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Top 10 Toys for 5-6 Grade

By 5-6 grade your children get older and the toys for them get cooler! Our Top 10 Toys for 5-6 Grade contains really great children products for this age group. Science kits, electronic toys, strategy games, 3D puzzles and more exciting playthings are on our Top 10 Toys for 5-6 Grade list. The toys in our Listmart’s categories are carefully sorted by the team of educational professionals and are based on reviews of the pediatric experts, teachers and parental organizations that Educational Toys Planet constantly work with. Excellence in quality, educational and entertaining value are the decisive factors in such choice. Toys’ popularity among consumers is the lever that makes Top 10 Toys for 5-6 Grade category up to date and dynamic. And, by the way, adults might have lots of fun playing with these toys, too!

  1. # 1

    Elegant Fashion Catwalk Creations Sewing Kit

  2. # 2

    4D Vision Frog Anatomy Model

  3. # 3

    Build Doodling Robot Fun Science Kit

  4. # 4

    Human Heart Anatomy Life Size 4D Deluxe Model

  5. # 5

    GeoSafari Omega Reflector Deluxe Telescope

  6. # 6

    Build Solar Energy AM/FM Radio Science Kit

  7. # 7

    Green Rocket Recycle Science Kit

    $14.97    Sale $11.97
  8. # 8

    Kids First Biology Science Set

  9. # 9

    Electronic Playground 50 Learning Center

  10. # 10

    Air + Water Power Plus Deluxe Science Kit