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Kids Flashlights

9 items

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  1. Trixie Pink Ladybug Flashlight
  2. Blossom Kids Flower Flashlight
  3. Kids LED Headlamp Outdoor Toy
  4. Backyard Safari Campfire LED Mini Lantern
  5. Kids Outdoor LED Lantern

    Kids Outdoor LED Lantern

    $11.99 Sale $9.99
  6. Kids Outdoor Nite Hiker LED Headlamp
  7. Giddy Buggy Flashlight

    Giddy Buggy Flashlight

    $12.99 Sale $9.37
  8. Flash Firefly Kids Flashlight
  9. Backyard Safari Adventures Flashlight

9 items

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Kids love to continue outdoor exploration after dark. They just need their own lighting tools. Educational Toys Planet is glad to offer Kids Flashlights from various toy makers for kids of all ages. Funny looking flashlights for preschoolers, hiking headlamps, spy flashlights, camping lanterns, bug finding lights - you can find the right one for your child! Designed to withstand rough outdoor play, our Kids Flashlights are child-friendly, lightweight and fun. Flashlights for kids also play confidence building role as they promote self-reliance. Get outdoors, play with friends, explore nature, and have safe adventures with the Kids Flashlights!