Rocket Recycle Science Kit
  24. Dynamo Torch Generator Building Kit
  25. Build Propeller Racer Fun Science Kit
  26. Solar Rover Robot Building Green Science Kit
  27. Solar Science Kit for Kids

    Solar Science Kit for Kids

    $13.97 Sale $10.17
  28. Trash Robot Green Creativity Craft Kit
  29. Smart Robot Fun Science Kit
  30. Dynamo Circuit Board Green Science Kit
  31. Tin Can Calculator Green Science Kit
  32. Crochet Art Kids Craft Kit
  33. Solar System Model Craft Kit
  34. Robotic Hand Building Kit
  35. Embroidery Stitches Craft Kit
  36. Make Wind Chimes Craft Kit
  37. Recycled Paper Beads Craft Kit
  38. Magnetic Levitation Science Kit for Kids
  39. Table Top Robot Science Kit
  40. Kitchen Science Kids Lab
  41. Greeting Cards Making Craft Kit
  42. Magnet Science Kit for Kids
  43. Crystal Growing Science Experiments Kit
  44. Build Doodling Robot Fun Science Kit
  45. Knitting Art Kids Craft Kit
  46. 3D Solar System Mobile Craft Kit
  47. Paint Your Own 13 pc Tea Set

47 items

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