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Solar Science Kits

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  1. Solar Science Mini Kit - 6 in 1 Model Building Set
  2. T4 Transforming Solar Robot 4 Models Building Set
  3. 14-in-1 Solar Robot Building Science Kit
  4. Solar System Solar Power Motorized Model Craft
  5. Solar Car Building Science Kit
  6. Solar Boat Building Science Kit
  7. Solar Mechanics Science Kit

    Solar Mechanics Science Kit

    $35.95 Sale $26.99
  8. Build Solar Power Helicopter Science Kit
  9. Build Solar Energy AM/FM Radio Science Kit
  10. Power House Sustainable Living Science Kit
  11. Physics Solar Workshop Construction Science Kit
  12. Fuel Cell 10 - Car & Experiment Kit

    Fuel Cell 10 - Car & Experiment Kit

    $199.95 Sale $136.65
  13. Solar Power Science Kit

    Solar Power Science Kit

    $49.95 Sale $16.66
  14. GeoSafari Solar Rover Solar Energy Science Toy
  15. Solar Rover Robot Building Green Science Kit
  16. Lookatool Mini Wind Powered Toy DIY Car Kit Children Educational Gadget Hobby Funny
  17. Award Winning
    Solar Science Kits
  18. Juesi Solar Powered Flower Animal Dancing Swinging Animated Office Desk Window Dancer Toy Car Windowsill Decoration Novelty Action Figuers Toys Birthday Gift for Kids Adults
  19. khkadiwb DIY ToysDIY Solar Power Rotating Base Windmill Wind Turbine Model Desktop Science Toy - White DIY Assembling Beautiful Decor Durable Kids' Gift
  20. Home-X Solar Dancing Santa and Snowman
  21. heaven2017 Solar Dog Toy Swinging Bobble Doll Car Interior Ornament Gift
  22. Thanks giving Solar Powered Dancing Assorment--1 Turkey and 2 Pilgrams
  23. The Solar System Solar Kit
  24. Solar Made Solar Electric House Kit for Science Fair Projects
  25. Juesi Solar Powered Dancing Toy Swinging Animated Dancer Toy Car Decoration Bobble Head Toy for Kids (Swing Monkey)
  26. MeiBoAll Car Dashboard Ornament 3pcs Christmas Car Decor Shaking Head Figures Solar Powered Snowman Santa Claus Doll Toy Ornament Auto Dancing Bobbleheads for Dashboard Decoration Mixed
  27. Solar Powered Dancing Bear
  28. Solar Science Kits
    Currently on Sale
  29. Giftbrit Dancing Monkey Solar Powered Solar Pal
  30. Solar Powered Motion Owl Toy
  31. GXOK Mini Solar Powered Swinging Cute Animal for Car Decoration Shaking Head Decoration Cute Little Animal Toy for Car (Color B)
  32. Greenbrier Solar Dancing Musician - Crocodile
  33. Ouniman Solar Powered Dancing Toys Christmas Santa Solar Dancing Doll Deer Snowman Car Swinging Toys Car Windowsill Decoration Adults Gift Car Dashboard Office Home Desk Decor (Snowman(Black Hat))
  34. YTQ Solar Powered Dancing Flower Sunflower Office Desk & Car Decor
  35. DYNWAVE Solar Powered Dancing Toy Bobbling Fortune Cat Toy Car Desk Decorative Ornament Solar Toy Home Desk Dancer Car Bobble Decoration - B
  36. Fdit Assemble Solar Energy Powered Aircraft Solar Powered Plane Toy 3D Wooden Helicopter Aircraft Woodcraft Toy 3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Construction Kit
  37. TEDCO Solar Bead Science Fun (Age 8+) - Learn About UV Light While Making Your Special Bracelet!
  38. KODORIA 2pcs Solar Powered Dancing Toys Swinging Animated Bobble Head Dancer Toy Car Decor Ornament Frog + Shark
  39. FAMKIT Solar Energy Windmill Toy for Kids Mini Science Teaching Tool Home Decoration
  40. Bobble Head Toys Car Interior Decoration Solar Power Shaking Figure Solar Swinging Christmas Tree Dancing for Cars and Home Decoration Christmas Interior Kids Toys Gift 105x5x 5 cm
  41. ygmoner Solar Dancing Powered Dancing Dolls Swinging Animated Dancer (Angel)
