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Kids Telescopes

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  1. SeaScope Land and Underwater Telescope
  2. GeoSafari Talking Telescope for Kids
  3. TK1 Telescope & Astronomy Science Kit

    TK1 Telescope & Astronomy Science Kit

    $169.99 Sale $117.54
  4. 525x Reflector Telescope
  5. Rocket 375x Telescope
  6. Astrolon 525x Refractor Telescope
  7. GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope for Kids
  8. GeoSafari Omega Refractor Kids Telescope

    GeoSafari Omega Refractor Kids Telescope

    $129.99 Sale $17.35
  9. GeoSafari Omega Reflector Deluxe Telescope
  10. MoonScope and Sky Gazers Activity Journal Science Set
  11. Crime Solver Scope & Forensic Activity Journal Science Kit
  12. GeoSafari Jr. SubScope Underwater Telescope
  13. GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope
  14. GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope
  15. GeoSafari SeaScope Underwater Telescope
  16. GeoSafari Jr. Explorer Scope 2-in-1 Microscope & Telescope
  17. Award Winning
    Kids Telescopes Toys
  18. Eastern Jungle Gym Extra Large Plastic Toy Telescope Swing Set Accessory Green for Outdoor Wooden
  19. Outdoor Exploration Set - Kids Adventure Pack Perfect 3-12 year old boy toys and girl Good Birthday Christmas Gift Children Educational
  20. 6 Nautical Handheld Pirate Brass Telescope with Anchor on Wooden Box Sailor Home Decor Toy Gift
  21. Pirate Telescope for Kids with Wooden Box - 6 Handheld Brass Best Costume Accessory
  22. Emarth Telescope Travel Scope 70mm Astronomical Refracter with Tripod & Finder Portable for Kids Beginners Blue
  23. Captains 6 Brass Handheld Mini Telescope with Wooden Box Nautical Collectibles
  24. Miniature Beautiful Handcrafted Handheld Brass Telescope with Rosewood Box - Pirate Navigation Gifts Nagina International 6 Inches Polished Brass
  25. 6 Solid Brass Handheld Telescope - Nautical Pirate Spy Glass with Wood Box
  26. DOLLOND London 1920 Marine Collectible Dcor Nautical Spyglass Antique Mounted Solid Brass 15 Inch Pirate Telescope with Wooden corrugate Box
  27. Mythrojan Mini Pirate Spyglass Telescope Brass Colapsable Hand with Wooden Box Small Vintage Decore Decorative 6''
  28. Kids Telescopes Toys
    Currently on Sale
  29. Hape Adjustable Telescope Bamboo Spy Gear for Kids with 8x Magnification
  30. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr Talking Telescope Asian - for Kids
  31. NauticalMart Brass Nautical Antique Telescope - 18 inches Long
  32. Orion StarBlast 45 Astro Reflector Telescope MAx Kit
  33. Nautical Cove Pirate Telescope Handheld Brass with Wooden Box for Kids Props and Costumes 6
  34. Vrinda 6 Handheld Brass Telescope with Wooden Box - Pirate Navigation
  35. Brass Nautical - 18 inches Antique Telescope Spyglass Replica in Leather Box Dollond London's
  36. Stempunk Gift Handheld Pirate Brass Spyglass Telescope with Leather Case Sailor Home Decor Captain Boat Toy 14 J Scott
  37. 1920 DOLLOND London Brass Maritime Vintage Telescope Nautical Spyglass Antique Mounted Solid 15 Inch Pirate with Wooden Box
  38. 6 Handheld Brass Telescope Pirate Navigation with Rosewood Box Beautiful Handcrafted Nautical Gift
  39. Brass Nautical - Premium Quality Captain's Telescope with Glass Optics and High Magnification A Vintage Replica in Leather Case 16
  40. Vintage Brass Telescope on Tripod Stand use DF Lens Antique Desktop Royal Finish Spyglass Nautical Beautiful Wooden
  41. Roorkee Instruments India Brass Telescope with Box Unique Gift Toy for Kids
  42. Maritime Leather Box Telescope London 1920 Era Vintage Functional Spyglass Sailor Instrument - Handmade Gifts Article
  43. Walking Wood Cane-Brass Telescope Stick- Hidden Spy Handle
  44. Roorkee Instruments Indian Rosewood Antique Tripod Nautical Telescopes with Harbour Master Stand
  45. Telescope for KidsAnipro Educational Toy Beginners Science Tools with Tripod and 3 Magnification Eyepieces 360 50mm Spotting Scope
  46. Vintage Nautical Handheld Brass Telescope with Wood Box - Captain Spyglass
  47. Discovery Sky and Nature Scope
  48. Kelvin & Hughes Spyglass Telescope with Leather Carry Case
  49. NauticalMart 6 Handheld Brass Telescope Pirate Navigation - Nautical Collectibles
  50. Stellarscope Telescope Astronomy Sky Guide
  51. A S Handicrafts Pirates spyglass scope brass handheld telescope Christmas Day gift camping hiking antique ManMen WomenWoman
  52. Antique Style - Marine Sailor-Dollond London Spyglass 18 inch Brass Telescope with High Resolution Beautiful Design and Finish by Black
  53. SVBONY SV502 Telescope for Kids 50mm Objective Lens and 5x20 Finder Scope Exploring Moon Science Education
  54. J Scott London Brass Ship History Sextant with Hardwood Box Vintage Solid Antique Nautical Functional Maritime Navy Decor Gifts
  55. collectiblesBuy Nautical boat telescopes copper marine brass tube spy glasses maritime vintage royal 18 inch bronze
  56. Roorkee Instruments India Spyglass Monocular Telescope Antiqued Brass with Leather Case
  57. Antique Nautical Floor Standing Brass Telescope Brown Leather Wooden Adjustable Marine Scope
  58. Nautical Brass Spyglass Telescope with Box Black Leather
  59. NAUTICALMART NM010888 Floor Standing Chrome Finish Griffith Astro Telescope 65
  60. A Table Dcor Telescope Vintage Marine Gift Functional Instrument Collectibles Item Brass Antique + Leather
  61. FunScope 76mm Reflector Telescope Kids Kit
  62. Vintage Ship 20 Inches Hexagonal Taper Brass Telescope Powerful Lens Marine Sailor Watching and Trekking Coronation of Elizabeth II Maritime Designer Nautical Replica
  63. Mini Children's Telescope Assorted Colours
  64. Orion GoScope III 70mm Refractor Telescope Kit
  65. ToyerBee Bath Toy Basketball Hoop Bathtub with 3 Ocean Animal Balls& Powerful Suction Cup for Boys & Girls Toddlers
  66. Orion SpaceProbe II 76mm Altazimuth Reflector Telescope Kit
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Items 1 - 64 of 155 total

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Get fascinated by the night sky view, find stars and planets, discover phases of the moon, begin stargazing with the kids telescopes. Kids Telescopes from Educational Toys Planet drive interest in space science for a lifetime. From the simplest first telescopes for preschool to the school lab quality stargazing optical instruments, the young astronomers will love to use these telescopes exploring the sky. This beginners' telescopes are equipped with comfortable viewing goggles. With the tripod standing telescopes young stargazers can see crater Moon surface, Mercury Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn with their stripes and moons, Uranus, various constellations, nebula and galaxies. With the magnification ranging from 10x to 300x our Kids Telescopes are sure to inspire children to look at the night sky!