Mind Blowing Science Toy – Demolition Lab for Kids

Boooom! Bam! Kids demolition lab is here! Demolition Lab for Kids – Triple Blast Warehouse by Smart Lab is an absolutely unique and really mind-blowing experimental kit for older children. This science toy from Educational Toys Planet is a building set, a science kit and a hands-on experimental lab. blog2 This awesome science toy allows children to construct the warehouse structures and demolish them with strategically placed blasters. The Demolition Lab for Kids – Triple Blast Warehouse brings the destruction to the erected warehouses, but constructive look into science behind these processes.
Kids will explore energy, momentum, gravity, physics and more! Building of the warehouse is an open-ended construction with the mix & match building pieces.
Demolition Lab for Kids – Triple Blast Warehouse features triple-blast detonator with sounds and 3 blasters, 36 wall panels, 17 floors/roof tops, 2 smokestacks, 2 trusses, 2 pipe bridges, 1 storage tank, footing clips, and detailed instructions. Requires 3 AA batteries (demo batteries included). Smart Lab’s demolition lab guarantees hours of educational destruction and destructional fun!