Top 10 Toys under $40

Parents and grandparents really try to find some special toy for their little ones. Our Top 10 Toys under $40 list help you to see which toys within this price range were picked by our evaluation team or parents and teachers as the best quality playthings. Our children toys under $40 come from different categories of interest, but feature a few things in common: amazing learning and play value and superb quality. These games, playsets, activity toys, 3D puzzles will bring lots of satisfaction from gift giving to parents, and lots of fun from playing to kids of all ages! 

  1. Race Cars Garage Toddler Activity Playset

    $25.99    Sale $9.13
  2. Jumbo Dinosaurs Set 2 Dino Figurines 5 pc Playset

    $34.99    Sale $15.99
  3. Countdown to Christmas Kids Advent Calendar

    $19.99    Sale $9.09
  4. John Deere Kids Fishing Pole Playset

    $21.99    Sale $19.99
  5. Rainbow Peg Play Activity Set

    $19.99    Sale $16.98
  6. World Map Foam Puzzle

    $29.99    Sale $20.98
  7. Shape Sorting Presents Learning Play Set

  8. Disgusting Science Kit

    $23.99    Sale $9.73
  9. Chicken & Egg Stacker Baby Activity Toy

    $19.99    Sale $16.88
  10. Chef Costume Role Play Set

    $29.99    Sale $22.49