STEM Toys for 4 Year Olds – Inspire a Love of Science

Parents are busy people. They have to balance work, family, and everything else in their lives just to get by. That’s why you deserve the very best when it comes to your kids. You want them not only healthy but also happy which is where STEM toys come in! STEM toys offer a host of benefits for your children including better problem-solving skills, increased creativity, an interest in math and science, the ability to think critically about things they see around them every day–STEM education can be so much more than just learning facts from textbooks or sitting through lectures. With these benefits at stake, it might seem like choosing STEM toys would be easy but there are so many different products out there that picking one can feel overwhelming! We’ve taken the guesswork out of it by putting together this list of STEM Toys for 4-Year-Olds. We’ve found toys that develop motor skills, coordination, logic, language skills, and more! Your children will love them and you can feel great knowing they’re not just playing around with their toys but learning something valuable along the way.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Picks:

You want a toy that is going to be fun but also teaches them something new. It can be tough to find one that does both of those things well. Stem toys are the answer! They combine learning with play so kids get excited about STEM subjects like engineering, math, science, and more while they’re playing. These toys will help your little ones grow up smarter than ever before!

Top Rated STEM Toys for 4 Year Olds (reviews)

The best toys for 4-year-olds are not always the most expensive ones. But you do want to make sure they are safe, engaging, and appropriate for their age group. You also need to consider your child’s personality type when looking at these types of toys. For example, a shy child may be more interested in arts & crafts while an outgoing child might enjoy outdoor activities like biking or scooter riding. There are many options out there that will work well with different children so it is important to spend some time exploring before making any purchases.

1. Magna-Tiles Deluxe Set, The Original Magnetic Building Tiles For Creative...

Magna-Tiles Deluxe Set, The Original Magnetic Building Tiles For Creative...
  • 3D MAGNETIC TILES: The original 3D magnetic building sets that engage young minds by fusing together math, science, and creativity. Create flat or 3-dimensional shapes with this set
  • DIVERSE SET: 42 translucent, colorful shapes including 15 squares and 25 triangles (equilateral, right, and isosceles)
  • CREATIVITY: Sparks hours of imaginative free play in children. Anything they can dream, they can create!

What we like: Magna-Tiles Deluxe Set is a great option for parents to buy for their kids. This toy has been rated by many different sources as one of the best toys that can help children develop and learn basic skills. It includes more than 40 pieces and all shapes of 3D magnetic tiles like cubes, pyramids, and triangles which come in colors like green, white, and brown. Besides this building set, Magna-Tiles Deluxe Set also includes a booklet with ideas on how to create 3-dimensional shapes with the included pieces.

2. Brickyard Building Blocks STEM Toys - Educational Building Toys for Kids...

Brickyard Building Blocks STEM Toys - Educational Building Toys for Kids...
  • 163 PIECES - The more the merrier! Our STEM building educational toy set has enough blocks, wrenches, moveable wheels, nuts, and bolts for up to 4 / 6 kids at one time.
  • LEARN & PLAY - Let your kid's creativity and imagination run wild! These STEM building toys are ideal for a 4 to 8 year olds, but provide educational fun for all ages.
  • BOOK OF IDEAS - Spark the creative genius in your child with 42 designs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced builders in our tinker toys guide.
What we like: If you are looking for the best STEM toys for children up to the age of 4, then Brickyard Building Blocks is an ideal choice. These colorful, safe, non-toxic building blocks will keep your child busy and entertained for hours. The toy can be used by up to 4 or 6 kids at a time. There are 163 pieces, including wrenches, wheels, nuts, and bolts – enough for your little one to build different structures with them. The toy is also tailored for a 4 year old child but provides educational fun that’s suitable for all ages. Brickyard Building Blocks come with a handy book of 42 designs that cover beginner, intermediate and advanced builders in our tinker toys guide. This book will help your child to get started with this toy. A colorful poster with 4 designs is also included in the package.

