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Love your guts! – Learning Anatomy: units of study, resources, product reviews.

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Note: files marked with PI include Programs of Intelligence – facts related to each Intelligence Bit. Files marked with V include links to videos. Files marked with With Sound include sound effects. Files marked with r include randomizer

Human Physiology Presentations in English

The Mind (Thanks to A.P.P. for a fantastic work!)

Other resources (thanks to everyone for their terrific work!):

  • The Classical Mommy presentations
  • The Classical Mommy’s friends presentations

Other materials for teaching Human Physiology

  • Spill Your Guts Human Body Game by Learning Resources. I like the multi functional component of this game. The game is oriented on 7 year olds. My niece and nephew enjoyed “Spilling Guts” quite a bit. We purchased it when my own kid was just a year old. I had to watch like a hawk to make sure he doesn’t swallow the small organs! We played a different game with it: we just went through all the organs, put them back together, looked at different cards I printed out from our powerpoint presentations, and discuss what these organs are, what they do. Any human organ kit would do for this. I actually didn’t like that there weren’t enough organs for us to learn! It consists of lungs, heart, diaphragm, stomach, intestines (altogether), liver, kidneys and ribs. My son couldn’t understand, why it’s missing the most important organ: bladder! Since we did EC (Elimination Communication), he was well aware on the importance of this organ. I wished this set contained a brain. We ended up making a bladder out of playdough, and adding a brain from a different set. I still like this game – I hope that once my little one grows up enough, he can learn how to play it with his cousins, while his little brother enjoys just “organ naming” aspect. Honestly, I wish that for the little kids the next item was available when they were little…
  • Human Body Activity Center by Educational Insights. This is huge. This is easy to maneuver. This is something an older kid can play. This is something a little one can play. This is something fun to touch and great way to learn about human body organs!


  • Pregnancy, Heart, Eye, Brain…: We have a 4D pregnancy puzzle, that turned out terrific way for my little one to undertand what’s up with mommy’s big belly.
  • heartPuzzle4D Human Anatomy Puzzles: My mother bought us the puzzle for pregnancy – the puzzle comes into a belly, bones and even a small baby inside! I was fascinated with such a visual way of introducing my kid how things look like inside. Can’t wait to lay my hands onto the other puzzles – they have Skeleton, Skull, Heart, Nerves, Hand… Please note: pieces are really small and hard to maneuver by the small hands – it is unsafe toy for kids under three. But my own 2 1/2 loves it: he can put together the baby, while I put together mommy’s tummy and then we both really like fitting the baby inside momy’s tummy. I guess it would take at least 3-4 years to enjoy doing the whole thing by himself. So far – lots and lots of supervision, and lots of simplifying the process.