Kids Love Toy Trucks!

Who doesn’t remember lying flat on the floor, making a roaring sound, and gently pushing your big toy truck around? The truth of the matter is toy trucks are so much fun for everyone! Be honest, even we “big kids get a kick out of making that vrrrooom sound as we play along with the little ones don’t we?
toy truck
One of our all time favorites to start younger children out with toy trucks and learn at the same time is our Super Shapes Dump Truck. Kids have fun picking up shapes and learning small motor skills while figuring out which shapes go where in the sturdy plastic truck. Always a hit with kids of all ages are our garbage trucks; probably because every child sees these trucks performing their jobs daily. While we may not think about it, kids see excitement and thrills when pushing these trucks that perform everyday “Big Jobs in their eyes.

Don’t forget the fun of playing in the dirt and sand with a dump truck. Pretending to be building amazing things with sand or dirt is like a child’s paradise. We all know that dump trucks are a must when building sand castles at the beach! Who can’t admit that there’s always fun and excitement with fire trucks whirring around? Teaching kids about various jobs in life without them ever even realizing they’re learning as they play is just one of the many benefits of playing with toy trucks. Fine motor skills and even social interaction with others are just a few of the reasons to have a multitude of fun and exciting trucks for your kids to enjoy.

Educational Toys Planet carries toy trucks of various sizes, colors, and prices. We have toy trucks for kids of all ages; from 1 to 91. We offer a variety of styles also; with trucks made of plastic, wood, soft plush, or metal. We are proud to carry such manufacturing names as Bruder, Melissa and Doug, Mic-O-Mic and many others.

Check out our Pinterest board with some of our most popular toy trucks. You’ll have fun sharing your favorites with others too; so don’t hesitate to re-pin the ones you like most!

Don’t you think it’s time to bring a smile to a child’s face by surprising them with one of our amazing, realistic, sturdy and fun toy trucks? Place your order today to surprise someone you care about with a fun, exciting, and sturdy truck that will give them pleasure for many years to come. Chances are they will treasure them throughout their childhood and even pass it down to their own kids to share the memories our trucks have helped them make as they grow! Somehow you never outgrow the fun of playing with a toy truck.