3. Scientoy Flower Garden Building Toys, Girl Toys Build a Garden, 130 PCS...

Scientoy Flower Garden Building Toys, Girl Toys Build a Garden, 130 PCS...
  • 【130 PCS in Abundant Colors and Creative Ways】 Scientoy flower garden building toys are designed in a variety of types and brilliant colors with a total of 130 pcs for teens to freely match. No matter kids are on the beach, in the home yard or classroom, they could build a beautiful garden as they imagined! Come to play this coolest gardening pretend game!
  • 【Easy to Clean and Store with a Portable Box】Every pieces are washable, just clean these build a garden girl toys by water before each play, so it is very hygienic to children. All parts are packed in a green storage box, which is easy to carry. When children finish the building game, parents will feel free to put everything in the storage box to avoid a mess.
  • 【Safe Eco-Friendly Materials】 Scientoy flower garden building toy is made of environmentally friendly materials according to American Toy Safety Standards including ASTM/CPC/CPSIA , free of BPA, non-toxic and no peculiar smell. Each piece of this flower toy is made to be smooth, round and burr-free in order to protect delicate skin of kids.
What we like: This is a great flower toy that can help kids learn more about different types of flowers and how to take care of them. I like the variety of colors and creative ways in which it is able to be used. It’s a great tool for teaching kids about gardening by letting them have their imaginations run wild. They will be able to use these toys in a variety of settings around the home, beach, or classroom. The best thing about this toy is that it can be washed with water before being played with again for safety purposes. The storage box containing all the pieces is very convenient because parents do not have to worry about a mess when putting the pieces away after playtime.

4. CozyBomB Monkey Balance Counting Cool Math Games - STEM Toys for 3 4 5 Year...

CozyBomB Monkey Balance Counting Cool Math Games - STEM Toys for 3 4 5 Year...
  • 🐵【 IDEAL TEACHING TOOL 】Our Monkey Balance Counting toy is an ideal STEM educational game to learn how to count. It is perfect for kids and toddlers learning math between ages 3-5.
  • 🐵【 FUN WAY TO LEARN NUMBERS 】Introduces numbers in a fun way to maximize learning and retention for better learning.
  • 🐵【 IMPROVE COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS 】Improve Memory, Visual and Spatial processing, Attention and Executive Functions crucial for brain development.
What we like: Monkey Balance Counting Cool Math Games – STEM Toys for 4 Year Olds: This is a great toy for kids and toddlers! It can help children learn math by teaching them basics such as numbers, doing simple equations and starting to understand fractions. I would recommend this to parents looking for an educational way to teach children about numbers. Monkey balance Counting Cool math games is a nice toy that can help young children who are between the ages of 3-5 years old learn math. The toy introduces numbers in a fun way that maximizes learning and retention skills. The toy also improves memory, visual and spatial processing, and attention and executive functions which are crucial for brain development.

5. Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set, Science Exploration,...

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set, Science Exploration,...
  • PRESCHOOL SCIENCE KITS: Foster a curiosity for science by conducting real hands-on experiments
  • SCIENCE SET LAB: Visually appealing science tools and easy-to-follow, beginner science activities
  • REAL LIFE TOOLS AND TODDLER SCIENCE GOGGLES: Learn the names of science tools and broaden your child's understanding of science terms
What we like: This Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set can be a great addition to any school science kit. The set consists of 22 pieces that include easy-to-follow science activities and real hands-on experiments. This kit fosters a curiosity for science by conducting real hands-on experiments. They are a must-have for developing intellectual skills and fostering a love for learning about the world. The Science Exploration, Fun Experiments for Kids is a well put together kit with lots of supplies to do all sorts of experiments. This kit has been designed to improve your child’s understanding whilst having fun as they explore the world around them. Some examples of experiments that your child could conduct includes “How Does Electricity Work?”, “Can you mix colors?”,

Award Winning STEM Toys for 4 Year Olds (reviews)

Many parents these days are looking for ways to help their children develop a strong foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills. This is because it’s been shown that people who can think critically and creatively will be more successful in the future than those without such skills. And unfortunately, there has not been much progress made on this front up until now. That is why we were so excited when we found the Award Winning Stem Toys for 4 Year Olds! They offer a wide variety of educational toys specifically designed to foster creativity as well as teach kids about science and mathematics. These award-winning toys have received rave reviews from teachers around the country, which should provide you with some reassurance if you’re considering buying one of their products for your child. Let’s get started with our top picks!

