Pirate Toys for 5 Year Olds – Exciting and Adventure-Filled Fun

Welcome to Educational Toys Planet’s selection of Pirate Toys for 5 Year Olds! Here you can find the perfect playtime companion for your little buccaneer. From wooden pirate ships to realistic pirate action figures, our selection has something that will bring out the pirate in every 5 year old. Let them explore the world of adventure with pirate-themed art supplies and puzzles! With our range of pirate toys, your 5 year old will be captivated for hours. Browse our collection today and start sailing the seven seas for the perfect pirate toy!
  1. Sea Legs: Balance Yer Mateys Game

    Sea Legs: Balance Yer Mateys Game
    We be sailin’ to a place of imagination with Don’t Rock The Boat. This pirate-themed game for 2-4 little scallywags aged 5+ encourages cooperation and motor skills, as the players balance their mateys on a swaying ship without causing any of them to go overboard. It’s an engaging, educational way to pass the time with yer friends and family. Best of all, it helps teach ’em important lessons about working together while also having fun! Aye, one potential shortcoming is that young pirates may find the boat too unsteady and difficult to balance the pieces; however, after some practice they’re sure to be pros at finding their sea legs in no time. Whether you’re looking for a swashbuckling good time or just want to teach yer kids how t’ work together, Don’t Rock The Boat makes it possible—arrgh!
  2. Exploratory Pirate Toys for Kids 3+

    Exploratory Pirate Toys for Kids 3+
    We all know that being a pirate is an adventurous journey! So make sure your 5-year-old is prepared with Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars. These binoculars are designed specifically for toddlers and kids, making them the perfect stocking stuffer for both boys and girls aged three and up. With these binoculars, they can explore the world around them with science! Plus, they’re easy to carry along on any imaginary pirate voyage. The only downside is that the lenses are plastic instead of glass — but it’s not like real pirates used glass lenses! With Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars, your five-year-old can set sail on their own ocean of exploration without ever leaving home. Sailing away from shore will be as easy as looking through their new binoculars — so go ahead and wave goodbye to boredom!
  3. Pop Up Pirate Family Fun

    Pop Up Pirate Family Fun
    We love TOMY Pop Up Pirate Game for its swashbucklin’ fun! Your 5 year old will never get tired of their pirate-themed family game nights with this one. With two to six players, everyone gets a chance to participate and take part in the fun. This pirate game has a great design that pops up the pirates when you least expect it, making it truly unpredictable. Plus, it’s easy to set up! The only issue is that some parents are concerned about how often the pieces need to be replaced as they can tend to wear out with continued play. But if your 5 year old takes good care of the pieces, this pirate game should stay entertaining for a long time. TOMY Pop Up Pirate Game is perfect for getting the whole family together and having some pirate-themed fun! Whether you’re playing on your own or with friends and family, this game will give you plenty of laughs and lasting memories of your time together.
  4. Pirate Adventure Costume Set (5-7)

    Pirate Adventure Costume Set (5-7)
    We’ve got the perfect costume for your kids to explore their inner pirate! Our Spooktacular Creation Boys Pirate Costume for Kids Deluxe Costume Set is a six-piece set that includes a pirate hat, bandanna, eyepatch and sword. It’s sure to make any five year old feel like they’re part of a grand adventure. The included accessories are detailed and of great quality – perfect for dress-up or Halloween! The downside is that the size range it covers is only 5-7 years old so it won’t last very long as your kids grow up. But in the meantime, they’ll have plenty of time to play pirates with their friends and transform into swashbuckling buccaneers.This Pirate Costume for Kids Deluxe Set will give your five year olds everything they need to embark on new adventures in no time at all. They’ll be ready to take on any opponent with just a wave of their trusty sword!
  5. KidKraft Pirate Ship Play Set

