Fine Motor Skills For 2 Year Olds – Stimulate Growth and Enhance Development

Welcome parents of two-year-olds on Educational Toys Planet! We understand how important it is to find the right toys to help your child develop their fine motor skills. That’s why we have curated a selection of educational toys specifically designed to foster the development of fine motor skills in your two-year-old. Our collection of toys for fine motor skills include puzzles, building blocks, shape sorters, and a variety of other toys that help children learn hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and other essential skills for growing minds. Shop our selection of fine motor skills toys for your two-year-old today and give them the gift of learning!
Fine Motor Skills Toys for 2 Year Old - Hexie Turtle Toy | Unique Gift for...
  • 🐢 FREE EXTRA GIFT INSIDE!!! Your loved one will find a surprise card inside Hexie Turtle and win a FREE coloring book!
  • 🐢 FINE MOTOR SKILLS - Toypix 2022 best Christmas toy for toddlers. Montessori educational & sensory fine motor skills toy.
  • 🐢IMPROVES COUNTING SKILLS - Hexie Turtle is a great developmental pincer grasp toddler montessori toy and is a unique upgrade from the general pegboard preschool toys. Hexie comes with 12 pullable colorful hexagons which fit into the holes on the shell. Each hole is numbered from 1-12 which makes it one of the best counting toys for toddlers 1-3.
Toddlers Montessori Wooden Educational Toys for Baby Boys Girls Age 2 3 4...
  • 【Montessori Toys for 2 3 4 Year Old】High-quality wooden toys include 12 fruit blocks, 8 carrots, 10 cute worms, and a five-sided cart with different shapes and structures. Furthermore, the wooden toy is large particles, polished edges, and non-toxic water-based paint, satisfying both baby’s need for fun learning and the parent’s wish for safety and quality.
  • 【Kids Educational STEM Toys】The cute wooden farm toy can play pulling radishes, fruit recognition, shape matching, carts, color recognition, rabbit catch worms, storage, and sorting, which is a great toy for 2-4 year old girls and boys. A variety of game methods can make your baby happier.
  • 【Fine Motor Skills】The Montessori wood toys are educational toys for 3-5 years old. The shape sort game can improve the fine motor skills for 2-4 year old baby, and the rabbit catch worms can training hand-eye coordination, and colorful fruit pattern blocks can improve color, shape, and fruit recognition.
Adapt-Ease Grasp and Match Occupational Therapy, Fine Motor Skill
  • Designed to enrich your child’s cognitive and physical abilities
  • Color matching and hand strengthening activity
  • Increase proper functional grasp
Baby Montessori Learning Educational stem Preschool Fine Motor Skills...
  • Interactive toy:Kids toy cars set Include police car fire engine ambulance Ice cream cart school bus and bus. Children can recreate their favourite car scenes and replay them on lounge floors for hours on end
  • Manipulatives for preschool : Here’s the key to building counting skills! Our learning locks help kids recognize numbers as well as fine motor coordination. Kids simply choose a key and match it to the number on the lock—when they make a successful match, the key will turn and the lock will open for instant reinforcement!
  • Made by plastic BPA free, non toxic, have no sharp edges, Their bright colours, fun designs enhance sensory stimulation
Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set Toy - 4 Pieces, Ages...
  • GREAT FOR SENSORY BINS: 4 of our finest tools packaged together
  • KIDS FINE MOTOR TOOLS: Builds fine-motor skills with these awesome fine motor skill tools
  • STRENGTHEN HANDS: Strengthens hand muscles needed for writing
138 Pieces Fine Motor Skills Toys for Early Education and Sorting Counting...
  • Sorting and matching: let your kids to use tweezers and scissor clips to put 120 colored plush balls into sorting bowl of matching colors; Sorting bowls and plush balls have 4 colors, which are red, yellow, green and blue for Age Over 5
  • Hand-eye coordination: stuffed balls and sorting bowls have bright colors, which can help children distinguish colors, while scissors clips and tweezers can enhance children's hand-eye coordination through motor skills; This set of toys can be applied in many children's activities and kindergarten math teaching
  • Feel relaxed: the texture of the colorful ball is soft and can be held comfortably in the hand without scratching the child's skin; Soft and bright color ball can easily attract the children's attention and bring them a sense of lasting fresh
Skoolzy Plastic Peg Board Toddler Toys - Montessori Toys for 2 Year Old...