6. The Learning Journey Grab It! - Mathematics Lab - Preschool Toys & Gifts...

The Learning Journey Grab It! - Mathematics Lab - Preschool Toys & Gifts...
  • KEY FEATURES - Grab It! - Mathematics includes four colorful game boards with illustrated scenes of a science lab environment and 24 discs that contain a simple math equation or number. For up to four players. A dispenser is also included that launches the discs. Measures 9.5” long x 2.25” wide x 6.75” high, weighs 1.21 lbs.
  • EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS – Promotes thinking and learning, mathematics, cooperation skills, life and social skills, and tactile and motor development.
  • SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS – Improves FINE MOTOR SKILLS and hand-eye coordination. Builds CONFIDENCE and boosts SELF-ESTEEM by providing a sense of achievement. Helps develop PROBLEM-SOLVING abilities by encouraging your child to concentrate. Inspires conversation and develops MATHEMATICS.
What we like: The best thing about this toy is that it also promotes thinking and learning, maths, cooperation skills, life and social skills, and tactile and motor development. It supports developmental skills such as FINE MOTOR SKILLS and hand-eye coordination. Plus it improves self-confidence and boosts self-esteem by providing a sense of achievement when your child solves a problem or knows the answer. It inspires conversations and develops MATHEMATICS, too. The Grab It! – Mathematics Lab toy also helps with problem-solving abilities by encouraging your child to concentrate, and it encourages hand-eye coordination, so it’s great for developing FINE MOTOR SKILLS. Another great thing about this game is that it promotes visual perception skills because children have to choose the correct number and match it with the correct picture. Plus it’s designed with bright colors and paired numbers to help teach children how to count, so it’s a great educational tool that can be used as early as preschool!

7. BEST LEARNING i-Poster My World Interactive Map - Educational Talking...

BEST LEARNING i-Poster My World Interactive Map - Educational Talking...
  • MULTI AWARDS WINNING FUN LEARNING TOY - Family Choice, Mom's Choice Gold Metal & Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner, and Creative Child Kids Product of the Year Winner! The most popular interactive smart educational talking world map poster.
  • QUALITY improvement by adding a fabric frame all around; Hang on a wall; Play on the floor or use as a colorful play mat.
  • EXPLORE and LEARN capital cities and countries with their flags, population, languages spoken in each country, important landmarks, fun facts with volume control; Over 1000 facts and questions about the globe we live in.
What we like: My World Interactive Map is a fun and interactive way to learn about the world around us. The map has over 1000 facts and questions that keep kids on their toes as they sit and play on the floor or on top of the map. They can also hang it on the wall, so it’s available for use anytime they feel like learning new things. It has great color and design, making it easier to see countries and capitals.

8. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera, Voice &...

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera, Voice &...
  • LOOK, LISTEN & LEARN: It's a safari viewing adventure with the GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera! Perfect for animal loving kids to view high-resolution images while learning cool facts from Robert Irwin
  • FEATURING PHOTOGRAPHY & VOICE OF ROBERT IRWIN: Robert Irwin, Wildlife Warrior from Australia Zoo, is ready to take you on a photo safari adventure and share cool facts using some of his own photography
  • 130 BUILT-IN HD IMAGES & OVER 200+ FACTS/QUIZZES: View amazing wildlife images up close that are built-in right inside the camera! The Talking Wildlife Camera includes 2 modes of play that feature over 120 fun facts and 120 quiz questions! Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
What we like: We could not get enough of this camera! Robert Irwin is so much fun to listen to and I love his photography too. The kids are enjoying the camera even more than we are. It’s so easy for them to use and they get so excited when they find new animals. The only downside is that the camera was a bit difficult for us to set up on our own. Other than that, not much bad about it at all! We’re having a great time with the camera and love hearing stories of new animals from Robert Irwin!