  42. DINGJIN 1 Pcs Solar Dancing Toy Animal Solar Powered Dancing Solar Powered Dancing Dolls Swinging Animated Bobble Dancer Toy Car Decor
  43. Streamline Solar Shake Your Bones Skeleton Set of 2
  44. Jeash Solar Powered Dancing Swinging Animated Dancer Toy Car Windowsill Decoration New (D)
  45. Adorable ~ Smiling Happy Face ~ Orange Yellow Sunny Doll on a Beach Island ~ Solar Toy Perfect Home Car Decor
  46. 14 in 1 Solar Robot kit Educational Solar Power Robot Canada
  47. Ktyssp Solar Car DIY Toy Set Solar Powered Car Kit Educational Science for Kid
  48. Rubyyouhe8 DecorationDIY OrnamentCute Cartoon Pig Solar Powered Swing Toy Car Dashboard Ornament Home Desk DecorDisplay Model
  49. Solar Swinging Christmas Tree Car Interior Decoration Solar Power Shaking Figure Christmas Bobble Head Toys Desktop Dancing Toys 105x5x5cm
  50. Gbell Solar Powered Grasshopper Mini Shaking RobotSolar Powered Toy Gadget Educational Gift for KidsAdults (Green)
  51. RICH-Po Graduation Project Sealed Analog Circuit Intelligent DIY Push Type Magnetic Levitation
  52. STEM Solar Toys 3 in 1 Transforming Robot Kit DIY Dinosaurs Insect Educational Toys Building Learning Science Set Gift for Boys 8-12
  53. Car Solar Airplane Aromatherapy solar power makes the propeller of the aircraft rotate silently aircraft model used for interior decoration of automobile offices (SLIVER)
  54. Solar Chihuahua Dancing Random Color/Style [1 pc Random]
  55. Iuhan Solar Powered Bobble Head Toy Dancing Animal Swinging Animated Bobble Dancer Toy Car Decor Cat (B)
  56. Anyren Solar Powered Cockroach Robot Toy Solar Powered Toy Educational Toy Science Kit Creative Trick Gadget Gift for Kids
  57. Highpot New Solar Powered Swinging Dancing Flower Animated Dancer Toy Car Decoration (random)
  58. Fischertechnik Solar Power Building Kit
  59. Solar Powered Dancing Christmas Snowman with Blue Mittens
  60. smallwoodi 9 Planets Toy Model DIY Solar System 9 Major Planets Toy Students School Experiment Project Model Birthday Gift
  61. Lorchwise Solar Powered Dancing Animal Swinging Animated Bobble Dancer Toy Car Decor Kids Toys Gift ABS
  62. Ouniman Dancing Solar Toys 26 Styles Solar Dancing Flower Cactus Solar Powered Toys Car Swinging Dancing Toy Car Windowsill Decoration Holiday Car Dashboard Office Home Desk Decor (E)
  63. Jeash Solar Powered Dancing Swinging Animated Dancer Toy Car Windowsill Decoration New (Red)
  64. Solar Kayaker and Solar Bikini Woman Set of Two
  65. AMOUSTORE Parallel Ping Pong Paddle Set with Retractable Net - 2 Table Tennis Rackets -3 Balls for Any Desk Indoor or Outdoor Play (Multicolor)
  66. VXB Brand Solar Power Powered Toy Car Kit STEM DIY 80x75x32mm
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Items 1 - 64 of 586 total

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Dive into solar energy with the fascinating science projects from the Solar Science Kits section. Designed by the prominent toy manufacturers as Thames & Kosmos, Smart Lab, 4M, Scientific Explorer, OWI, Elenco, and others, these science kits bring hands-on exploration of the alternative energy sources and green science. Create your own solar powered robots, solar cars and boats, experiment with the sun powered windmills and waterwheels, make planets rotate around Sun in the solar system model, conduct experiments related to solar energy, and more! Learn how solar cells transform light into electrical energy, and how motors and mechanical devices can optimize the work done by this energy. And do what matters in these toys the most: have tons of fun!