    KidKraft Pirate Ship Play Set
    We all know how exciting it can be to journey across the seven seas in search of buried treasure! With this KidKraft Adventure Bound™ Wooden Pirate Ship Play Set, your 5 year old will have their very own high-seas experience. The set includes pirate figures, cannons that light up and make sound, and other creative pieces that will inspire hours of imaginative playtime. The 8 pieces included encourage cooperative play, allowing multiple children to join in the fun. Though this set requires a bit of assembly to get started, once it’s been assembled your child can explore buried treasures while they bask in the thrill of being a real pirate! Plus, with its durable construction and attractive design you can be sure that this pirate themed playset will provide endless hours of fun for years to come. So if you’re looking for a great way for your 5 year old to explore the world of piracy with their friends then this KidKraft Adventure Bound™ Wooden Pirate Ship Play Set is just what you need! It’s sure to provide them with plenty of adventures out on the seas without ever having to leave home.
  6. KidKraft Pirate Ship Play Set

    KidKraft Pirate Ship Play Set
    We’ve found the perfect pirate toy for 5 year olds! The KidKraft Pirate’s Cove Wooden Ship Play Set with Lights and Sounds, Pirates and 17-Piece Accessories is sure to get their imaginations running wild. This set comes complete with a pirate’s ship that lights up, realistic sound effects (including cannon shots) and plenty of accessories like cannons and treasure chests. Plus, it has an adjustable mast height so kids can create their own adventures as they grow. The only potential shortcoming we can see is that the set is rated for ages 3+, so our 5 year old may have outgrown it by the time they’re ready to move onto something else. All in all, this pirate play set will provide hours of fun for your young buccaneer! It’ll help them explore new worlds in a safe environment where their creativity can be encouraged.
  7. Finebely 3in1 Pirate Building Set 260PCS

    Finebely 3in1 Pirate Building Set 260PCS
    We’ve found a great pirate-themed toy set for 5 year olds! The Finebely 3in1 Pirate Ship Building Set with Treasure Island offers hours of fun and creative play. Kids can build their own pirate ship, complete with a slide and seesaw, plus a treasure island outpost. It also includes toy pirates– they’ll have an adventure as they explore the sea. As an added bonus, it can help little ones develop fine motor skills and learn about shapes, geometry and engineering. The only downside is that the pirate ship takes some time to assemble, so you may want to do it together with your child. This pirate-themed playset is sure to provide hours of imaginative play for any seafaring 5 year old!
  8. Pirate Adventure Family Fun Game

    Pirate Adventure Family Fun Game
    We’ve found the perfect pirate toy for your 5-year old! The Treasure Hunt Game for Kids Outdoor Indoor Pirate Games – Scavenger Hunt Game is an exciting and engaging way to get kids out and about, exploring their environment and having fun. With a series of puzzles and activities, this game is sure to keep kids entertained for hours. It promises creative problem-solving, coordination skills, teamwork and socialization. Plus, it’s just plain fun! The only possible shortcoming of this product may be its age rating – it’s recommended for children 3-8 years old. However, if your 5 year old is a particularly confident player or has older siblings to team up with them, they’ll still be able to join in the fun! At the end of the day, when you give them this game you can feel confident that your little one is getting quality outdoor playtime that helps them stay active while also teaching valuable skills like communication, problem solving, and cooperation. Who knows – maybe tomorrow they’ll set off on their own pirate adventure!
  9. Pirate Ship Play Tent: Adventure Sail

    Pirate Ship Play Tent: Adventure Sail
    We’ve found the perfect pirate toy for 5 year olds! Our Pirate Ship Play Tent Playhouse is an exceptional way to bring some pirate adventure into your child’s life. This pop up fort is great for imaginative indoor and outdoor adventures, as it transforms any area into a play castle. The bright colors, pirate ship design and included accessories will provide hours of entertainment for your little one. The only downside to this pirate toy is that it must be assembled before use. However, the setup process is not overly difficult and the instructions are included with purchase. This Pirate Ship Play Tent Playhouse offers a unique way to stimulate your child’s imagination and encourage exploration of their inner world. It’s also a great tool for facilitating imaginative play with friends or siblings!
  10. Pirate Ship Building Set Toy