9. Hape Mighty Hammer Domino | Double -Sided Wooden Ball Domino Set for Kids...

Hape Mighty Hammer Domino | Double -Sided Wooden Ball Domino Set for Kids...
  • ROBOT HAMMER: As the ball collides with the robot hammer, its potential energy is released, and more dominoes topple. There are movements and surprises at every stage of this kid’s toy
  • INTERACTIVE KIDS TOY: The transparent tunnel reveals the running process of balls. Watch the whole process from start to finish!
  • WATCH THE DOMINO EFFECT: Momentum is carried through the course by the momentum wheel, dominoes and the wooden ball. When the ball reaches the end, a finishing flag pops up for a dramatic ending as your last domino falls
What we like: Among many other things, this toy may help promote physical activity in children. The Mighty Hammer Domino is a fun and hands-on experience for children and their parents to interact and learn together. This toy will be a great gift idea for any kid aged four onwards!

10. Blocks Rock! A STEM Toy and Educational Game for Competitive Structured...

Blocks Rock! A STEM Toy and Educational Game for Competitive Structured...
  • STEM EDUCATIONAL GAME: Blocks Rock! is competitive structured block play for kids. Players compete to build a wooden block structure. A fun STEM game for boys & girls ages 4 years old and up.
  • GROUND-BREAKING STUDY: Scientifically proven with MRI brain scans to improve spatial thinking & mental rotation in a 2016 research study by Indiana University's School of Psychology & Brain Sciences.
  • TEACHER BENEFITS: Structured play is an opportunity to engage students in small or large groups. A great STEM toy for free time station activity.
What we like: Blocks rock! A STEM toy and educational game for competitive structured block play. It is best to use it on days you don’t have work. Kids who play with this enjoy it because they get to be competitive and also try to improve their mental thinking skills. Teachers like this too because it is a way to get kids engaged in small groups or large groups, or just free time stations. You can get family members together when you play this game too, so unplug the TV and come here instead!

Recap: Stem Toys for 4 Year Olds

In our opinion, the best toys for 4 year olds are those that foster creativity and exploration. The problem with many toys is they only teach a single skill or concept, but don’t engage kids in other ways. With so much information out there about what’s right for your child, it can be difficult to know where to start. But if you have a little bit of extra time on your hands and want to give children some quality playtime without spending too much money then we recommend giving these STEM Toys a try!

Why Should I Buy Stem Toys for 4 Year Olds?

• STEM Toys provide a more interactive and experiential way for kids to play • These toys not only teach them new skills, but they also inspire their curiosity while doing so • They can develop and use all of the following: math, science, language arts, and social sciences • It’s expensive to buy high quality toys on an ongoing basis

Why are STEM toys good for 4 Year Olds

STEM toys help to cultivate a child’s creativity and encourage play that teaches skills such as math, science, language arts and social sciences. STEM toys also teach about different types of machinery which can spark an interest in engineering when they get older. Children 4-5 years old explore with their hands in unique ways and by experimenting, exploring, and playing in a safe environment (which is not available at any other period of development) they learn how to problem-solve without any stress or fear of failure; this prepares them for elementary school. Furthermore, it’s difficult for parents to keep up with the high demand for more elaborate fashionable “toys” which are low on educational value but pricey because young children quickly get bored with them. STEM Toys are the type of “open-ended” toys that help to fix this issue.

What does STEM stand for?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

What are the disadvantages of STEM education of 4 Year olds?

One of the disadvantages of STEM education for 4 year olds is that it relies on both parent and child to participate in activities with little guidance. This is not always easy for busy parents or children who are easily distracted. As children get older they will need to be more independent, and with STEM there isn’t always a clear end goal or instructions on what to do next.

Are STEM toys good for autism?

No. For kids on the autism spectrum, it can be hard to deal with abstract science and technology concepts in a traditional school setting without any guidance or direction in what they should do next. This means STEM toys may not offer enough of an interactive and hands-on opportunity for autistic children.

What are the benefits of STEM education of 4 Year olds?

One of the benefits of STEM education for 4 year olds is that it focuses on creative thinking while developing skills in math, science, language arts, and social sciences. Another benefit is that it teaches children how to problem solve which will help them in elementary school and beyond.

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