8 Awesome Didax Cube Sets For Kids to Help Them Build Mathematical Skills

Didax cubes are great for learning math and language! Didax cubes provide a simple, intuitive and visual way for children to grasp the concept of whole numbers, addition and deduction. Children can create geometric shapes by combining the small cube pieces, learn to count by matching or counting the number of cubes used to build the figure, learn the properties of addition and deduction by making comparisons between the numbers on the cubes. Didax cubes have a simple design that is easy to understand, they offer fun and educational activity for children, both boys and girls, of all ages. Educational Toys Planet offers a wide range of Didax Cubes for kids of all ages! Let’s get counting with Didax Cubes! Here are some hand picked award winning and highest rated Didax Cubes for kids.

Set of 20 Didax Unifix Cubes
Jumbo Unifix Cubes are designed to help children develop their math skills while playing. This set includes 20 cubes in 4 different colors. They are easy to put together and take apart and can be used to play with your child. This set has no batteries, so it is perfect for your child to use when you are out and about and your child wants to practice math at home.

Set of 100 Didax Educational Resources Unifix Cubes
Didax Educational Resources Unifix Cubes, Yellow, Set of 100 is a perfect teaching tool for children. The set includes 100 yellow unifix cubes, perfect for filling in missing cubes or adding more colors to your set. This product is made of durable plastic and is a great way to introduce counting, measurement, comparison, and sorting.

Didax Unifix Letter Cubes
Didax Educational Resources Unifix Letter Cubes-Small Group is ideal for teaching children to learn to read, write, and recognize the basic letters of the English alphabet. The Unifix letter cubes, small group set contains 90 cubes that are color coded for the consonants and vowels in the English language. The small group set includes a teacher's guide and a book, Unifix Phonics.

Set of 30 Didax Jumbo Alphabet Cubes
Didax Alphabet Unifix Cubes is a set of 30 jumbo cubes, designed to help children learn the ABCs. A perfect match for Didax’s award-winning ABC Song cubes, this set of alphabet cubes features red vowels and blue consonants. Didax Alphabet Unifix Cubes are ideal for learning and playing with letters and words. Each cube features the letter of the alphabet, plus a picture of a letter. The letters are connected together in the correct order to form words, which can be used to spell out letters, numbers, or names. Didax Alphabet Unifix Cubes are perfect for pre-k classrooms and homes!

Didax Unifix Purple Cubes, Bag of 100
Didax Educational Resources Purple Unifix Cubes is a unique educational toy that provides students with an opportunity to improve their math skills. The Unifix Cubes are the perfect teaching tool because they can be used to practice addition and subtraction facts.

100 Didax Unifix Cubes Set for Math
Didax Educational Resources Unifix Cubes Set (100 Pack) is an excellent choice to introduce your child to the world of unifix cubes. With these 100 cubes, children can practice counting, patterning, recognizing numbers, recognizing place value, and more! The set includes 10 dark blue, 10 light blue, 10 yellow, 10 green, 10 orange, 10 maroon, 10 brown, 10 black and 10 white cubes. These cubes are made of a non-toxic, hard plastic. Snap cubes will serve the same purpose as the unifix cubes in the area of counting,patterning, etc.

Didax Reading Phonics Cubes and Book Kit
Didax Unifix Reading Phonics Kit includes 180 Cvc Cubes and 90 Blend Cubes, as well as the Unifix Reading Phonics Activities Book and Phonics Word Building Cards. This package is designed for small-group or station work.

Didax Omnifix Cube Set of 300
This Didax Omnifix Cube Set is a colorful and interactive set of 300 geometric shapes, perfect for learning geometry and spatial relations. These 3D puzzles are fun and creative. The plastic pieces snap together, allowing students to build a permanent cube. The plastic pieces have a unique texture that makes them easy to hold, play with, and grip. This set includes five different colored cubes (blue, red, green, yellow, and purple), and the blue cube is included free. Each piece is 2 cm square, making it ideal for hands-on activities and visual learning. This Didax Omnifix Cube Set will be a great addition to any classroom.

Didax Unifix Operations Tray,
Unifix is a favorite of thousands of schools around the world! This tray has been specially designed to work with standard Unifix cubes to help students to understand basic number concepts and perform basic mathematical operations. Students can learn how to add and subtract within 20. The tray can be used with Unifix cubes, which are available in a variety of colors, and in a number of sizes. The tray comes with a reusable, washable carrying case, and a reusable storage sleeve.

Set of 1000 Unifix Cubes
Didax Unifix Cubes is a math learning set of 1000 cubes in various shapes. Each cube is made using high quality materials and is safe for your children to handle. Didax Unifix Cubes are educational toys that stimulate and encourage your child's mind. This didactic set includes 1000 colored cubes of different shapes that are easy to assemble. These cubes are fun to use and children will enjoy learning basic math skills by matching them up correctly. Didax Unifix Cubes will help your child learn how to recognize numbers, count and add and subtract. Your child will enjoy hours of fun play with this learning set.