    Pirate Ship Building Set Toy
    We’ve found a pirate ship building set that’s perfect for budding buccaneers aged 6-12! This 167 piece construction toy includes boats and ships, plus a cannon – so kids can let their imaginations sail away as they create their own adventures. Not only is it fun, the set helps to hone problem-solving and fine motor skills in the process. But despite being great for kids, pieces can be small and may require adult supervision for younger children. This pirate ship set is sure to bring out the swashbuckling side of any child! It will help them to let loose their creativity while also honing key skills – so you know it’s a gift that won’t just be fun but beneficial too.
  11. Pirate Toy Cape Set for Kids

    Pirate Toy Cape Set for Kids
    We’re excited to introduce you to the umu Pirate Toy Cape Set for Kids! This pirate costume set is packed with 22 pieces of pretend play accessories, including a wooden sword, belt, eye patch, fake plastic coins and more! Perfect for imaginative role playing, this set is sure to provide hours of fun for five year old pirates. It’s great for Halloween costumes, dress-up parties or just a regular day of pretend play. The only shortcoming might be the plastic coins and some other small parts that could pose a choking hazard if not monitored carefully. Overall, this fun pirate costume set is an ideal way to get your five year old excited about playtime and let them explore their wildest imagination. We know they’ll have plenty of adventures with this one!
  12. 3in1 Deep Sea Creature Set

    3in1 Deep Sea Creature Set
    We’ve found the perfect toy for your little pirates! The LEGO Creator 3in1 Deep Sea Creatures 31088 Building Toy Set for Kids, Boys and Girls Ages 7+ has everything they need to explore the depths of their own imaginations. With 230 pieces, kids can construct three deep-sea creatures and even mix and match parts to invent their own creations. They’ll appreciate the detailed instructions that come with the set, so they can quickly start building right away! This pirate-inspired toy is sure to bring hours of creative fun. But one potential drawback is that it’s aimed at ages 7+. Younger children may find it a bit challenging to build by themselves – but with a bit of supervising help, they can unlock all the possibilities this set has to offer. With LEGO Creator 3in1 Deep Sea Creature Building Toy Set, your kids will be ready to take on any pirate adventure! It’s also great for building confidence as they get better at assembling pieces and creating something out of nothing. So why not let them experience the thrill of sailing across open waters in their very own deep sea creature creation?
  13. LeapTV Disney Pirate Adventure Game

    LeapTV Disney Pirate Adventure Game
    We have the perfect toy for your five year old pirate fan! Our LeapTV Disney Jake and The Never Land Pirates Educational, Active Video Game is designed to keep your little ones entertained, while also teaching them important lessons in mathematics and movement. They’ll be able to explore the enchanted island of Never Land with Jake and his crew of swashbuckling buccaneers as they embark on various math-based adventures. With levels that are tailored to your child’s individual learning level and progress, they will be able to gain mastery over challenging concepts as well as hone their motor skills. The only shortcoming of this video game is that it only works with a LeapTV system – not all gaming systems have this software installed. However, if you do have a compatible system at home, then you’ll be able to give your child an engaging experience full of pirate adventures! If you’re looking for a fun way to teach your five year old important lessons while letting them play with their favorite characters from Jake and The Never Land Pirates, then our LeapTV Disney Jake and The Never Land Pirates Educational, Active Video Game might be the perfect solution! So join Jake’s crew today – ahoy matey!
  14. Sailing Adventure Girls Boat Toys

    Sailing Adventure Girls Boat Toys
    We stumbled upon the perfect activity for five year olds that yearn to be pirates – HOGOKIDS Girls Ship Building Sets. With this Creative Friends Boat Toys set, kids can assemble their own boat, 2 dolphins and a harbor with building blocks; it’s hours of fun! They can also learn and improve their fine motor skills while creating the most imaginative adventures with these pieces. The only downside is that the pieces are tiny, so they need to be supervised when playing with them. This HOGOKIDS ship building set is an amazing way to dive into the pirate world by creating it yourself! It provides endless entertainment while also allowing children to develop their fine motor skills in a creative way – what more could one ask for?
  15. Dark Pirate Ship Puzzle

