Lava lamp science project for young wizards

If you ask my kids about creating homemade lava lamps, they wouldn’t know what you are talking about. Now that my 9 year old is head over heels in world of Harry Potter books, everything must is tinged with a magic glow. So, occasionally, we just have to get a little bit of Hogwarts in our home with Harry Potter’s special classes. We had a full collection of them at his Let’s go magical! Wizard School party , and we are still getting some fun rampart magical lessons here and there. This time we had a Herbology class and the topic was Growing Magical Seaweed Bubble Nest.
I loved that all the supplies for this experiment were found in our kitchen, all of them were safe and easy enough for kids to handle. My kids were just mesmerized with the beautiful and colorful bubbles floating through.
Magical Supplies:

Weeping Willow Oil: any vegetable oil

Phoenix Tears: plain water

Pretty Clear Cauldron: empty water bottles, or a vase, or any other clear pitcher you don’t mind letting your kids experiment with Heartstring Juice, Ogre Saliva, Dragon Blood, Troll Pee: food coloring. For this one my kids were really enjoying coming up with names themselves. Note: food coloring drops coming straight from the jar is too dark and not fun at all. Diluting food coloring with water was a lot more fun and produced a lot prettier results. Dropper (we always keep our droppers left over from another round of nasty antibiotics for some kitchen experiments, but you can easily get them in a pharmacy). Sea Monster Teeth: quartered Alka-Seltzer tablets. A magic wand for really seriously inclined little wizards. Let the Magic Begin! All the ingredients are so safe to handle, all the qualities do not have to be 100percent precise, so kids really enjoy conducting this experiment themselves, making this magic happen all by themselves. Fill ¾ of your Clear Cauldrons (water bottles or vases) with Weeping Willow Oil (vegetable oil). Add some Phoenix Tears (plain water), leaving about an inch empty on the top Dilute food coloring with water into separate containers to create Heartstring Juice, Ogre Saliva, Dragon Blood, Troll Pee or whatever magical ingredients your kids come up with. Use droppers to add about 10 (or more – no precise science to this experiment, just sheer fun) drops of your diluted food coloring into the bottle with oil and water. Note: different sized droppers produce different size little bubble ball inside! Looks AWESOME!! At this point a young wizard can wave his magic wand and say a special spell. Sea-sea-more Bubbliamus worked well for us. Now quickly go to the next step and…