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Science Fair Projects

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  1. Gyrobot Robot Building Gyroscopes Science Kit
  2. Windmill Generator Green Science Kit
  3. Smart Robot Fun Science Kit

    Smart Robot Fun Science Kit

    $14.99 Sale $12.00
  4. Build Tin Can Robot Green Science Kit
  5. Build Doodling Robot Fun Science Kit
  6. Bubble Science Kids Lab Kit

    Bubble Science Kids Lab Kit

    $12.99 Sale $8.15
  7. Dynamo Circuit Board Green Science Kit
  8. Table Top Robot Science Kit

    Table Top Robot Science Kit

    $15.99 Sale $10.50
  9. Tin Can Calculator Green Science Kit
  10. Enviro Battery Green Energy Science Kit
  11. Crystal Growing Science Experiments Kit
  12. Gross Science Lab Kids Science Kit
  13. Solar Mechanics Science Kit

    Solar Mechanics Science Kit

    $35.95 Sale $26.99
  14. Simple Machines Physics Science Kit
  15. Crystal Growing Fun Science Kit
  16. Electricity & Magnetism Science Kit
  17. Award Winning
    Science Fair Projects Toys
  18. Solar Boat Building Science Kit
  19. Solar Car Building Science Kit
  20. Air + Water Power Plus Deluxe Science Kit
  21. Electricity Master Lab Deluxe Science Kit
  22. 14-in-1 Solar Robot Building Science Kit
  23. Ultralight Airplanes Gliders Building Science Kit
  24. Botany Greenhouse Kids First Science Kit
  25. Eco Battery Vehicles Construction Science Kit
  26. Gyroscopes & Flywheels Building Science Kit
  27. Catapults & Crossbows Building Science Kit
  28. Science Fair Projects Toys
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  29. Structural Engineering Bridges & Skyscrapers Science Kit
  30. Potato Clock Science Experiment Kit
  31. Crystals, Rocks & Minerals Science Kit
  32. Disgusting Science Kit

    Disgusting Science Kit

    $23.99 Sale $9.73
  33. Chem C500 Chemistry Science Kit
  34. Hydropower Energy Science Kit
  35. Power House Sustainable Living Science Kit
  36. Genetics & DNA Science Kit
  37. Physics Workshop Science Kit

    Physics Workshop Science Kit

    $32.95 Sale $20.60
  38. Intro to Engineering Kids First Science Kit
  39. Wind Power Energy Science Kit
  40. Electronics Learning Circuits Science Kit
  41. Remote Control Machines Science Kit

    Remote Control Machines Science Kit

    $84.95 Sale $48.00
  42. Air + Water Power Science Kit
  43. Optical Science & Art Science Kit
  44. Water Cleaning Science Kit
  45. Solar Rover Robot Building Green Science Kit
  46. Lemon Clock Science Party Favor
  47. Cosmic Rocket Kids Science Kit
  48. Kitchen Science Kids Lab

    Kitchen Science Kids Lab

    $12.99 Sale $4.79
  49. Magnet Science Kit for Kids

    Magnet Science Kit for Kids

    $12.99 Sale $11.23
  50. Kids Volcano Making Science Kit
  51. Magnetic Science Experiment Kit
  52. Physics Pro Science Kit
  53. Physics Discovery Science Kit
  54. Solar Power Science Kit

    Solar Power Science Kit

    $49.95 Sale $16.66
  55. Green Energy 3 in 1 KidzLabs Combo Science Kit
  56. Solar Plane Mobile Green Science Kit
  57. Smart Cleaner Robot Building Kit
  58. KidzLabs Volcano & Crystal Mining Combo Science Kit
  59. Air Power Racer Building Science Kit

57 items

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Science Fair in the air? Science fair projects open new science topics and fields for children of different ages, encourage kids to ask questions and find answers, teach children about scientific method, inspire to experiment and observe, challenge young scientists to present their experiments, and brings parents and children together. In preparation for the science fair, one of the major questions is what topic to choose for child’s project. Educational Toys Planet brings the science kits to help children, parents and teachers find some Science Fair Projects ideas. Find interesting kits that explore bio science, chemistry, environmental science, physics, mechanics, botany and more areas of science. These science kits will work for the elementary, middle, or high school science projects. and give you the last-minute science fair experiment idea.