Kids Decorating

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  1. Paint Pet Bowls Craft Kit
  2. Build a Pirate Ship Craft Kit
  3. Paint Tea Set Craft Kit for Girls
  4. Jazzy Gel Candles Making Craft Kit
  5. Sparkle Bands Stick n Style Girls Fashion Craft Kit
  6. Wood Wonders Ultimate Craft Kit
  7. Tots Art Gallery Toddler Craft Kit
  8. PlushCraft Owl Pal Pillow Girls Craft
  9. Glitter Menorah & Dreidel Hanukkah Craft
  10. Giant Knights' Castle Cardboard Playset
  11. PlushCraft BFF Pillow Picture Frame Craft
  12. Duct Tape Tote Craft Kit

    Duct Tape Tote Craft Kit

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  13. PlushCraft Colorful Owl 3D Fabric Craft Kit
  14. Decorate Your Own Wooden Treasure Chest Kids Craft
  15. Build a Schooner Ship Craft Kit
  16. PlushCraft Cuddly Cat Pillow Girls Craft
  17. Toy Mailbox Wooden Play Set
  18. PlushCraft Rainbow Pillow Craft Kit
  19. The Little Prince Planet Mobile Craft Kit
  20. Decorate Your Own Wooden Heart Box Girls Craft
  21. Sticky Mosaics Blinglets - Bracelets Craft Kit
  22. Kids Tag Engraver Craft Kit
  23. PlushCraft Whale Pillow Girls Craft
  24. Tape & Make Color with Tape Craft Kit
  25. Ultimate Hair Accessories Salon Deluxe Craft Kit for Girls
  26. Porcelain Painting Craft Kit
  27. Lacing Peacock Manipulative Activity Toy
  28. Jewelry Box Sticky Mosaics Craft Kit
  29. Genuine Leather Lacing Creativity Set & Book
  30. My First Scrapbook Preschool Kids Craft Kit
  31. PlushCraft Heart Pillow Girls Craft Kit
  32. Greeting Cards Making Craft Kit
  33. PlushCraft Pony Pillow Girls Craft
  34. Decorate Wooden Race Car Craft Kit
  35. 8 Colors Masking Tapes Craft Set
  36. Tapeffiti Decorative Craft Tape - 6 pc Set
  37. Deluxe Duct Tape Craft Kit - Duct Tape Party
  38. Decorate Your Own Wooden Jewelry Box
  39. Decorate Wooden Train Craft Kit
  40. Pretty Me Jewelry Box and Mirror Decorating Craft Kit
  41. Kids Volcano Making Science Kit
  42. PlushCraft Penguin Pillow Girls Craft
  43. Make Wind Chimes Craft Kit
  44. PlushCraft Hedgehog Pillow Girls Craft
  45. PlushCraft Ladybug Pillow Girls Craft Kit
  46. PlushCraft Bunny 3D Fabric Craft Kit
  47. Giant Art Jar Craft Kit
  48. PlushCraft Foxy Pillow Girls Craft Kit
  49. PlushCraft Raccoon 3D Fabric Craft Kit
  50. Make Wind Chime Bells Girls Craft Kit
  51. PlushCraft Unicorn Pillow Girls Craft
  52. My Collage Farm - Farm Animals Craft Kit
  53. Lacing Lion Manipulative Activity Toy
  54. Decorate Your Headphones Girls Craft Kit
  55. Beeswax Candles - Candle Making Craft Kit and Book
  56. Plush Craft Cupcake Pillow Girls Craft Kit
  57. Sticky Mosaics Happily Ever After Jewelry Box
  58. Airbrush Spray Paint T-Shirt Decorating Craft Kit
  59. PlushCraft Kitten Club 3D Fabric Craft Kit
  60. Solar System Model Craft Kit
  61. Ballet Jewelry Box Girls Craft Kit
  62. Tape All Day 8 Sticker Craft Tape Set
  63. Origami Decorations Creative Kids Craft
  64. Tots Art Start Toddler Craft Kit
  65. PlushCraft Wiener Dog Pillow Girls Craft
  66. Plush Craft Butterfly Pillow Girls Craft Kit
  67. Heart Candles Make & Decorate Craft Kit
  68. PlushCraft Personalized Pillow Girls Craft Kit
  69. PlushCraft Puppy Pack 3D Fabric Craft Kit

69 items

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When our children do some kids decorating crafts they also learn to bring joy for someone they love. Teach the art of giving as your children make their special gifts with their own hands. Either your child will paint ceramic piggy bank or racing car bank, decorate the door plaque or princess mirror, design your own picture frame or porcelain cup, all these kids decorating crafts will make her/him feel better about themselves. The craft kits from Kids Decorating section also feature wonderful items that can turn into your kid’s room décor accessories, or can be proudly displayed for family and friends. Plant seeds of artistic vision in your child’s mind, so he/she can see the beauty of the world around us, recognize and appreciate works of art. All kinds of children arts and crafts help to reach this goal and at the same time develop creative thinking and motor skills. Kids decorating projects help children to express themselves and build their self-esteem.