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Top 10 Arts and Crafts Kits

  1. # 1

    Deluxe Sparkle Tattoo Parlor Girls Craft Kit

  2. # 2

    Famous Painting Art Kit - Red Studio by Matisse

    $29.97    Sale $14.97
  3. # 3

    Sticky Mosaics I Love Horses Girls Craft Kit

  4. # 4

    Sparkle Bands Stick n Style Girls Fashion Craft Kit

  5. # 5

    Plush Craft Butterfly Pillow Girls Craft Kit

  6. # 6

    Forever Bracelets Girls Deluxe Bracelet Craft Kit

  7. # 7

    Coloring Play Castle Playhouse

  8. # 8

    Origami Craft Book Kit

  9. # 9

    Easy Spin Pottery Wheel Pottery Making Kit

  10. # 10

    Crochet Art Kids Craft Kit


Pencils, stickers, paint and clay keep the boredom away! Top 10 Arts and Crafts Kits feature the superb quality artistic playthings that will inspire your children’s creativity, imagination and enhance craft skills. Our Top 10 Arts and Crafts Kits present dynamic selection of the best creative products on the toy market. The Top 10 Arts and Crafts Kits were tested by children, parents, educators, and doctors. These arts and crafts toys got the best reviews and ratings both from our evaluation team and consumer reports. See which of these art and craft kits will motivate your young artist to design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.