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Crystal Growing Kits

11 items

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  1. Ultimate Crystal Growing Science Kit
  2. Crystal Growing Science Experiments Kit
  3. Ultimate Science Blast 4-in-1 Science Kit
  4. Crystal Growing Glow in the Dark Science Kit
  5. Crystals, Rocks & Minerals Science Kit
  6. Zany Crystals Kids Science Kit
  7. Crystal Growing Fun Science Kit
  8. Crystal Growing Kids Science Kit
  9. Crystal Nightlight Science Project Kit
  10. Hot Ice Crystals Science Project Kit
  11. Mystical Garden Crystal Growing Kit

11 items

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Grow your own spectacular crystals, glowing geodes, and glittering gems with our awesome Crystal Growing Kits. Educational Toys Planet brings these fun science kits from different toy manufacturers to learn how crystals form, what chemical elements and reactions involve it the process, and how much fun is to grow your own crystals. With the hands-on science toys from this section kids are introduced to geology and chemistry behind the creation of beautiful gems. There are science kits that allow kids to grow crystal gardens and sculptures almost instantly. There are some more serious science tools that require more patience and time, but the results will look splendid! From one crystal creation to multiple chem projects, the Crystal Growing Kits are terrific addition to your home or classroom science lab!

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