    Dark Pirate Ship Puzzle
    We found the perfect pirate toy for 5 year olds, The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles Glow In The Dark – Pirate Ship – 100 Piece Glow In The Dark Preschool Puzzle! This 3′ X 2′ puzzle comes with 100 pieces that glow in the dark, making it a fun and educational way to entertain your pirate-lover. Plus, it can help improve their problem solving, cognitive development, and fine motor skills. As an extra bonus, this toy teaches patience and perseverance as they construct their pirate ship piece by piece! One potential downside is that the pieces may be too small for kids who are still developing their fine motor skills; but overall this is a great choice for any little buccaneer. After all, what’s more fun than building a glowing pirate ship?
  16. Pirate Dress-up Kit for Kids

    Pirate Dress-up Kit for Kids
    We have found the perfect pirate-themed accessories for your little 5 year old – the GIFTEXPRESS 5-piece Halloween Pirate Costume Accessories set! This set has everything they need to feel like a real pirate, including a sword, compass, dagger, mask and gun. Let their imaginations run wild as they take on the role of captain or crew member of an imaginary ship. The costume pieces are made with quality materials and designed for comfort and durability so your child can enjoy countless hours of playtime adventure. The only downside to this set could be that it is designed only for children 5 years and older. So if you have a younger child who loves pirates just as much, you may want to look into other options. To wrap it up: if you’re looking for pirate-inspired fun and dress up adventures, the GIFTEXPRESS 5-piece Halloween Pirate Costume Accessories set is an ideal choice to bring out your little one’s inner buccaneer!

What types of pirate toys are suitable for 5 year olds?

A variety of pirate toys are available for 5 year olds. Depending on the child’s interests and preferences, there are pirate themed action figures, playsets, costumes, and dress-up accessories. Action figures may include pirate characters from movies and television shows, as well as pirate captains and crew members. Playsets provide a more interactive experience, as they often come with a variety of accessories and props that can be used to create pirate adventures. Costumes and dress-up accessories give children the opportunity to become their favorite pirate. Costumes may include pirate hats and eye patches, as well as swords, hooks, and other props.

Are pirate toys safe for 5 year olds?

Pirate toys are generally safe for 5 year olds, as long as the toys are age-appropriate. It is important to read the product’s age recommendation, as some pirate toys may be too advanced for younger children. Additionally, some pirate toys may include small parts or pieces that could pose a choking hazard, so it is important to inspect the toy before use and discard any small parts or pieces that could be potentially dangerous.

Are pirate toys educational?

Pirate toys can be educational, depending on the type of toy and the child’s interests. Many pirate-themed action figures and playsets come with accessories and props that can be used to learn about the pirate lifestyle, including sailing, navigation, and even basic economics. Costumes and dress-up accessories can also help children learn about the history of piracy, as well as the importance of safety at sea.

What types of pirate toys are available for 5 year olds?

Pirate toys for 5 year olds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from plastic swords and shields to pirate-themed games and puzzles. You can find pirate-themed action figures, dolls, playsets, and costumes for dress up. There are also plenty of pirate-themed books and videos, which can help to spark a child’s imagination and expand their knowledge of pirate culture. In addition, there are plenty of classic wooden pirate ship toys, as well as more modern pirate-themed toys like remote-controlled boats and pirate ships with lights and sound.

What are some of the benefits of playing with pirate toys?

Playing with pirate toys can be a great way for 5 year olds to develop cognitive skills and enhance their creativity. Pirate toys can encourage problem solving and help children learn to think logically. They can also help to develop social skills, as kids can work together to create stories and adventures with their pirate toys. Pirate toys can also help improve fine motor skills, as kids use their hands to move and manipulate the toys. Finally, pirate toys can also help to introduce kids to history and culture, as they learn about different pirate ships, flags, and customs.

What safety precautions should parents take when buying pirate toys?

When buying pirate toys for 5 year olds, it is important to check the age recommendation on the packaging. Pirate toys with small pieces should be avoided, as these could be a choking hazard. It is also important to make sure that the toys are made from non-toxic materials, as young children often put toys in their mouths. Parents should also consider the type of toy, as some pirate toys are designed for outdoor play and should be used with adult supervision. Finally, it is important to inspect the toys before giving them to a child, to make sure that all pieces are in good condition and that all pieces are securely attached.