  • FUN TODDLER LEARNING TOY: This color matching toy and color recognition game is a great way for your child to develop essential early learning skills. Your preschooler will have fun matching and sorting pegs by color and stacking the pegs onto each other. The Skoolzy Pegboard toddler toy for 2, 3, 4, 5 year old girls and boys is a fun way to learn through play.
  • FUN TODDLER LEARNING TOY: This color matching toy and color recognition game is a great way for your child to develop essential early learning skills. Your preschooler will have fun matching and sorting pegs by color and stacking the pegs onto each other. The Skoolzy Pegboard toddler toy for 2, 3, 4, 5 year old girls and boys is a fun way to learn through play.
  • MANY WAYS TO PLAY: Toddlers and preschoolers can stack and sort the pegs by color, and use the oversize colored pegs for counting games. The set comes with lacing string for beading and threading, and a color die for more fun color sorting games. The brightly colored rainbow pegs make this infant toy a great gift for boys and girls age two and over.
Montessori Fine Motor Skills Learning Toys, 1 2 Year Old Boys Girls Gifts,...
  • [Exclusive Orange Dino Learning Toys]: Comes with 12 easy-to-grasp "pegs" in 4 colors inside the Ankylosaurs Body. Kids love the bright colors and love pulling all the pegs out and making his/her own dinosaur!
  • [Develop Multiple Skills]: The fine motor skills games help to strengthen babies' hand muscles/color recognition/color sorting/number counting skills by learning to put the pegs into the different holes on his back.
  • [Easy to Storage]: When kids threw playing it stores up quick and easy by putting the "pegs" into the back of the dinosaur. Great for toddlers 18+ months and up babies' outdoor or indoor activities.
Counting Peg Board | Montessori Math and Numbers for Kids | Wooden Math...
  • TEACH NUMBERS AND COUNTING: The Montessori approach recognizes that a child’s potential for learning is greatest when provided with tactile, multisensory tools. Counting Peg Boards capitalize on this concept by helping children grasp the concept of numbers at an early age through sight recognition and the use of wooden counting pegs.
  • QUALITY & LONGEVITY: You can count on these Counting Peg Boards lasting through the preschool years and beyond! They are crafted of durable hardwood, and coated with a child-safe lacquer for a smooth, beautiful, lasting finish. Made from high-quality, sustainably harvested rubberwood.
  • MONTESSORI TEACHER APPROVED: Children can practice counting and developing early math skills with these hands-on, natural wooden counting peg boards. This educational material introduces children to the concept of one-to-one correspondence between name, quantity and numeral, and can be adapted in many ways as your child progresses through his or her math curriculum.
BEESTECH Wooden Lacing Toy, Montessori Toys for Toddlers, 2, 3 Year Olds,...
  • Wooden Lacing Blocks: Help with fine motor skills.
  • Wooden Puzzles: Kids can place the blocks on the right position of the wooden board.
  • Color Recognition: Every block has its unique color and match with the same color of worm feet.

1. What are fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscles, typically in the hands and fingers, to perform precise movements. These skills are important for everyday activities such as writing, eating, and using tools. They are also essential for the development of handwriting, cutting, and other tasks that involve manipulating objects. Fine motor skills develop over time, with important milestones reached at different ages. In general, fine motor skills for two year olds tend to involve the manipulation of objects, such as stringing beads, manipulating building blocks, and drawing.

2. How can I help my two year old develop fine motor skills?

There are a number of activities you can do to help your two year old develop their fine motor skills. Some activities include providing them with puzzles, blocks, and other toys that require manipulating small objects. You can also provide them with pens, crayons, and paper to draw and write on. You can also encourage them to help with simple tasks such as helping to set the table, folding clothing, and playing with playdough. These activities help to develop coordination and dexterity.

3. Are there any potential problems with my two year old’s fine motor skills?

If your two year old is having difficulty with developing their fine motor skills, it could be indicative of a larger problem. Potential issues that can arise with their development include poor hand-eye coordination, difficulty with activities such as buttoning or zipping, or difficulty with tasks such as cutting or writing. If you have any concerns with your child’s fine motor skills, it is important to speak to your doctor or an occupational therapist who can provide advice and support.Fine Motor Skills For 2 Year Olds